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  • Week 6 Day 2

    Bench w/ belt: 100x1@8, 94x4, 84x4x3
    Front squats: 50x14, 50x5x2, 50x4x3


    • Week 6 Day 2 pt 2

      Lever row 34x11x33

      Week 6 Day 3

      Deadlift w/ belt: 170x1@10 (ffff), 152.5x4@10, 140x4x3
      - I am pulling the pin and going to swap to Sumo for reals now. I'm not sure if it was entirely because of the loading or my form. My top single and first back off felt like a nightmare. The 140kg sets felt okay - my first first rep of the first set at 140 felt like a dream - bar heavy in hands, no significant hip rise before breaking the floor, it just flew up - but yeah unclear if it's because it was just... a lot lighter than the previous sets.
      2ct pause bench: 95x1@8, 75x5x4
      2ct pause squat: 125x4@9, 115x4x2


      • Week 7 Day 1

        Squat w/ belt: 162.5x1@8, 152.5x4, 140x4x3
        Press w/ belt: 71x1@8, 65x4, 61x4x3 (best these have felt in ages)
        Block Sumo Pull (2" off floor): 170x3@calf cramp (projecting x4@9), 160x4x3


        • Week 7 Day 2

          Bench w/ belt: 102.5x1@8.5, 95x4@9, 90x4x3
          Front squat w/ belt: 90x6x3
          Lever row: 37x11x4


          • Week 7 Day 3

            Sumo Deadlift w/ belt: 155x1, 170x0, 160x1@8? 140x4x3
            2ct pause bench: 97.5x1@8, 82x4x4

            Week 8 Day 1

            Squat w/ belt: 164x1@8, 154x4@9, 142x4x2
            Press w/ belt: 72x1@8, 67x4@10, 60x4x3
            2ct pause sumo w/ straps: 120x4x3


            • Week 8 Day 1

              Bench w/ belt: 104x1@9, 95x4@9.5, 90x4x3
              Front Squats: 1000x6
              Lever row: 35x11x4


              • Week 8 Day 3

                Sumo DL w/ belt: 170x1@9? 155x4@9 142.5x4x2
                2ct pause bench: 100x1, 83x4x5


                • Week 1 Day 1

                  Squat w/ belt: 140x6x2
                  Press w/ belt: 55x6x2
                  DB Bench Press: 25x15, 5, 5, 3


                  • Week 1 Day 2

                    Sumo DL w/ belt: 142.5x6x2
                    Bench Press w/ belt: 85x6x2


                    • Week 1 Day 3

                      HBBS: 100x8x2
                      Incline bench: 60x8x2
                      DB Press: 20x14, 5, 4, 3, 2


                      • Week 1 Day 4

                        2" deficit sumo DL: 115x8x2
                        CGBP: 75x8x2
                        Pendlay rows: 70x14, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3


                        • Week 2 Day 1

                          Squat w/ belt: 137.5x6x2, 142.5x6x2@8-9
                          Press w/ belt: 57.5x5@10, 54x6x2
                          DB Bench: 25x14, 5, 5, 5, 4, 3


                          • Week 2 Day 2

                            Sumo DL w/ belt: 137.5x6x2, 145x6x2
                            Bench press w/ belt: 87.5x6x3
                            Leg press: 160x14, 5x5


                            • Week 2 Day 3

                              HBBS 105x8x3
                              Incline BP 62.5x8x3
                              DB Press: 22.5x14, 22.5x3, 17.5x4x3


                              • Week 2 Day 4

                                Deficit Sumo DL: 120x8x2
                                CGBP: 77.5x8x2, 80x8x2
                                Pendlay Row: 73x14, 4x5