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  • chin 9/7/7
    ab wheel 3x10

    Ab wheel is on knees, lower down all the way with trunk touching ground. I’m guessing I’ll be pretty sore. True programming starts Monday.


    • deadlift 275x10
      seated press 110 (10/8/8)
      chin 5/5/5

      Couldn't get 10 on sets 2 and 3 for press. Seated press form is still a bit wobbly, since it's so new. Lots of tricks I used for standing press I can't use here. Chins were so few because I'm SO SORE from the ab wheel on Saturday. My entire trunk is sore. Was going to row, but I think it's best if I work up to my planned programming, so I have somewhere to go when things stall.

      Here is the final form of the programming, which I will work up to:

      Mon: deadlift 1x10, seated press 3x10, chin 3xf, rower 8x
      Tues: ab wheel 3x10, pullup 3xf
      Wed: seated press 3x10, rower 8x
      Thu: ab wheel 3x10, chin 3xf
      Fri: deadlift 3x10, seated press 3x10, pullup 3xf, rower 8x

      For now, I think I will just do the Wednesday rower. I've been eating and drinking so much lately, and haven't worked out for a month, so the weight should fly off for a couple weeks. I'm tracking my calories and aiming for a 2,500 Kcal daily average. I probably won't deadlift this Friday either, as I'm sure I can make progress for many more weeks without a second day. In fact, it may turn out that a second day is just too much volume. We'll see. I'm not sure about the press. I might skip this Wednesday. And I might not need two days of ab wheel just yet.



      • rower 8x

        So this week, I've really cut back the final programming. Didn't do anything yesterday, and only did rower today. I think I will want to incorporate front squat and weighted pushups into my routine, so I'm looking at this, I think:

        Mon: DL, press, chin
        Tue: pullup
        Wed: ab wheel, pushup, rower
        Thu: chin
        Fri: front squat, press, pullup

        Eventually I'll add another rower day, and then perhaps another on top of that. The rest might stay the same, don't know. I think I'll continue to focus on sets of 10.


        • pullup 9/8/7

          Finally got (mostly) over the trunk soreness. Thursday would normally be chins (although who cares really), but I did chins last, so pullups today. Tomorrow will end my first week of home gym / diet. Going to front squat, press, and chin.


          • front squat 135x10x3
            seated press 110 (10/8/6)
            chin 8/8/6

            Not sure why seated press was worse this time. I'm not used to 10 rep sets, and my arms felt like jelly. Front squat will be a struggle at first, since I never do it.


            • deadlift 280x10
              seated press 110x8x3
              pullup 7/7/7

              I'm switching to 8 reps per set on press. Ten was just too many, and I don't want to stall because of endurance issues.


              • chins 10/8/7

                Jacquie said she could hear me 'pulling on the floor' from the level above.


                • weighted incline pushup 18.8 lbs. 10/11/10
                  rower 8x

                  Feet were up on bench level. Backpack with books weighing 18.8 lbs. Wide 'grip'.


                  • pull-up 9/8/7

                    Getting lots of arm work. May start LTEs at some point, but probably not for a couple months. Do as little volume as you need to progress.


                    • front squat 140x10x3
                      seated press 112.5 x 8 x 3
                      chin 9/8/7

                      I think I've now settled on programming for the time being, with room to expand:

                      M: DL, press / pushup, pullup
                      T: chin
                      W: press / pushup, rower
                      R: pullup
                      F: front squat, press / pushup, chin

                      First mod will likely be to add another day of rowing.


                      • deadlift 285x10
                        weighted incline pushup 20 (12/10/10)
                        pullup 6/5/6

                        Not sure why I was so gassed for pullups. I did decide, though, that having 5 days on, 2 off, is probably more than I need right now, so I'm cutting Thursday pullups and moving Tuesday to Wednesday. That gives me MWF on, TTSS off.

                        M: DL, press/push, pull/chin
                        T: OFF
                        W: press/push, pull/chin, rower
                        R: OFF
                        F: front squat, press/push, pull/chin
                        S: OFF
                        Su: OFF

                        Gained some weight / inches back this week, crazy eating, especially yesterday. I honestly think most is water weight.

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                        • seated press 115 (7/8/8)
                          chin 9/9/7
                          rower 8x

                          Not sure about the first press set. Maybe wasn't warm enough.


                          • front squat 145x10x3
                            weighted incline pushup 22.5 (10/10/11)
                            pullup 8/8/5


                            • deadlift 290x10
                              seated press 117.5 x 8 x 3
                              chin 9/9/9


                              • weighted incline pushup 25 (10/10/11)
                                pullup 8/8/7
                                rower 8x

                                Pushed pretty hard on the rower. Best splits were 1:23 or so.