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  • Week 7 Day 2

    Sumo DL w/ belt: 192.5x1@11 155x6@9 145x6x3
    Bench w/ belt: 110x1@10, 90x5@10, 80x6x3
    2ct pause leg press: 120x11x3

    Not a good day.


    • Week 7 Day 3

      SSB Squat 105x8x3
      Pin press (shoulders) 55x8x3
      Feet up bench: 70x11x2, 70x8, 62.5x11


      • Week 7 Day 4

        2ct pause sumo: 115x8x3
        2ct pause bench: 70x8x3
        Lever row: 35x11x4


        • Week 1 Day 1

          Squat w/ belt: 140x5, 150x5, 155x5
          Press w/ belt: 64x5, 67x5, 69x4
          Pendlay row: 75x10, 80x10, 85x10


          • Week 1 Day 2

            Sumo DL w/ belt: 140x5, 150x5, 160x5
            Bench w/ belt: 80x5, 90x5, 95x5
            303 tempo squat: 60x10


            • Week 1 Day 3

              Squat (beltless): 150x4
              Slingshot bench: 120x4, 125x2
              CG Incline Bench: 60x10


              • Week 1 Day 4

                Block Sumo Pull: 180x4
                CGBP: 100x4
                Leg press: 200x10


                • Week 2 Day 1

                  Squat w/ belt: 177.5x1@9, 140x5x5
                  Press w/ belt: 76x1@8.5, 60x5x5
                  Pendlay row: 87.5x10, 82.5x10


                  • Week 2 Day 2

                    Sumo DL w/ belt: 190x1@9, 152x5, 146x5x4
                    Bench w/ belt: 110x1@9, 87.5x5, 84x5x4

                    Week 2 Day 3

                    Squat (beltess): 142.5x4, 147.5x4, 152.5x4@9, 144x4x2
                    Slingshot bench: 112.5x4, 117.5x4, 122.5x3@10, 115x4x3
                    CG Incline Bench: 62.5x10, 60x10


                    • Week 2 Day 4

                      Block Sumo Pull: 170x4, 180x4, 185x4@9, 175x4x2
                      CGBP: 90x4, 97.5x4, 102.5x3@10, 95x4x3
                      Leg press: 205x10, 195x10


                      • Week 3 Day 1

                        Squat w/ belt: 180x1@9, 140x5x5
                        Press w/ belt: 77x1@9.5, 61x5x5
                        Pendlay row: 90x10, 85x10


                        • Week 3 Day 2

                          Sumo DL w/ belt: 175x1@8.5 (casually dropped 20kg on my e1RM ) 154x5, 140x5x4
                          Bench w/ belt: 110x1@9, 87.5x5, 85x5x4


                          • Week 3 Day 3

                            Squat (beltless): 145x4, 150x4,155x4@9, 145x4x2@9
                            Slingshot Bench: 113x4, 118x4, 123x4, 116x4x3

                            Week 3 Day 4

                            Block Pull (Sumo) w/ belt: 177.5x4, 184x4, 190x4 (was my target @9 but felt goood), 200x4@9 but with soft/shit lockout, 180x4x3
                            CGBP: 90x4, 98x4, 103x4@9, 96x4x3
                            Leg press: 210x10, 200x10
                            CG Incline Bench: 65x10@9, 60x10


                            • Week 4 Day 1

                              Squat w/ belt: 181x1@8.5, 150x4x5
                              Press w/ belt: 77.5x1@9.5, 64x4, 62.5x4x4
                              Pendlay row: 87.5x10, 92.5x10, 85x10


                              • Week 4 Day 2

                                Sumo DL w/ belt: 175x0x2@10.

                                Ok so... last week my last warm up single prior to my target @8 was supposed to be 175. However 175 felt like an 8.5, and when I decided to go ahead to 190 I couldn't break it off the floor. That's close to a 20kg drop in my numbers. Oh well, just take what I can get right? Did my volume based off my top single last week. My block pulls from a few days ago saw +15kg increase from the previous week. I thought for sure this meant 190kg would be an easy @8 this week. But this time I could not break 175kg off the floor, despite warm ups up to 160kgx4 feeling fine. So... going to swap back to conventional.

                                Deadlift w/ belt: 140x4, 160x4, 170x1, 180x1, 190x1@8.5, 160x4x3

                                This is the first time I have done conventional in three months, where 170 felt like a @10, and 152.5x4 was like an @9. I am surprised at how well this worked out. I think there are form issues I can still work on though. Excited to see how much I can pull off of blocks on day 4.

                                Bench w/ belt: 111x1@8.5, 92.5x4x5