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    I've just finished a linear progression with 3x5 squatting 285lb, pressing 145, bench pressing 195 (with a cranky shoulder), and deadlifting 345. I'm starting the beginner template this week.
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    Let's try this again, being a few years older and less fit. Instead of pursuing the success I was having early on the beginner template I spun my wheels on "functional" fitness. My first and last post above here was 3 years and 8 days ago, what a waste of time. I'll be working at the beginner plan to get try and get fitter again. Here's my first week last week:

    Squat x3 of 4 with 205, 215, and 225.
    Dumbbell bench press x3 of 4 with 60, 65, and 75.
    Deadlift x3 of 8 with 205, 225, and 255.

    Row machine repeats x8

    Press x3 of 4 with 95, 115, and 125
    Squat x3 of 7 with 155, 185, and 205
    Row x3 of 10 with 115, 135, and 155

    Bike machine repeats x10

    Deadlift x3 of 4 with 245, 265, and 275
    Dumbbell bench press x3 of 8 with 65, 70, and 75
    Squat x3 of 10 with 155, 185, and 195

    I've been walking between 4 and 9 thousand steps a day too, according to a counter. And looking at how much I'm eating throughout the day with a calorie counter too. I'd like to lose 20 pounds or so this year while getting stronger if I can.
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      In a hotel room with work out of town this week. Eating a lot of fat-free cottage cheese, turkey lunchmeat with Mission-brand high-fiber tortillas, boiled eggs, and whey powder with instant oats. A variety of deli sandwiches at lunch.

      Trying to eat around 2000 calories with over 200 grams of protein and 70 grams of fat, with the rest being a mix of carbohydrates and maybe more fat.

      It isn't hard to do but I'm trying to keep honest with the calorie counter. A problem I'm having is fitting in some drinks on the weekend without tossing the counter til Monday.
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