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  • That's a rep PR at 85kg...
    Looks like things are going well!!


    • 6/27/19

      Nationals or Bust c4 w3 reps/sets

      Deadlift - 182.5kg *8, 162.5kg 8*3
      Paused Deadlifts - 140kg 6*4

      Bench - 70kg 8*3
      GHR - +10kg 10*4

      Press - 35kg 8*3
      Reverse Flys - 30kg 8*3

      Pretty good session for being tired...


      • 6/29/19

        Nationals or Bust c4 w3 reps/sets

        T&G Bench - 75kg 8*4
        Squat to Box - 122.5kg 8*3
        Block Pulls - 177.5kg 8*3

        LTE/Curls - 40kg 10*2
        Paloff Press -#8 30 seconds *2

        The deadly combination of heat and humidity have killed my appetite, which in turn has compromised my recovery this week.

        I felt like ass, and had to cut the Squat and Block Pulls to 3 sets instead of 4 as called for.

        Gonna spend the next 36 hours trying to eat what ever and when ever, because week four is set up to be a stone cold bitch.


        • 7/1/19

          Nationals or Bust c4 w4 reps/sets

          LB Squat - 147.5kg *5 (booooo), 127.5kg *5, 120kg 5*2 (boooooo, again)

          Lunges - bw 8*8
          Reverse Flys - 40lbs 10*4
          Rows - 6t0kg 10*4

          Planks - 4*45 seconds

          What a dumpster fire today was...oye!

          Saturday's malaise followed me into Monday. Top set was supposed to have been for 8, got pinned on 6. Back off sets went just as poorly, I seem to have tweaked my "bad knee", feels extremely unstable. There's no swelling or any other signs of just is wobbly at all the wrong times.

          First Squat session I've pooched in four cycles. So even at my worst, I'm doing much better than ever.

          Just would like to get some "pop" back in the old legs...


          • Aside from the wobbly knee that looks like a pretty good squat session. 325x8 would be pretty grueling...


            • 7/3/19

              National or Bust c4 w4 reps/sets

              T&G Bench - 87.5kg *5 boooo, 77.5kg 8*3
              Wide Grip Bench - 72.5kg 10*3

              Dumbbell Bench - 60lbs 10*3
              Dumbbell Incline Bench - 50lbs 10*3
              Reverse Flys - 50lbs 8*3

              The malaise continues...

              Top set should have been for 8. Felt better coming into the session, but Bench being the Bench, a few extra pounds can mean pin city...

              Worked hard on the back off work...really short rest and ground out the last reps.

              Gonna do Deads on Friday, because their supposed to be 187.5kg for 8! I need the rest...


              • 7/5/19

                Nationals or Bust c4 w4 reps/sets

                Deadlift - 190kg *8 PR, 170kg 8*2
                Paused Deadlifts - 135kg 6*3

                Bench - 72.5kg 8*3
                Reverse Flys - 45lbs 8*3
                GHR - +10kg 10*3

                Well, at least I can still pull !

                SBD Saturday tomorrow, and then onto a well earned de-load...


                • Deadlift - 190kg *8 PR, 170kg 8*2
                  Hey, not too shabby!


                  • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                    Hey, not too shabby!
                    Thanks! A set like that saves a bad week.


                    • 7/6/19

                      Nationals or Bust c4 w4 reps/sets
                      SBD Saturday

                      Belt Squat - 90kg 8*4
                      Bench - 75kg 8*4
                      Block Pull - 160kg 8*4

                      LTE/Curl - 40kg 10*3
                      Tri Pulldown - #13 10*3

                      Hurrah, this cycle is over...

                      I was feeling the effects of yesterday's Deads, so I RPE'd into Belt Squats, and lightened up on the Block Pulls.

                      De-load next week.


                      • 7/8/19

                        Nationals or Bust De-Load Week reps/sets

                        LB Squat - 145kg 1*2
                        Paused Squat - 125kg 2*3

                        Belt Squat - 60kh 5*3

                        LTE / Curls - 50kg 2*3
                        Rows - 65kg 5*3
                        Hammer Curls - 50lbs 5*3

                        De-Load weeks are wonderful...


                        • 7/10/19

                          Nationals or Bust De-Load week reps/sets

                          Paused Bench - 85 / 90 / 95 / 100kg *1, 90kg 1*3
                          T&G Bench - 70kg *12

                          Dumbbell Flys - 40lbs 10*3
                          Dips - bw 10*3
                          LTE / Curls - 42.5kg 10*3
                          Tri Pulldowns - #14 10*3

                          GHR - bw 10*3

                          Good singles up through 95kg. The single at 100kg was slllooowwww, and there was a bit of butt lift. But 100kg, is 100kg, and for me that's a lot!


                          • 7/11/19

                            Nationals or Bust De-Load week reps/sets

                            Deadlift - 185kg 1*3, 155kg *15

                            Dumbbell Bench - 45lbs 12*3
                            Dumbbell Incline Bench - 35lbs 12*3
                            Dumbbell Press - 25lbs 12*3

                            Flys / Revese Flys - 45lbs 12*3

                            Singles felt like shite, but they looked ok on video. 15 reps was cardio hell.

                            Light dumbbell work to round out the day #brotastic


                            • 15 reps was cardio hell.
                              Those must have been brutal.


                              • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                                Those must have been brutal.

                                My coach laughed and said "Training effect"