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Jeff's Training Log: Leveling Up

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  • Jeff's Training Log: Leveling Up

    I'm 35 years old, 6'1", 196lbs.

    Started about two months ago after a four-year hiatus. I started much lighter than I should have. Decided it's time to start keeping a log.

    Had to skip a workout on Saturday due to strep throat. Still feeling a little off today, but not off enough to miss another training session.

    I am 100% sure I did not eat enough between last workout and this one, so I wasn't sure if I'd be able to add the 5lbs. I did anyway and made the lifts... barely. My last set of squats was a little rough. I think I was above depth on one and forward on another. I will make sure to get in the calories I need before my next workout on Thursday.

    Squat - 245x5x3 (PR) - Almost didn't make the last rep on the last set. I was also a bit distracted since I brought my dad to show him some of the lifts. I wasn't keeping as close an eye on my rest periods.
    OHP - 130x5x3 - Felt good. Starting to get much tougher. I know I'll stall very soon if I don't keep the food intake up.
    DL - 285x5x1 - Not a problem. Tweaked my back a tiny bit on one of the warm-ups because I advanced way too quickly and didn't warm up properly. I was in a rush and paid for it. Lacrosse ball has been working its magic.

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    Thursday 10-26-17

    Still feeling a bit under the weather, but that seems to be a constant these days with the cold, dry wind and a germ-infested toddler in daycare. So, training must continue.

    Squat 250x5 (PR) - Last time I did 245, I almost didn't make it. This time, due to proper nutrition and rest, 250 was relatively easy. Felt strong and confident that I could get all five reps.
    BP -160x5 - Not my favorite lift. Felt OK. Almost missed a rep on the second set because I didn't rest long enough. Some elbow pain. I probably need to check my form.
    BOR - 160x5 - Starting to get much tougher. Trying not to "cheat" the reps by lifting my torso up during the lift.

    Next workout is Saturday.


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      Felt pretty good going into the gym today. Feeling nerves lately since pretty much every workout is an attempt at a PR. This may be the last time I'm able to add 5lbs to my press. I barely made the last rep of the last two sets.

      Squat: 255x5, 255x5, 255x6 (PR) (felt pretty good at the end, so I did an extra).
      OHP: 135x5x3 (PR) - Last rep of the last two sets was an RPE of 10. Almost didn't make it. Will try to jump up by 2.5 next workout instead of 5. Need to get some micro plates.
      DL: 295x5 (PR) - Felt pretty good. Almost felt the need to switch to mixed grip, but stuck with double overhand and was able to finish the set.
      Chins and push-ups.

      Chocolate milk, whole milk, tuna. 1 rep each.


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        Felt good today. Some tendinitis coming back in my elbows. Not sure if something is maybe wrong with my squat grip. Also did chins last time, which often messes with my elbows.

        Squat: 260x5, 260x5, 260x6 (All PRs)
        BP: 180x5x3 (PR) - Tried doing these in a squat rack since I work out in a gym that is often completely empty. Unfortunately, the only bench I can drag into the squat rack is a shitty adjustable incline bench. It's tiny and shitty, and I needed to lie on it just so in order to get my shoulders supported. Good thing I did it in a squat rack, because my awkward positioning caused me to fail on my fourth rep of the first set. Seriously, fuck that bench. Once I got the positioning right, I was able to get the reps in. I long for a home gym.
        Row: 175x5x3 (PR)