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  • 11/11/19

    First honest to goodness, make 'em run, doubles squash match in four years.

    Lordy, lordy, am I out of shape.

    The bad knee was a little cranky, but it was more soft tissue than joint related so I can work with that.

    At least we won one game, were competitive in the next two, and only got drubbed in the "customer game".

    That, and the post match beers were cold!

    Back in the gym tomorrow, weather permitting...


    • 11/12/19

      Training is fairly simple these days. Still trying to catch up on lost sleep, what with this disrupted lifestyle. That, and getting ready to start the cancer therapy protocol this coming Monday.

      Just taking life one day at a time, one foot in front of the other.

      Safety Bar Squat - 85kg 8*3
      Low Block Pulls - 135kg 8*3
      Wide Grip Larsen Bench - 60kg 8*3

      Hammer Curls - 50lbs 8*3
      Dips - bw 8*3

      I'm not sore from all the Squash, but I am tired.

      I'm regaining weight reasonably well. At Raw Natls I weighed ~200lbs. My low point recently was 185 when shit was hitting the fan...I'm back to 197lbs. I'm surprised at how fast i've regained weight, as I'm not on any particular program or force feeding.


      • 11/14/19

        Another day, a few more kilos...

        SBS - 90kg 8*3
        WGLB - 62.5kg 8*3
        LBP - 140kg 8*3

        Hammer Curls - 60lbs 8*3
        Dips - bw 8*3

        As much as I don't like the Safety Bar Squat, I sure can hit depth with that bad boy.

        Back at it Saturday...


        • 11/16/19

          Life is so unsettled these days, I'm very thankful for having the gym as an outlet and a support group...

          SBS 95kg 8*3
          WGLB 65kg 8*3
          LBP - 145kg 8*3

          Hammer Curls 60lbs 8*3
          Belt Squat 50kg 8*3

          Last training session before we start the treatments for the prostate cancer. It's been something I've been able to avoid for the past two years, but no longer.

          I've been told not to worry, that my prognosis is good, and that I have many years in front of me. I trust my team of doctors, after all they set the protocols for the NIH. I've assiduously avoided reading ANYTHING on the interwwebs. All that said, I'm still extremely nervous.

          I trained as hard as I did, specifically so that I would have no regrets should things go poorly.

          I love the whole process of training and competing, and the thought of not being able to be "at my best" is so very hard to come to grips with.

          ...deep the professionals, #trusttheprocess


          • I love the whole process of training and competing, and the thought of not being able to be "at my best" is so very hard to come to grips with.
            I'm willing to bet you haven't seen the last of your competing days. Wager a bottle of single malt? I'm looking forward to sharing a platform with you once all this is behind you. Good luck this week--it sounds like you're surrounded by great people, medically and socially.


            • Tim

              Thanks for the encouragement! The dram of single malt has now turned into a bottle...regardless of outcome, we'll drink to each others health when next we meet.

              And, as scheduled, the process is started. I've had the "shot", and now we wait for two months till we begin the radiation treatments.

              In the meantime, we'll lift as best we can, with what we've got, wherever we are.



              • 11/20/19


                SBS - 75kg 6*4
                Larsen Bench - 55kg 6*4
                Deadlift - 120kg *6, 130kg *6, 135kg 6*2

                Dumbbell Press - 35lbs 8*3
                Hammer Curls - 50lbs 8*3

                I did not expect to feel like ass so soon. My hands were opening on the Deads at 135kg...

                Well, we're gonna learn about dealing with fatigue, whether we like it or not.

                ...and we haven't even started the radiation...oye!


                • 11/21/19

                  #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                  SBS 80kg 6*4
                  Larsen Bench 60kg 6*4
                  Deadlift 125kg 6*4
                  Dumbbell Press 35lbs 8*4

                  Just as tired as yesterday, but this time I was ready for it...


                  • 11/24/19

                    #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                    SBS 85kg 6*4
                    Larsen Bench 65kg 6*4
                    Deadlift 130kg 6*4

                    did some assistance work yesterday

                    Fly's - #100 10*3
                    Rows - #110 10*3
                    Press - #50 10*3
                    Hammer Curls - 55lbs 10*3

                    Yesterday, a full crew of #teamchas showed up at my mom's house, and we cleared it to bottom. Two dumpsters later, and many trips to various charities, we're ready to move forward. The contractors come in after Thanksgiving to fix some mechanical issues, and then pretty it up for sale. I have no idea what I was thinking when I thought I could handle this all by myself. Thank the good lord for my friends!

                    I'm still extremely fatigued, but we do what we can. I'm finding out that there are a goodly number of people that I am acquainted with, who are dealing with various cancer issues concurrent with me. Holy cow...not that misery loves company, but it's nice to trade experiences with people who are going through the same grind.


                    • That's great to hear, Chas. Truly a wonderful group of friends.


                      • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                        That's great to hear, Chas. Truly a wonderful group of friends.
                        ...and today we finished the project. I really am blessed.

                        Now for the contractors. With the state of the market here, every $5 spent gets a $10 return...again, this portion of the project is being handled by the CEO of a major Real Estate firm here in NY. #teamchas has some talent behind it!


                        • 11/26/19

                          Got a little bored...

                          15 minutes on the exercycle

                          Flys - #110 8*3
                          Rows - #90 8*3
                          Press - #70 8*3

                          Now that I seem to be settled into a "routine" with how I feel, coach has set up my programming accordingly. I'll start that tomorrow. It appears to be greatly reduced in both number of exercises and the loading. 3 days a week up through the radiation portion of my treatment regimen.


                          • 11/27/19

                            #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                            SBS - 82.5kg 8*4
                            Tempo SBS - 75kg 7*4

                            Dumbbell RDLs - 60lbs each 8*3
                            Wide Grip Pulldowns - 50lbs 8*5
                            Dumbbell Press - 30lbs each 10*4

                            a reasonably good place to start things off. I'm more winded, than tired or weak...especially with the Tempo work.


                            • 11/30/19

                              #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                              Larsen Bench - 60kg 10*3
                              Wide Grip Larsen Bench - 55kg 10*3

                              Dumbbell Shrugs - 60lbs each 10*6
                              Dumbbell Incline Tempo Bench - 50lbs each 10*4

                              Belt Squat - 70kg 6*4

                              Nice easy start to the Bench portion of this cycle.


                              • 12/1/19

                                #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                                Deadlift - 300lbs 6*3
                                RDLs - 275lbs 6*3

                                WG Larsen Bench - 125lbs 8*3
                                Press - 80lbs 5*3

                                Neutral Grip Pulldown - 130lbs 8*5
                                Dips - bw 8*3
                                Tri Pulldowns - 55lbs 8*3
                                LTE - 75lbs 8*3

                                Felt reasonably good today...