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    Bridge(ahahahah)Week 7

    Wednesday, 12/27/2017:

    Weighing in at 212.6 this morning

    Squat with belt:
    1x375 @9
    1x345 @10
    E1RM: negative 100 (down 500)

    First rep on my backoff sets was sloppy and ending up looking a little too much like my avatar. That has happened many times before but this time pain shot through my back instantly and I knew my squat session was done. That hasn't happened before. It hurt just to hold the 45 lb plates as I put them away. I managed to do a few assisted bodyweight squats, pulling up on the racked bar with my arms. This sucks. I hope I can squat at least 45 by tomorrow.

    3 count pause bench:
    3x175 @7
    3x185 @9 poor positioning, hit the the hooks from underneath on second rep
    3x195 @9
    3x195 @9.5
    3x185 @9

    E1RM: 219(down 13)

    I couldn't be bothered to set up the rack and bench for pin bench in my predicament. I didn't really want to anyway. Plus who cares? I am either done on the bridge or I will end up repeating week 7 when I am able. I was able to arch my back even though it would have felt better to bench with my feet up but I had a hell of hard time getting/staying in the right position. I couldn't get my shoulders tight with the semi-bulldog grip I've been using since last week so I reverted to my wrist wraps and still couldn't keep my shoulders pinned tight.

    Leg press:
    1 plate(on each side) x10
    2 plates x10
    3 plates x10
    4 plates x8
    5 plates x5

    Went deep and wide with these and pretended I was squatting

    Chinups +10lb:
    4 sets of 6

    Well, this was the worst workout ever. The kind of thing that tests whether I am in this for the long run. I knew this kind of thing would come in my training career but I didn't expect it so soon. I thought I was restarting my diet today but I guess not. I'll feel like I'll never finish losing the 10% of bodyweight I am trying to lose and if I do it will come with much more than 10% losses on my lifts. I really hope I can squat 45 lbs tomorrow so I can start working my way back up every day until it gets heavy enough that my legs can't handle every day.


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      Back has been pretty annoying during normal life. The absolute worst is trying to get out of bed to go to the bathroom/have a snack in the middle of the night. Anytime I sit or lay down I have to get up very slowly. Decided not to push it by trying to lift yesterday but I probably could have. Instead I went for 3 walks throughout the day. I set up my computer so I have to stand to use it. Sometimes my back gets too tired and I have to lie down but if I am watching videos are something I have to get up every 5 or 10 minutes to start a new one, which is good because my back will seize up if I sit too long.

      Friday, 12/29/2017:

      Squat no belt:
      10x135 Back ok
      10x185 Back ok
      5x225 Back hurt a little, backing off

      My goal was to squat at least 45 today so I'm pretty happy with this. I guess once again, this isn't a true rehab injury where I lift hardly any weight and add 10 lbs every day. I won't bother going tomorrow. At this rate I should be able to handle the intensity of my planned bridge no belt squat session on Sunday but I will probably have to drop a set or 3 or I might cripple my legs jumping right back in.

      Press with belt:
      1x140 @9
      3x135 @9.5
      3x135 @10
      3x132.5 @10 Should have been easier but I really messed up the first rep somehow
      3x130 @10 No excuse for this one
      E1RM: 148.5 (down 1.5)

      Rows are not happening. Was going to try a conventional deadlift at 135 but aborted before getting it off the ground because I could tell it was gonna hurt. Sumo at 135 felt ok but not great.

      LISS: Eliptical, 30 mins @HR 135

      Chins: 20 in 3 minutes. Felt like death, almost gave up after the first few but kept going without pushing too hard
      Chins: 27 in 3 minutes. Well what do you know? A new PR. These are always better the second time if the first set sucks.

      Abs: 6 minutes, McGill big 3, at home later in the evening

      I think I'm just gonna finish off the bridge, doing whatever I can. If it takes me til next week to be able to squat and deadlift heavy I will probably need a low stress week to ease back into it and then a medium stress week before I can handle a true high stress one. Not gonna add another 3 weeks to the bridge when it has already taken my 9 weeks to get through 7.


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        Sunday, 12/31/2017:

        Still hard af to get out of bed but my back is slowly getting better in terms of the time it takes me to be able to stand up straight after sitting for 10 or 15 minutes. Wasn't feeling deadlifts today though. Even sumos at 135.

        1 count pause bench:
        1x210 @8.5
        3x200 @8.5 Thought I was gonna overshoot but this was a pleasant surprise
        3x205 @9
        3x200 @9
        3x200 @9.5
        E1RM: 230.5 (up 10.5)

        My gym was freezing cold today (it's been -30C outside) so I had to double my warmups. I should have done some general cardio but the gym was super busy and I didn't want to leave my bench. Things felt really crappy and unsteady like usual, but unlike usual I started getting my shit together by my first work set. I should do extra warmups more often. It took me throughout all the warmups and top single to find the amount of bulldogging my grip that keeps my wrists steady but doesn't pull my shoulders out.

        Squat no belt:
        6x265 @<6
        6x275 @7
        6x285 @7 was gonna stop there but the RPE was too easy so I'm going for another
        8x295 @8.5 took a longer than normal break before this one (5 or 6 minutes) and it felt good so I did an extra 2 reps
        E1RM: 393 (up 32, nice!)

        My back hurt a bit after but it was a different pain than I have been experiencing. Feels better now.

        HIIT: Elliptical 30s on 90s off x6
        Still not ideal for HIIT. I can't really max out in 20 seconds so I bumped it to 30 again. I bounced around to different machines but the stupid things all just slip when the resistance is set high so I had to keep it more moderate.

        No time for chinups. Gym is closed early for New Year's eve. I'll do abs later tonight and tomorrow but I'm not going to gym tomorrow just for chins.


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          Bridge(ish) Week 8

          Wednesday, 01/03/2018:

          Weighing in at 212.0 (back to the diet starting today so this will probably drop a pound or 2 within a couple days). Time to try to go heavy on the squat without breaking my back. I'm not really following the bridge for number of sets this week but changing it as I see fit. I don't need a low stress week for squats because I hardly did jack shit last week. I need a super low stress week for deadlifts to ease back into them. As for upper body. I will go hard and take it easy only on the final day of the bridge to get ready to see what I can do on Comp bench on day one of GPP/Hypertrophy next week. I should do better with the comp bench on day one because the fact that on some weeks my 3 count bench was stronger than my 1 count means I wasn't very recovered and fresh for benching on the last workout of the week.

          Squat with belt:
          1x365 @9 Harder than last week's 375
          3x335 @8 Didn't break my back so that's good
          3x335 @8.5
          3x335 @9

          E1RM: 389.5 (up 489.5)

          Definitely not recovered from Sunday's squat session because I felt sore and weak, so I'm not too worried about the low numbers here. I'm very volume sensitive with squats after I miss (or partially miss as I did) just one or two sessions. For that reason, instead of deloading I think I need to go pretty hard for at least 2 squat sessions this week to start rebuilding my ability to recover then I'll treat the last session as a deload to try to freshen up for the new program on Wednesday.

          3 count pause bench:
          3x185 @7.5
          3x195 @8
          3x205 @9.5 Threw the last rep up a little too far forward. I don't know if it's because the RPE was too high of if it's the reason the RPE was too high.
          3x210 @10
          3x200 @9

          E1RM: 228(up 9)

          I goofed hard on the second top set. I meant to subtract 5 lbs but it turns out I added 5. I was very glad when I realised because I thought I was fatiguing ridiculously fast. I'm also glad that 200 felt like a good 9 even after overshooting.

          Sumo deadlift with belt:
          3x315 .

          The back still doesn't feel great when it comes to deadlifts. I wasn't feeling the 2 count pause so I just did some light sumos. I didn't bother with RPE but everything felt heavier than these weights should have.

          3x8 +10lbs


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            Friday, 01/05/2018:

            Pin Squat:
            4x275 @7
            4x285 @8
            4x295 @9
            4x290 @9

            E1RM: 349 (down 15)

            My back sucked this morning when I got up and pin squats didn't feel great but I'm glad I pushed through them because it felt much better after.

            Press with belt:
            1x140 @8 First single on anything that's actually @8 Feels good man
            3x135 @8.5
            3x137.5 @9
            3x137.5 @9
            4.5x135 @10
            E1RM: 154.5(up 6)

            Yeah, I was only supposed to do one set of 3@9 but whatevah, I do what I want! I don't think pressing volume that low is good for me on my diet and I'm not worried about how I perform on the bench on Sunday because I'm taking that one easy to be fresh for Comp Bench next Wednesday. I got silly on the last one and thought maybe I could get 5 reps with 135 which would be an all time PR (got 5x132.5 on TM and 132x5 on my original LP years ago). I came so close to getting it up but I tried until it came crashing down on the pins. Well if I came that close on the last set than I must have been able to if I tried on the first set. And all paused reps to boot, while my old PRs were TnG.

            6x155 @6
            6x165 @7
            6x175 @8
            6x175 @8
            E1RM: 221.5 (up 6.5)

            Wow, nothing fucked up to report. That's boring.

            Elliptical: 30 mins @HR 135

            Chins: 24 in 3 minutes
            : 26 in 3 minutes Thought I was heading for an easy PR of 28 after getting 24 on the first set while taking it easy but nope

            Not doing abs at the gym anymore. I just do them every night at home that is not before a lifting day.


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              Sunday, 01/07/2018:

              Last day of The Bridge, weighing in at a measly 209 lbs! I dropped even more water/food weight than I thought I would this week, considering that I'm still getting over 300 grams of crabs every day.

              Sumo Deadlift with belt
              1x405 @9
              3x380 @9
              E1RM: 426.5 (up 16.5)

              Taking the recommendation of a puny amount of volume seriously, but I wanted to make it count. Fairly pleased with the result. My back hurt quite a bit after but is better now.

              1 count pause bench:
              1x215 @9
              4x210 @9.5
              E1RM: 238.5 (up 8)

              My training partner/spotter for the day said I had two in the tank on the first one. I still wrote the RPE9 that I felt it was but I decided to test the waters again and see what I could get on the next one. In retrospect RPE9 on 215 makes no sense given my performance on the 210, even if it was actually RPE10. Spotter said it was RPE7.5, which surprised me because I didn't think he even knew what RPE is but it felt like a 9.5 to me. I'm sure it wasn't 7.5, but maybe my judging is a bit out of wack too. He said even the last one flew off my chest. Well, I'll still write 9.5 because even that is a good pause bench PR (first one since starting the bridge) and I don't want to give myself a crazy PR that I can't improve upon

              Squat no belt:
              6x275 @6
              6x285 @7
              6x295 @8.5
              E1RM: 369 (down 24)

              Wow, these felt crappy. If I judged RPE based on how many high quality reps I had left in the tank then the last one would be about RPE14. Only one top set because this is my only real deload day in what was supposed to be a low stress week.

              HIIT: Bike, 5 min warmup, 20s fast 100s slow x8
              This isn't ideal either. At one point I had the intensity too high and I had to tap out after 15 seconds just because of my legs while my heart wasn't nearly stressed enough.

              Chins: 25 in 3 minutes
              Chins: 25 in 3 minutes

              And that's it! I didn't do it right but I did it! I had fun with the bridge at some times and not much fun at other times. Not the program's fault but my stupid back and my diet holding me back. My squat isn't quite what it used to be ever since the one week I skipped my assistance squats and overshot the RPEs trying to jump back into the competition squat the next week. I have no idea where the deadlift stands because my conventional DL is simply nonexistent and I never had a period where I trained the sumo consistently enough to smooth out the bumps. The silver lining is that finally just in the last week my presses are better than ever (at least the pause versions) I wasn't expecting that. I'll put that one down to taking a whole week refeed at Christmas and keeping my carbs above 300 every day after.

              Now it's on to the GPP/Hypertrophy. Hopefully the lower intensity and higher volume will allow me to adapt better while cutting. I almost quit my diet and became a permabulker the third time I hurt my back on the bridge but now I'm just as motivated as ever. I'm not as lean as I thought I would be after losing 11 lbs so I need to keep going. My waist and (fat) thigh measurements have only gone down a little and I don't think I've lost much muscle so I think I must have had more fat hanging out on my ass than I thought. Maybe I was more than 25% bf and I am just down to 25% now. I dunno. I'm not going to cut much longer though because I'm hungry to make some gains. I will just lose whatever I can during the 7 week hypertrophy program (maybe with a refeed week in the middle if I need it) then onto another round of the bridge to let the gains begin!


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                GPP/Hypertrophy week 1

                BW: 208.8

                Wednesday, 01/10/2018:

                Comp Squat:
                6x295 @6
                6x305 @7
                6x315 @8
                6x315 @8.5

                E1RM: 399 (up 10.5)

                Still feel sore from Sunday. That wasn't supposed to happen. These felt really hard, but I'm trying to keep in mind my bench lesson from Sunday about pushing myself. Well, maybe I don't need to push myself as hard on the squats since that didn't get me very far on the bridge. Or maybe @8 is supposed to be this hard. I was pretty out of breath after every set in this cardio rep range. I think next week I will just try to hit these numbers again for 3 clean @8s across this time.

                Comp Bench:
                6x175 @7
                6x180 @8 Expecting my technique to improve enough to keep the next one @8
                6x185 @9 Nope
                6x175 @8
                E1RM: 228.5(down 10)

                Trying to remember how well I did on Sunday when I really tried, but these felt super hard. I thought maybe my PR was just from trying harder but now I think I really was in better shape 3 days ago.

                Pendlay Row Myoreps:

                That was a good way to work up a sweat quickly. I kind of cheated on the 5 breaths because I compulsively took a quick breath after each set so I didn't count it. Then I would find myself exhaling my fifth (counted) breath and go oops, I need another breath to start the next set with. Not sure if I'm supposed to add more weight. I think I'll try to get 16 reps, another set of 5, or just repeat the same without cheating on the breaths first.

                So that's day one. Felt pretty crappy and tired overall. Plus I lost too much weight in the last week, about 4 lbs, more than I could have lost in food weight and/or water weight. That's it. Time to try 350 carbs for the next week. I already premixed my PWO shake and I can't reduce the protein to make room for a bit of extra protein from grains, so a bag of Skittles it is.


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                  First of all I immediately recognized your avatar. Fucking hilarious man... careful with those squats though unless you want an SI sprain!

                  Trying to catch up on your logs here and it looks like I’m getting on at the right time. I too am running the 7 week GPP model (not hypertrophy focused though, the endurance one) in a caloric deficit.

                  Feels weird not crushing piles piles of hard reps like on the Bridge but it’s a nice change of pace. And it should help keep recovery in line with this deficit.

                  Ive lost 80lbs before using a mix of strength training and GPP work. Then gained a bunch when dialing calories up (still trained though). So this is something I’m pretty intimately familiar with.

                  Anyways good luck under the bar bud. I’ve got lots of experience on the diet side of things (nothing like Feigenbaum, just my own anecdotal experience and things I’ve learned from others) so if you have any questions or need a hand feel free to reach out.


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                    Hey, thanks for the nice words! Glad to see someone's reading.

                    The funny thing about my avatar is that's pretty much how I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm trying to keep my back more upright. I noticed when I really try I can keep it more upright going in and out of the hole than I thought possible, which might be too upright. I probably need a form check.
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                  Yeah I’ve been there. Tweaked my back 3 times in 2017. But the folks at BBM really helped with their advice on how to handle back tweaks.

                  Most people have the opposite problem... they become too upright out of the hole and fail the rep due to a loss of hip drive.

                  Upload a form check when you can and I’ll gladly provide some feedback.


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                    I'll see if I can get a video soon without too many bros and brolitas in the way, but unfortunately the squat rack in my gym is crammed right in between the smith machine and the dumbell rack.

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                  Friday, 01/012/2018:

                  Comp Press:
                  6x105 @6
                  6x115 @7
                  6x125 @9
                  6x120 @8.5

                  E1RM: 154.5 (no change)

                  105 was part of my warmup but felt like @8 so I called it @6 (since I only rested like 45 seconds first) I had a bad feeling about warming up with 6s up to within 10 lbs of my target @6 weight but I thought might as well go for it since I'm fresh (and cold) for presses today. Greedily tried to go for my @8 target weight but I don't really care about overshooting too much because 1: it's presses and 2: in this program there are no comp upper body lifts left this week to interfere with.

                  3-0-3 Tempo Squat:
                  8x215 @6
                  8x225 @7
                  8x235 @8
                  8x235 @8 Crying uncle on the third top set. Maybe next week.
                  E1RM: 317.5(no change)

                  Yep, that's right. Tempo squats. While awaiting nuance on what to do about supplemental deadlifts for a crippled sumo cheater I had to take matters into my own hands. My hands told me that that they would rather get in extra squat volume with light weights that also add to the conditioning/gpp of the program. And also that if I take it easy on my back and only do sumo pulling once a week consistently (as opposed to twice a week inconsistently on the bridge) I can probably make some linear newbie gains on it without requiring any more complicated programming for a while. Well holee shit! I didn't realise quite how uniquely fatiguing these are on the lower back even when not done after deadlifts. Now I think it wasn't just the deadlifts that were killing me on the bridge but these were finishing me off. I'm never doing these after deadlifts again unless I decide to keep doing them on this program and my back gets used to them. My back was so fatigued by the end I could hardly walk. Not painful, I didn't pull of pop anything. Just crippling fatigue.

                  TnG Bench Myoreps:

                  That was fun and my arms felt like they'd been hit with something they've never seen before afterwards.

                  Elliptical: 32 mins @HR 130-145
                  Started already at 145 thanks to the bench and only time could lower it since moving the damn thing any slower is very inefficient and thus harder. Spaced out and went down to 130 a few times, which pleases me because my fitness is increasing and also spaced out when I was supposed to be done.

                  Chins: 24 in 3 minutes
                  Chins: 28 in 3 minutes
                  New PR. Another 2 or 3 weeks and I'll be at 30.


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                    Sunday, 01/14/2018:

                    CONVENTIONAL Deadlift with belt
                    6x315 @6
                    6x335 @7
                    6x355 @7.5
                    E1RM: 461 (up 16 (since 8 weeks ago on the bridge))

                    First I tried a set of 6 conventional with 135 and it didn't feel great. 6 sumo with 135 didn't feel great either. Next 6x185 conventional. Confirmed that it felt no worse than the 135 sumo so I kept going. Taking it easy on the volume. Hopefully I'll build up to 5 sets by week 3. Super happy I can do these again and I don't plan on ruining it by blowing out my back. I will prove I can do deadlifts for volume once a week before I try 2, which might not be til my next run of the bridge. Now I'm thinking it wasn't deadlifting twice a week that killed my back anyway though but rather deadlifting for multiple sets (or at all) on the same day as tempo squats.

                    Close grip Incline:
                    8x135 @8
                    8x135 @8
                    8x135 @8

                    8x125 @7
                    8x120 @7
                    E1RM: 182.5

                    Did these backwards. I was warming up stacking an extra 10 per side for each set and I thought I was close to 135 when I felt I was getting close to @6 so I decided to try 135 for @6. I realised after I was only at 105. Oops. I thought 135 seemed high for @6.

                    Chins: 25 in 3 minutes
                    Chins: 28 in 3 minutes
                    PR on total reps. Did these while waiting for the squat rack that s̶o̶m̶e̶ ̶g̶o̶o̶f̶ a respected personal trainer was using to do 455 lb above parallel squats bouncing off a bench supersetting (or trying to) with 0 rep 405lb round back deadlifts.

                    Front squat w/ pause myoreps:

                    The goggles, they do nothing! But seriously I just wanted to gasp for breath after the 14 but then 5 breaths would be over in a flash and I felt like I was suffocating when I tried to draw them out like I did on the bench the other day. I had to go for a compromise that left me not feeling nearly prepared for the next set. Maybe I could try 10 gasps or something instead of 5 breaths. I was nowhere near muscular failure but I felt like I was gonna pass out and the straps wrapped around my hands to hold the bar were cutting off the circulation in my hands.

                    HIIT: Elliptical, 30s on 90s off x 4
                    Cut this off early because I was just wiped out. I thought of saving it for tomorrow but I was stubborn and tried to get through it. I had been at the gym for a long time at this point because a fire alarm wasted lots of time and made me lose the stuff I was using before too. I think next week I'll do the HIIT after one of the other days then do LISS or nothing after the myorep squats.

                    So there's the first week down. I have no idea how I performed on the front squats and incline press but I'm pretty stoked about the deadlifts.

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                      Getting the impression that you’re really getting beat up here. Are you sure you’re accurately assessing your RPE’s?


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                        Not sure at all What gives you the impression I'm getting beat up? Sometimes I think I'm deceiving myself and underrating them but once in a while when I try to do amrap (I know this can beat one up, so not a good habit to do it often) I find I'm capable of more than I thought which makes me wonder for a while if I'm overrating the rpe. For example, when I did a single on bench with 215 and rated it 9. Then did 4 reps at 210 and also rated it 9. Even if it was 10, I was capable of much more than I thought when I did 215@9.

                        But yeah, I do feel beat up sometimes. The worst is when I have a lapse in actually performing all the exercises at the prescribed volume due to injury and I'm trying to get back on track after, which has been pretty much my entire run of the bridge. I will miss some exercise slots and then as soon as I start doing that thing again it beats me up.

                        When I am in the habit of consistently doing the volume I am supposed to (which I am trying to get into right now) I don't get beat up nearly as much. In the one instance during the bridge where I actually got in all my squat volume (above rehab intensity) for 2 weeks straight I was amazed at how little I was phased by the 5x5 in the second week.

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                      GPP/Hypertrophy week 2

                      BW: 208.2

                      Wednesday, 01/17/2018:

                      Comp Squat:
                      6x295 @6
                      6x305 @7
                      6x315 @8
                      6x315 @8
                      6x315 @8

                      E1RM: 399 (no change)

                      On Monday I was absolutely crippled from doing conventional deads for the first time in so long. Probably front squats too. I thought I was pretty much better but I realised I was still sore when I did my warmups today. Form was all over the place. I find when I try to stay more upright it puts a lot of stress on my lower back just at the moment I'm popping out of the hole but I do get a better pop. When I bend over more it's easier to end up on my toes.

                      Comp Bench:
                      6x175 @7
                      6x180 @8
                      6x180 @9
                      6x175 @8
                      6x175 @8

                      E1RM: 222(down 6.5)

                      This sucks! I don't know what is going on because this past week I've been more strict with hitting my macros than ever and I've been getting more carbs than ever. I bumped up the cals a little for the past week cause I was losing weight too fast, but now I've been hitting 350+ carbs consistently for a week(and keeping my beloved fat low to make sure there's room for plenty of protein too), I barely lost any weight since last week and I still feel drained and weak as shit when it's time to bench.

                      Pendlay Row Myoreps:

                      I did sets of 3 and 5 on myoreps last week so I decided to try 4 today. It worked out great. I think I'll increase the weight now that I've got 30 reps and I'll make that my arbitrary guideline for all myoreps.

                      HIIT: Elliptical, 30s on 90s off x 6
                      Was supposed to do 10 intervals but tapped out after 6 because I found I was slacking during the last sprint and I decided I could do 2 sessions of 6 intervals per week, get a little but of extra work in and increase it to 10 towards the end of the program.


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                        Right on man. It’s amazing how much the increased volume at the prescribed RPE’s work. Especially after grinding out the end of LP it is certainly refreshing.

                        Let’s get a kook at some of these lifts if we can. Would love to help you fix that back angle issue in your squats.


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                          Friday, 01/19/2018:

                          Comp Press:
                          6x110 @6
                          6x115 @7.5
                          6x120 @8
                          6x120 @9
                          6x120 @9

                          E1RM: 152 (down 2.5)

                          I was proud of myself for getting 120@8 as opposed to overshooting with 125@9 like last week...until I realised the measly extra 2% that gives my E1RM doesn't keep up with the 5lb reduction.

                          3-0-3 Tempo Squat:
                          8x215 @6
                          8x225 @7
                          8x235 @8
                          8x235 @8
                          8x225 @8

                          E1RM: 317.5(no change)

                          My goal today was just to get 5 sets in at any weight without overshooting the prescribed rest times. Pretty pleased with how it went especially considering I was still sore af from the other day. Almost blacked out after the 225 set so I sat my ass on floor and repeated the process after the next 3 but luckily I didn't need to. Felt good to rest my back though which was once again completely killed by the last set so I could barely walk.

                          TnG Bench Myoreps:

                          This felt like cheating because I was never out of breath at all so I was able to draw out my 5 breaths super long. Felt good to get close to muscular failure multiple times within several minutes. I think that's how it's supposed to be, as opposed to being out of breath according to the inventor of myoreps. That's why he generally only recommends them for isolation exercises but I think TnG bench works great.

                          HIIT: Elliptical 30s on 90s off x4
                          There, I've completed my prescribed HIIT for the week and it only took me 2 sessions

                          Chins: 25 in 3 minutes
                          Chins: 29 in 3 minutes
                          PR. Last one literally came to a dead stop for some time while I searched inside for the extra push I needed for the last 4 inches.

                          I was just so dead after this that I'm not sure I can keep it up the way I've been doing it. I think I will have to move some of the GPP to a dedicated day. Maybe I can actually do the HIIT all at once that way.
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