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    2018/06/21 - The Bridge W7D3

    Duration 1h55

    Deadlift - 170*1*5, 150*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 140*[email protected] (beltless)
    Bench - 130*[email protected], 122*[email protected], 118*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 116*[email protected] (beltless)
    Beltless Squat - 110*[email protected], 116*[email protected], 122*[email protected], 122*[email protected], 120*[email protected], 120*[email protected]

    + Changed the program. Today it was form work for DL. In the last two sets, something clicked in my shoulders. Something like shoulders up, more than chest up, that helped more. Let's chase this again next time.

    + Form was off for first sets. Last two were more like it.

    + OK, despite flats. Form is steadily improving, still.
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      2018/06/23 - The Bridge W7GPP2

      7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 2*8 + 7 + 2*6 + 3*5 + 2*4 = 58 reps
      7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 5/4
      6*20s/2min + 35 min riding ma bahke - 3.5km, 42kph max + 11.4km

      + Just f*ing do it. Making up for day 1. PR pulls plus best bike ride in a while.
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        2018/06/25 - The Bridge W8D1

        BW 92kg
        Duration 1h25

        Squat belt - 180*[email protected], 160*[email protected], 160*[email protected]
        Bench 3ct - 110*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 118*[email protected]
        DL 2ct - 130*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 142*[email protected], (142*[email protected], 138*[email protected])

        + Not sure how my olds squat PRs count - they were probably a mile high. However, even if they did, 6kg PR! 170 felt really good, went for it. Obviously overshot RPE, but it was largely due to form breakdown. On the backoff sets, still a bit greedy with the weights, but it was mostly OK. Just some good-morningy reps, need to hold my knees in place. However, afterwards, I noticed I was just moderately greedy. Could have joined the 400lbs or the 2xBW clubs. Next time...

        + No big deal. Last set was just a bit too much.

        + Working on form. Improving. Did some extra sets.
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          2018/06/26 - The Bridge W8D2

          Duration 1h10

          Pin squat - 118*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 128*[email protected]
          Press - 84*[email protected], 74*[email protected]
          Rows - 80*[email protected], 88*[email protected], 96*[email protected], 96*[email protected]

          + Good day. Planned squat on the weekend, got sad when arrived at home and compared with last week. then I saw that it was one more rep. OK then. Back really bruised where the bar goes.

          + Got greedy, totally worth it! 82 didn't go up last week, but it should. Went for 84 then. 4kg PR! Backoff was OK.

          + Lower back was really sore when I went for this. 2nd PR of the day! Again better than expected (but followed plan). Really hope my back is getting stronger. Good!!
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            2018/06/28 - The Bridge W8D3

            Duration 1h30

            Deadlift - 170*1*2, 150*3 (beltless)
            Bench - 136*[email protected], 126*[email protected] (beltless)
            Beltless Squat - 110*[email protected], 116*[email protected], 122*[email protected], 126*[email protected]

            + So frustrating.... After a frustrating day at work, can't seem to find proper form. Totally clueless.

            + 2kg PR, to make up for the DL. Backoff was definitely too heavy.

            + OK.

            - Will do some GPP tomorrow or in the weekend, and then do a recap of the program. Frustrated with the DL, but satisfied with the overall results (mostly due to 2 last weeks).

            - Realized today that I'll probably have to do 3 sessions in 3 days next week and in the following... Bloody World Cup.
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              2018/07/01 - The Bridge W8GPP2

              7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 2*8 +2*7 + 2*6 + 2*5 + 4 = 56 reps
              7 min alternated tuck hold/planks - 4 of each
              8*20s/2min carrying some tyres

              + Not feeling that well today.

              - Unable to to the 2 GPP sessions this week... Let's see how next one goes.
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                The Bridge First Run Recap

                Mixed feelings with the results of the last 8 weeks. Not so much beacuse of the program, but my DL is letting me very frustrated. By next week, I'll try sumo for at least a few weeks and see how it goes.

                For the other lifts, progress seemed really slow for the first half, but on the last weeks E1RMs steadily improved and got PRs for the three (however, it was a realization of a previous E1RM for the squat and just a 2kg improvement for the bench - press was the most undertrained and really improved well). I'm blaming this slow start on the RPE learning curve (it was one of the goals of the program), variations learning curve and on a lack of conditioning for the training sessions - all were improved, so I intend to take full advantage and make more progress on the second run. Also, I might have detrained, before program start, and then my E1RMs from before maybe were not valid anymore (definitely true for the DL).

                For the other goal of the program, fix form, I feel it's been very successful for squat and bench. Maybe some room to improve for the press, and certainly for the DL. I'm already suspecting on hip mobility issues, along with bad proportions for the lift - hence the sumo try.

                I also gained some pounds (6 to 8), without changing body fat that much (maybe improving, according to mirror). It's been a while since I didn't gain this much weight in so little time. I think my last years with high intensity and low volume trainings helped. This weight gain was not the intention, I think I ended up overeating due to fear of being underrecovered. It's OK though, given I don't lose any more pants.

                Current status:
                - Squat: 180kg e1RM then, 188kg e1RM now
                - Bench: 134kg 1RM then, 142kg e1RM now
                - DL: 210kg 1RM, under construction now
                - Press: 74kg e1RM then, 88kg e1RM now

                As said before, I'll run The Bridge again and try to extract more from it. Skipping first week as recommended in some posts from other people, and also making other 2 modifications: swapping rack pulls with paused DLs in first and second halves (I feel it'll help more with form work) and using front squats instead of tempo squats (I was actually sad to do this, but it was the most indicated slot to replace. I was always really tired and with sore quads in these, even very lightweight, so I think they wouldn't help my form too much anymore, and this tiredness and soreness is something to be worked later on. I'll leave the paused and pin to the form work, and use front squats to improve abs and back, and let's see if it helps the DL. They are fun also). Let's see how it goes.

                Sadly, it looks that my first two weeks will already be compromised... I may need to train Tue-Wed-Thu next week, and Wed-Thu-Fri on the following. I'll see what can be done to avoid this, maybe finding another place to train on the first Friday or on the following Tuesday. I do not intend to miss sessions, however (managed this for the last 8 weeks for the first time in a while), and if that means 2 weeks with 3 days in a row, so be it.
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                • teddyd
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                  Nice to read your review of how you found The Bridge. I am doing the GPP Hyp now before rerunning The Bridge. I am intrigued as to how you will find it the second time through with a better grasp of RPE and some numbers already in mind.

                • t_angeiras
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                  Thanks for the comment!

                  Yeah, me too. Especially for the first half, it went really sideways on the first run. Let's see if the blame remains in the learning process/lack of conditioning combo or if this kind of training does not agree with me. If I have some slight improvements in the first half and similar results for the second half, while approaching my old PR for the DL, I'm happy.

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                2018/07/03 - The Bridge 2nd run W2D1

                BW 92kg
                Duration 1h40

                Squat belt - 140*[email protected], 146*[email protected], 150*[email protected], 150*[email protected], 146*[email protected]
                Close grip bench - 106*[email protected], 108*[email protected], 110*[email protected], 110*[email protected]
                Paused sumo DL - 110*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 114*[email protected]

                + I forgot how much work are fives... Also a bit tired. Gotta get used to them soon. 4th set was too high, not good.

                + 3rd set was the bad one here. Form breakdown. Gladly last one was OK.

                + Starting sumos, and then paused for 7s. WTF was I thinking?
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                  2018/07/04 - The Bridge 2r W2D2

                  Duration 1h25

                  Paused squat - 118*[email protected], 124*[email protected], 128*[email protected], 124*[email protected],5
                  Press - 60*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 68*[email protected], 68*[email protected], 64*[email protected], 64*[email protected] (beltless)
                  Rows - 80*[email protected], 84*[email protected], 90*[email protected], 90*[email protected], 86*[email protected] (straps)

                  + No holiday here. Everything felt OK today. Maybe pauses were a bit too short for squat. Tried to take it a bit easy, since tomorrow I'll train again. Hence, 2kg less than planned for the two first lifts.

                  + 5s for the press are hard...

                  + 2kg more for the rows than planned, good! - not 100% sure about the form, though.
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                    2018/07/05 - The Bridge 2r W2D3

                    Duration 1h25 - time capped

                    Deadlift - 130*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 150*[email protected], 150*[email protected], 150*[email protected] (beltless)
                    Bench - 100*[email protected], 106*[email protected], 110*[email protected], 112*[email protected], 112*[email protected] (beltless)
                    Front Squat - 50*8, 80*4, 70*5, 70*8

                    + First Comp DL session doing sumo. It felt OK, actually. Weights are not great, but form seemed better, which is what matters for now. Let's see how next weeks go, hopefully without 3 days in a row at the gym.

                    + Cut it one set short for time issues. Felt OK, weights were supposed to be 2 or 4 kg more, but no big deal, given the circumstances. First set always feels bad, maybe there's a small form inconsistency.

                    + Completely messed up this one, had around 10min for everything, including setting the bar. And while fatigued, and after a really long time not doing front squats. That said, first and last sets were OK. Depth surprised me positively. Gotta make my mind about hand positioning (crossed arms or straps). Next week probably will be a lot better.

                    - Someone complained about be to the management for "dropping weights" during DL. FML. Won't change a thing, though. Someone also stole my jacket last week at the same place, they have greater problems to worry about...
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                      2018/07/09 - The Bridge 2r W2GPP

                      7 min alternated pull-ups/chin-ups - 3*8 + 2*6 + 4*5 = 56 reps
                      Some bike riding

                      + Pretend it's last Friday.
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                        2018/07/10 - The Bridge 2r W3D1

                        BW 91kg
                        Duration 1h40

                        Squat belt - 140*[email protected], 148*[email protected], 152*[email protected], 152*[email protected], 146*[email protected]
                        Close grip bench - 106*[email protected], 108*[email protected], 112*[email protected], 108*[email protected]
                        Paused DL - 100*[email protected], 106*[email protected], 110*[email protected], 106*[email protected]

                        + Shit. My belt fucked up again, I tried a quick fix, that was undone mid next set. I need my Pioneer.

                        + Wasn't really focused at bench.

                        + Fuck. I hate this shitty DL.
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                          2018/07/11 - The Bridge 2r W3D2

                          Duration 1h35

                          Paused squat - 110*[email protected], 120*[email protected], 120*[email protected], 120*[email protected]
                          Press - 60*[email protected], 66*[email protected], 70*[email protected], 70*[email protected], 66*[email protected], 64*[email protected] (beltless)
                          Rows - 80*[email protected], 86*[email protected], 90*[email protected], 90*[email protected], 86*[email protected] (straps)

                          + Shitty day. Tried to convince myself it should be OK, since last week day 2 was fine, but I was really bad. Yesterday was probably much more taxing than it should, with the DLs and the belt failing me on 2 sets. 120 should have been a 7, it was a 9. In the end, I said fuck RPE, rest a bit more and did 3 on it. At least some self-affirmation and confidence restoration.

                          + I think the shittier squat made up for the press, but it was also worse than expected. Had to fight again and ignore the RPE a bit to keep motivation. Second set at 70 at least moved better.

                          + Rows were OK, form felt good, but weight was same as last week... Using straps to spare hands a bit.
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                            2018/07/13 - The Bridge 2r W3D3

                            Duration 1h45

                            Deadlift - 130*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 150*[email protected], 140*[email protected], 140*[email protected] (beltless)
                            Bench - 104*[email protected], 110*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 114*[email protected], 110*[email protected], 110*[email protected] (beltless)
                            Front Squat - 70*[email protected], 80*[email protected], 80*[email protected], 80*[email protected]

                            + Weights decreased... Reduced weight for two las sets for form, could it be I'm just more critical but it's still improving? Dont know... Lower back felt fatigued really quick also, today.

                            + Definitely greedy for this one. Should have kept weight a bit lower. There is always some sets with form deviation for bench, also.

                            + Front squats are fun. Decided to keep them throughout the program. Second set had the bar slipping, then chalk was better for third, then straps were best for last. I think I'll keep them.
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                              2018/07/15 - The Bridge 2r W3GPP

                              Time crunch: 7 min alternated pull-ups/plank/chin-ups/tuck hold - 8+8+6+6+6+6+5+5 = 50 reps + 4 of each
                              50 min riding ma bahke - really low RPE
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