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    Tuesday, July 3:

    press 150x4, 150x5
    chin 4/3/3

    Letting patellar tendon rest a bit. First press set was paused; used rebound on the second set. Did backoff set at 135 afterward. Gym doesn't allow chalk, so couldn't get grip on chin bar. Back to home gym now.


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      bench 190x5x3
      squat 250x5x3
      chin 5/4/4

      Back in home gym, better grip on chin bar, although gained some weight in past couple weeks.


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        squat 255x5x3
        press 150x5x2, 150x4
        deadlift 325x5

        249.9 lbs

        Slightest re-tweak of some lumbar muscle / facet joint on the right side. Happened during ascent on first squat rep. Over-extension. But it was mild enough that I kept lifting. Will probably be a bit stiff tomorrow but I'm sure I'll be fine to lift heavy Friday. 4th press rep in third set was awkward and getting it up tired me out so much I missed the 5th. I'll probably repeat the weight Friday. Deadlift felt fine, but I used opposite hands on the switch grip this time, and it was a bit awkward. Probably too much time between reps, because I had to shake out my arms to avoid strain (because of the awkward new grip position). Was also a little concerned about my back. But the weight wasn't bad at all. Got to use my new Rogue deadlift jack, too. Great!


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          light squat 135x5x2
          bench 195x5x3
          RDL 135x5x4
          chin 5/5/5

          Rehabbing back tweak. A bit worse than I thought it'd be today, but not so bad. We'll see Friday.


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            bench 200x5x3
            deadlift 335x5

            Bench was easier than last time I hit 200. Pulling 335 today felt better than 325 last time. Because of the back tweak (which felt fine today), I'm going to deload squat to 225 and let it increase with my pull. Usually when I start getting lots of back tweaks, it's because I've let my squat go up without corresponding increases in my pull. I like to keep about 100 lbs. distance between them.


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              press 150x5x3
              rehab squat 225x5x3
              chin 5/5/5


              Press was paused. Deloading squat to rehab back. No aggravation of tweak, although I still don't quite feel 100%.


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                bench 205x5x3
                light squat 155x5x2
                chin 5/4/4
                RDL 135x10x3

                Somewhat ashamed to say this was a sets-across bench PR. Haven't PR'ed any lift in like 4 years. I had done 205 for a set, but not 3x5, I think. Bench is my weakest lift, relatively speaking. Three and four plates for sets of squat and pull were not terribly hard to come by, and came many years ago. Two plates for bench sets will be a great achievement for me. I've always blamed it on my wingspan (77"), but that could be bullshit anyway. Maybe I just have weak pecs. In any case, I think 210 is doable next time.


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                  rehab squat 230x5x3
                  press 152.5 x 3 x 5
                  deadlift 345x5

                  With a big gut, it's so fucking hard to get into pulling position, especially with a 4" belt. I also use mixed grip, and I switch each time I deadlift. Today was the 'bad' grip, the one that is much less comfortable. Weight wasn't even heavy but it all felt like shit.


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                    bench 210x5x3 PR
                    light squat 165x5x2
                    RDL 135x10x3
                    chin 5/5/4



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                      press 155x5x3
                      rehab squat 235x5x3

                      Forgot to chin today. Will do tomorrow.


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                        rehab squat 240x5x3
                        bench 215 (4/4/3/2/3)
                        deadlift 355x5

                        Did extra bench sets to 'finish' incomplete sets (and actually did an extra rep on that final set somehow). Deadlift not too bad; got to use the 'good' mixed grip position this week.


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                          rehab squat 245x5x3
                          press 157.5 x 5 x 3
                          RDL 155x10x3
                          chin 5/5/5

                          Going to start upping the weight on RDLs and put them on the first workout of the week. Had them in the middle, on the active recovery day. Will do very light good mornings then instead. Trying to increase my lower back work.


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                            pullup 4/5


                            bench 215 (4/4/4/3)
                            deadlift 365x5


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                              squat 225x5
                              press 145x5
                              RDL 145x10
                              chin 4

                              First day back in a month.



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                                light squat 155x5
                                bench 190x5
                                GM 45x10
                                chin 4