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  • Crockett's BM Log

    Migrating my log from the SS forums. Some basic stats:

    age: 35
    height: 6'1"
    weight: 238 lbs.
    waist: 40"
    PRs: 365/230/455/180/220

    Lifting since summer 2011, consistently for stretches of that (especially early on), but sometimes as many as 7 months off. For about 9 months in 2013-2014, I cut ~50 lbs. while maintaining strength, thanks to Jordan. Thanks to me, I got fat again. This past January (2018), had a bodyweight PR of 260, with a 45" waist. I'm currently cutting again.

    low-carb: 250/245/69 (5x/wk)
    high-carb: 220/385/59 (2x/wk)

    sun PM: Airdyne
    mon: rest; carb-up
    tue AM: squat, b/p, chins
    wed PM: Airdyne
    thu AM: light squat, b/p, chins, RDL
    fri: rest; carb-up
    sat AM: squat, b/p, DL

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    squat 45x10
    press 115x5x3
    chin 6/5/5

    First day back after 7 weeks. Taking it easy. Had been running and chinning. Started getting biceps femoris tendon pain, so I'm taking it particularly easy on squat for a couple days.


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      0:15 on; 1:45 off
      0:15 on; 1:45 off
      0:15 on; 1:45 off
      0:15 on; 7:45 off
      0:15 on; organ failure

      So that's how my day's going.


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        squat 135x5x2
        bench 160x5x3
        chin 5/5/5

        No RDLs today; will do them next week after I've deadlifted. Going out of town this weekend, so will have to push my workout to Sunday evening when I get back.


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          press 120x5x3
          chin 6/6/5

          Weekend carried into week, and I missed two workouts. Ran yesterday instead of HIIT. No low body recovery this week, because didn't lift heavy Saturday or Tuesday.


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            squat 205x5x3
            bench 165x5x3
            deadlift 285x5


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              squat 215x5x3
              press 125x5x3
              chin 5/5/4


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                Thursday, May 31:

                chin 7/6/7


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                  squat 225x5x3
                  bench 170x5x3
                  deadlift 295x5

                  DOH on deadlift. Grip felt much stronger than last time at 285. Good. Everything pretty easy still.


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                    press 130x5x3
                    squat 230x5x3
                    chin 5/5/5


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                      Thursday, June 13:

                      press 135x5x3
                      squat 225x5, 235x5
                      chins 6/6/6

                      Was still recovering from illness here. Probably jumped the gun. Felt pretty crappy the rest of the day.


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                        squat 235x5x3
                        bench 175x5x3
                        deadlift 305x5

                        Still very runny nose from the nasty cold I had the past two weeks. Was really pissing me off the whole time. Felt like shit until I finished the DL work set, somehow.


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                          Monday, June 25:

                          press 145x5x3
                          squat 240x5x2, 240x4
                          chin 4

                          On vacation in Chicago suburbs, lifting at Prairie Stone. Tweaked lower back on 4th squat rep in final set. Finished the rep and racked it. Chin bar very difficult to grip, and the gym doesn't allow chalk. Did 145 by mistake on press; should have been 140.
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                            bench 180x5x3
                            light squat 165x5
                            RDL 95x5x6
                            chin 2/3/3

                            Light day, which coincided with rehabbing my back injury anyway. It's not too bad, but may not be able to squat heavy Friday.


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                              squat 245x5x2
                              bench 185x5x3
                              deadlift 315x5

                              Back felt fine. Gave it a couple extra days. Only did two work sets, after a final warmup at 225 just to gauge the recovery. Mixed grip on DL. I hate pulling without chalk. Patellar tendon pain. Unusual for me, and I'll have to keep an eye on that. I think I'm finally going to give in and buy another Rehband sleeve. Right now I use one Tommy Kono and one Rehband. The Rehband are superior.