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  • I can see the finish line
    ...just like your old track days!


    • Originally posted by gymdad150 View Post

      I'm finding it takes a lot of discipline to get up off the couch....A.LOT.OF.DISCIPLINE.
      Thanks for the kind thoughts!

      There are days I'm not sure too...
      As a fellow cancer survivor (radiation is 8 years behind me, but boy, do I remember the utter fatigue), it is inspiring to hear how doggedly you are scratching and clawing to do what it takes to keep your strength up. Endurance. Perseverence. You've got it. Maybe you are "not too sure" because you're comparing yourself to your former normal but for someone in radiation, you are kicking it for sure.


      • Naturegirl Thanks for the perspective and support.


        • 4/7/20

          34th day of radiation, 11 to go...

          #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

          Squat Jumps - 5*10
          Step Ups - 15*7
          Calf Raises - 25*5
          Squats - 20*5

          Short rest periods

          Got in a two mile walk yesterday. Due to the intestinal issues, I can't be too far from a bathroom. A mile out, and a mile back is the limit before it's butt clenching time.

          Blew a blood vessel in the bottom of my foot on Saturday, it was so painful I thought I was experiencing a Gout attack. Fortunately the issue resolved itself as quickly as it came on, and by Monday I was able to actually walk.

          I did not need to add a Gout attack to the rest of the bullshit I'm dealing with...bullet dodged.


          • 4/9/20

            #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

            Only 9 more days of radiation treatments

            Planks 45 sec *6
            Plyo Push Ups 3*10
            Paused Push Ups 5*10
            Coffee Table Curls 30 sec *5

            It took a couple of warm up attempts before I could get enough "pop" on the Plyo Push Ups so I could clap my hands without falling on my face...[[[facepalm]]]


            • Another impressive workout. And just 9 days to go--that's great!


              • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                Another impressive workout. And just 9 days to go--that's great!
                actually it's one day less than that...I can't math well


                • 4/13/20

                  #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                  6 Days of radiation left, fuck yeah!

                  Incline Push Ups - 10*10
                  Plyo Push Ups - 3*10
                  Planks 60 second holds *5

                  That was enough...

                  Just counting down the days, it feels like waiting for Christmas...


                  • 4/11/20
                    OUT OF SEQUENCE
                    #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets

                    7 days of radiation left...I can't count...thought it was 8

                    Split Squat Jumps 10*10
                    Calf Raises 40*5
                    Neck Work 15 seconds *5 ls / f / rs
                    Paused Squats 10*5 with a legit 3 second hold (stopwatch ftw)

                    I'll have butt DOMS from the jumps to be sure.


                    • T minus 5 and counting!


                      • I'm in a little mental slump here.

                        Hope to have dug out of it by this afternoon.

                        3 radiation sessions to go.


                        • This short video always lifts my spirits:


                          • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                            This short video always lifts my spirits:
                            One of my favorite flashmob videos...also one of my favorite pieces of music as well.



                            • 4/18/20

                              #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets 2 DAYS OF RADIATION LEFT

                              Squats - 10*20 30 second rest
                              Squat Jumps - 5*10 30 second rest
                              Isometric Neck - r/c/l *15 second holds

                              Yeah, I lost the plot over the past few days...wadda ya gonna do?!?

                              Exactly six months since Raw the words of Garcia and Weir: "what a long, strange trip it's been..."


                              • #kickcancerinthedick reps/sets 2 DAYS OF RADIATION LEFT
                                That's fantastic.

                                The Guardian published some wonderful photos today of people from all over the world working out at home: