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  • 4/25/19

    Road to Regionals c2 w4 reps/sets

    Deadlift - 187.5kg *7 PR, 167.5kg 7*3
    RDLs - 137.5kg 10*3

    Bench - 72.5kg 7*3
    Paloff Press - 15 seconds holds*3

    Pull Ups - bw 2*20 two reps every 30 seconds

    Another great pulling session, I was good for at least two more reps (again).

    This cycle has been productive for both Deads and Squats...Bench is the turd in the punchbowl at the moment.


    • 4/27/19

      Road to Regionals c2 w4 reps/sets

      T&G Bench - 67.5kg 10*5
      Safety Bar Squats - 110kg 8*5
      Block Pulls - 170kg 7*3

      Cable Mid Rows - 50kg 8*3
      Dumbbell Press - 35lbs 8*3
      Ab/Back Holds - 30sec *3

      End of the cycle, de-load next week.


      • 4/29/19

        Road to Regionals De-Load Week reps/sets

        LB Squat - 130kg 2*4
        Belt Squat - 40kg 10*5
        Row - 40kg 15*3
        Ab Holds - 15kg 3-sec *3

        Nice light day, focusing on hitting depth!


        • 4/30/19

          Road to Regionals De-Load week reps/sets

          T&G Bench - 80 / 85 / 90kg *2, 95kg *1, 100kg *1 PR BABY 102.5kg *X but it got up a lot further than I would have imagined

          Paused Bench - 90kg 1*3

          Dips - 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 / 28kg *3

          Paloff Press - 30 sec holds *3

          When you least expect it, miracles happen.

          Once again we went through our de-load protocol for Bench and take a run at a PR...which in this case is 100kg. It's been a bogey out there on the horizon FOR.EVER!

          Damn thing went up so fast I didn't know what to do but scream with joy.

          With everything that's been going on outside the gym, to hit this PR is extremely gratifying.

          Nice day with the Dips as well.


          • 5/4/19

            Road to Regionals De-Load reps/sets

            Paused Bench - 85kg 2*6
            Pull-Ups - bw 10*3 on 30 seconds intervals
            LTE / Curls - 40kg 10*3

            ...and that's it for the day, I wasn't supposed to be in the gym anyway.

            But I was bored!


            • You couldn't stay away! I bet the activity felt therapeutic.


              • 5/6/19

                Road to Regionals c3 w1 reps/sets

                LB Squat - 147.5kg *5, 132.5kg 5*4
                Tempo Safety Bar Squat - 80 / 85 / 90 / 95kg *6
                Belt Squat - 80kg 12*3

                Row - 70kg 10*3
                Back Exten. - 16kg 10*3
                Paloff Press - #7 30 seconds/side *4

                All things considered it was an OK session. Probably good for one more rep on the top set.


                • Nice squat sets--quite a lot of volume there.


                  • 5/8/19

                    Road to Regionals c3 w1 reps//sets

                    T&G Bench - 87.5kg *4, 80kg 4*5
                    Wide Grip Bench - 60kg 10*4
                    Larson Bench - 65kg 8*3

                    Dumbbell Press - 30lbs 15*4
                    Incline Dumbbell Bench - 40lbs 15*4

                    Wide Grip Pull Downs - 50kg 12*3
                    Dips - bw 12*3
                    Tri Pull Downs - #12 12*3
                    LTE - 30kg 10*3

                    A little tired today, so we started the cycle at 87.5kg and we'll build from there. Just a lot of work to do on Bench days. By the time I got to the LTE's I was only good for 10's, and not 12's as written.

                    I'm also have a pretty good case of DOMS from Monday's Squats. That short time off, coupled with a de-load week was enough to de-condition me...DAMN!


                    • 5/9/19

                      Road to Regionals c3 w1 reps/sets

                      Deadlift - 185kg *5, 165 5*3
                      Deficit Deads - 135kg 6*3

                      Bench - 65kg 10*3
                      Ab Holds - 60 seconds *2
                      Paloff Press - 30 seconds *2
                      Reverse Fly - 30lbs 10*3
                      Lat Pull Downs - 50kg 10*3

                      So, out of nowhere I've got a wicked cold...brutal sore throat...sleep was very hard to come by last night.

                      And so we came in a little easy to the Deads this cycle, seeing as I'm back to dead stop pulls. The top set was good for one more at least, and the back off sets were surprisingly strong.


                      • So, out of nowhere I've got a wicked cold...brutal sore throat...sleep was very hard to come by last night.
                        Sorry to hear that. But you put in an impressive session none the less, which is more than I would have done in your shoes.


                        • 5/11/19

                          Road to Regionals c3 w1 reps/sets

                          T&G Bench - 72.5kg 8*5

                          Safety Bar Squat - 90kg 10*4

                          Tempo RDL - 120kg 8*4

                          Still feeling like shite, sore throats suck.


                          • 5/13/19

                            Road to Regionals c3 w2 reps/sets

                            LB Squat - 150kg *5, 135kg 5*4
                            Safety Bar Squat - 85 / 90 / 95 / 100kg *6
                            Belt Squat - 85kg 12*3

                            Back Ext. - +20kg 10*4
                            Paloff Press - 45 second holds *4

                            Just starting to kick this cold, but my sleep is way off...I'm tired. Top set was iffy for depth, got the first (maybe) the rest were high, high, high...


                            • Nice squatting, even if you think they were high.


                              • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                                Nice squatting, even if you think they were high.
                                My training partner is all about accountability. If I don't call my self out on depth issues, she's on me right quick.