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    Week 2, Day 1

    Squat: 150x1@9... oops. 127.5x5x3@8
    Press: 67.5x1@8? 60x5x3@8
    Rack pull: 142.5x5@8, 152.5x5x1@9.5 (how did i not learn from last week. probably should aim to deload this weight next week rather than keep pushing it. form was shocking.)
    Dumbell curl: 10kgx12x3
    Lying tricep extension: 20kgx12x3

    Week 2, Day 2

    2ct pause squat: 107.5x5x1@9
    Bench press 90x1@8, 80x5x2@8-8.5.... 80x4@9.5 (fuuuck)... 75x5@8.5
    Pendlay row: 82.5x10x2@9
    - chin ups: 19 in 7 minutes (kinda brutal to do these after heavy rows...)
    - planks: ~3m20s in 7 minutes
    - assault bike (V)LISS for 30 minutes (!!!!)
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      Week 2, Day 3

      Deadlift: 160x1@8.5, 142.5x5x3@8.5
      Incline 77.5x5@9, 77.5x4@10
      Leg press: 100x10x2@9
      Dumbell curl: 10kgx12x3
      Lying tricep extension: 20kgx12x3


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        Week 3, Day 1

        Squat: Target was 147.5-150kg for 1@8. I was feeling hip pain throughout my warm up sets and called it quits when I hit 140x1 Tried to do 5 reps at 100kg but too much pain. After my rack pulls I tried working back up with sets of 5 from empty bar -> 60kg -> 80kg... Felt pain during my last few reps of 80kg. Also was fatigued af after rack pulls.

        Press: 72.5x1@9.5. Should have stopped at 70x1 for sure lol.
        62.5x5@8, 62.5x4@10.... 60x4x2@10................... 57.5x4@10. fuck my life. Last week 60x5x3 was an easy @8 across

        Rack pull: 142.5x5@8, 152.5x5x2@9, 145x5@8.5-9
        Only thing I felt happy about today, but this performance was very likely due to not squatting today.
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          Week 3 GPP Day

          Chin ups:24 in 7 minutes
          Planks: 3m45s in 7 minutes

          Week 3, Day 2

          Gotta say I'm having a horrendous week. Also kind of failing my goal with this new training cycle to listen to my RPE and undershoot it if I'm not sure.

          Pause Squat: 100x5@7 --> too much pain.
          Front Squat: 95x5x2@9, 90x5@8.5 - no pain
          Bench Press: 90x1@8, 80x4@10, 80x5@9, 80x4@10, 76x5@9
          - holy moly
          Pendlay row: 85x10x2@9-9.5, 80x10@9.5
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            Week 3, Day 3

            Deadlift 162.5x1@8, 142.5x5x4@8-8.5
            Inclince bench 75x5@8, 77.5x5x2@9-9.5, 72.5x5@9
            Leg press: 110x10x3@9
            Dumbell curl: 10kgx12x4
            Lying tricep extension: 20kgx12x3


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              Week 4, Day 1

              Squat: 110x3@hip pain
              - trying to stay positive and do what I can do without pain - in this case it's front squats. I'll mimic the rep schemes of normal template but do front squats instead i suppose until whatever this is clears up.
              Front squat: 110x1@8, 97.5x5x4@8-8.5
              Press: 72.5x1@10 (oops), 60x5x4@8-8.5
              Rack pull: 160x4x2@9, 155x4@8.5-9
              Dumbell curl: 12.5x12x2, 12.5x8 - 10x4
              Lying tricept extension: 20x12, 22.5x12x2


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                Week 4 GPP day

                no chins or abs this week

                Week 4, Day 2

                2ct pause squats: 110x4x3@8-8.5 (pain was creeping in, and I think some fear prevented me from going for an @9)
                1ct pause bench: 90x1@8, 80x5x4@8
                Pendlay row: 90x8x3@8-8.5

                Week 4, Day 3

                Deadlift 165x1@8, 145x5x4@8-8.5
                Incline bench: 82.5x4x2@9, 77.5x4@9
                Leg press: 120x8x3@8
                Dumbell curl: 12.5x12x2, 12.5x10 - 10x4, 10x12
                Lying tricep extension: 22.5x12x3


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                  Week 5, Day 1

                  Squat w/ belt: 140x1@8 w/ some pain, 127.5x4@too much pain
                  Front squat: 100kgx4x4@8
                  Press: 72.5x1@8.5-9?, 65x4x2@8.5-9, 62.5x4x3@8-8.5
                  2ct pause deadlift: 115x4x3@8.5-9
                  Dumbbell curl: 12.5x12x4
                  Lying tricep extension 22.5x12x4


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                    Week 5, Day 2

                    Pin Squat: 110x4x3@8.5-9 w/ some pain but yolo
                    1ct Bench: 85x4x5@8 - when your bench isn't disappointing you
                    Pendlay 92.5x8x2, 90x8x2 @8ish (I think I have to stop kidding myself with these and drop the weight because these are the least strict rows I have ever done lol)
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                      Week 5, Day 3 pt 1

                      Deadlift: 167.5x1@9, 147.5x4x5@8-8.5
                      Pin press (eye level): 62.5x4x3@8.5-9
                      Had to rush off to a thing so couldn't finish training on this day, so made up for it the next day.

                      Week 5, Day 3 pt 2

                      3-0-3 Tempo squat: 80x8x4 - I all but collapsed after these, holy shit.
                      Dumbbell curl: 12.5x12x4
                      Lying tricep extension 22.5x12x4


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                        Week 6 Day 1

                        Squat: 140x1@8?, 125x4x4@8?
                        - some pain, but not enough to stop me so I got through it. Seriously wondering if it's a technique thing now and if whatever I'm doing wrong is just aggravating it and preventing it from healing
                        Press: 73x1@8.5, 65x4@9, 63x4x3@8-8.5
                        2ct pause deadlift: 120x3x3@9


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                          Week 6 Day 2

                          Pin Squat: 115x3x3@8.5-9
                          Bench press... yikes: 97.5x1@8 87.5x2@leg cramp, 87.5x4x2@8-9, 87.5x3@fail, 85x4@10
                          - my top single felt like a very, very true 8 - it was almost surprising. I think I set up very well. During my first back off set my leg cramped really badly and I had to re-rack it. Then idk what happened, my first proper set felt way too hard (despite the weight being lower than what the RPE chart suggests it should be), and I think it had to do with my positioning and set up. My second proper set felt way better.... but then I failed the 4th rep for my 3rd set. I decreased the weight very slightly and only just managed to push out 4 reps for my 4th set.
                          Pendlay row: 80x8x4@8. I decreased the weight quite significantly from my last session because I felt like I was grinding out of the last few reps and using way too much body language. These felt way better.

                          Chins x7 minutes, planks x7 minutes, prowler/walking x30 minutes


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                            Week 6 Day 3

                            Deadlift: 167.5x1@9, 150x4@9, 145x4x3@8
                            Pin Press: 67.5x3x3@9
                            3-0-3 tempo squat: 82.5x8x4@death
                            Dumbbell curl: 12.5x12x4, 10x12
                            Lying tricep extension: 20x12x4


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                              Week 7 Day 1 pt 1

                              Squat w/belt 145x1@8 (did not quite reach depth), 127.5x4x2@8, but with pain during last set. 120x4x1@pain.
                              Press: 70x1@7.5, 74x0@10 lol. 64x4x4@8-9.5. Crazy RPE creep throughout this, but my ego did not let me drop the weight.

                              Squats are giving me a lot of grief. I feel like I should temporarily abandon low bar for a while. I think even attempting low bar has been aggravating whatever hip issue I'm having and I'm not giving it a chance to 'heal.' I will need to think about form a lot too. I think with the remainder of this block I'll give low bar another chance because I don't have to any @8 singles anymore, just variations and a deload. Next block I might try high bar.

                              Couldn't finish today's session because I had volleyball. Got some GPP in though I suppose.

                              Week 7 Day 1 pt 2

                              2ct pause deadlift: 125x3x3@8.5-9
                              - okay so I watched some vids on hook grip recently. Last week it was too painful to actually go through warm ups with hook grip. Alan Thrall's insta post today forced me to give it another go, and I hooked all sets including warm ups and working sets without much issue. I feel like I'm hooking in a somewhat unorthodox way, but I'll give it another shot with my actual deadlift session on Day 3 and see how I go.
                              Alternating dumbbell curl 12.5x12x4
                              Lying tricep extension 20x12x4
                              - random observation: this block I've been doing arms twice a week.... it's been 6 weeks and people are commenting I look "bigger" purely because of this I think. Maybe the crazy amount of rows too.


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                                Week 7 Day 2

                                Pin Squat: 115x3x3 @8-9? Pain.
                                Bench press: 97.5x1@8.5, 87.5x4x2@8-9.5, 82.5x4x2@8-9
                                Pendlay row: 82.5x8x3@8