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Anthony Log: Let's Stop the Intermediate Wheel Spinning

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  • Anthony Log: Let's Stop the Intermediate Wheel Spinning

    Vitals: 41yo. 6'0" 208lbs last time I checked.
    Ran a pretty good SSLP when I was 39, but got addicted to @10-ing sets across and I haven't made much progress in the the last two years, which have been full of work/family/major life change interruptions.

    I work a physical, unique job (a bicycle powered trash/recycling/anything else hauling business) so I do a ton of LISS (4-5 hours 3-4 times a week), and this also makes it tough to keep weight on, although I seem to have hit a maintainable resting place at just below 210.

    Single-ish dad, two jobs, two kids, taking classes in my "free" time. Should eat more. But I do have a gym around the corner and I'm committed to hitting it three times a week, hitting the RPE's, and seeing what happens.
    Before the template were up for sale I cribbed what I think is something similar to the 12 week Strength program from an SS forum member with similar numbers to me. I'm in week 3 right now. I can feel the volume of week 3, and I often come into the gym under-recovered because of work, but I'm added tonnage even when I don't push up my top set.

    I won't be doing any LISS in the gym--will do some other GPP though.
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