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    Cycle Two Week One reps/sets

    HB Squat - 102.5kg 7*3, 92.5kg 7*3

    BSS - 32kg - 10*3
    Step Ups - 32kg - 10*3
    Single Leg RDL - 16kg 10*3

    Back Ext. - 15kg 10*3

    Pendlay Rows - 75kg - 8*3

    Coming into this cycle light, but the jumps over the next three weeks will be 7.5kg each...God wiling and the creeks don't rise.


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      Cycle Two Week One reps/sets

      Paused Bench - 90kg *1
      T&G Bench - 85kg *5, *4, *3
      T&G Bench - 75kg 6*4
      Tempo Spoto Bench - 60kg 4*5

      Incline Dumbbell Bench - 45lbs 8*3
      Dumbbell Press - 40kg 10*3
      Tri Pull Downs - #12 10*3

      A day this bad should be a Monday. The back off sets were supposed to be sets of 6 reps...not.a.chance.

      My sleep is shit and my appetite isn't much better, and it's wreaking havoc with training. I'm tired, and cranky...and a little nervous to boot.


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        Hope everything gets sorted out soon.


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          Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
          Hope everything gets sorted out soon.
          It's gonna be a rollercoaster till the new year.

          That said, check out today's action...we're not finished,


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            Cycle Two Week One reps/sets

            Deadlift - 180kg *6, 165kg 6*3
            Paused Deadlifts - 150kg 2*8 every two minutes

            Glute Ham Roller - 10*5
            Bench - 75kg 6*3
            Pendlay Rows - 72.5kg 10*3
            I-Y-T - 10lbs 10*3

            Pancakes...pancakes make everything better.

            Good top set, Strong back off sets. The Paused Deads are new to me, but doubles every two minutes were...FUN?!?!

            The back off Bench work was much better than yesterday.

            Circumstances make me a little nervous in the service when things don't go well. Conversely, all it takes is a good Deadlift session to chase away the clouds.


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              Impressive volume and intensity on those deads. Next time we shake hands you'll have to go easy on the grip!

              And you're right about pancakes. Last weekend I felt like I was coming down with something--scratchy throat, tired, not eating on Sunday morning I made a stack of pancakes, maybe five or six. I swear I felt normal by the end of the day.


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                Cycle Two Week One reps/sets

                Safety Squat Bar - 82.5kg 8*4
                T&G Bench - 67.5kg 10*5
                Block Pulls - 170kg 6*5
                Press - 45kg 7*3

                Basic SBD Saturday.

                Given that the USAPL just blew up the field with the new requirements, I need to buckle down.

                My gym maxes get me within 15kg of the 497.5kg requirement, but gym maxes and meet maxes are not the same.

                My coach seems to think that 497.5kg is doable, and I agree.

                We're training for a February meet at the moment. I'm working towards solidifying a 485 total and then pointing towards a July meet to hit the magic number.

                Saddle up boys...


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                  I hadn't heard about the new qualifying total--thanks for the heads up!


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                    Cycle Two Week One reps/sets

                    Fluff and Buff...

                    Straight Bar Curls / Tri Pulldowns - 65lbs 25*3

                    Hammer Curls / Dips - 60 / 35lbs 8*3

                    Ez Bar Curls / LTE - 75lbs 15*3

                    Two minutes ret between sets, 30 sec intra set...


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                      Cycle Two Week Two reps/sets

                      HB Squat - 107.5kg 7*3, 97.5kg 7*3

                      Step-Ups - 80lbs 8*3
                      BSS - 80lbs 8*3

                      Back Ext - 20kg 10*3
                      Pendlay Rows - 80kg 8*3

                      Puttin' in the work...


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                        Cycle Two Week Two reps/sets

                        Paused Bench - 90kg *1
                        T&G Bench - 85kg *5,*5,*4; 72.5kg 6*4
                        Tempo Spoto - 62.5kg 6*5

                        Dumbbell Incline Bench - 50lbs 8*3
                        Dumbbell Press - 45lbs 8*3
                        Tri Pulldowns - 35kg 8*3

                        Still having issues with the Bench. Could be the heavy arm work on Sundays, could be the Single at 90kg. We're gonna keep on working through this...


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                          Cycle Two Week Two reps/sets

                          Deadlift (beltless) - 185kg *6, 165kg 6*3
                          Paused Deadlifts - 155kg 2*8

                          GH Roller - 10*4
                          Bench - 75kg 6*3
                          Kroc Rows - 70lbs 10*3

                          Felt tired going into the gym, but knocked out the top set like a champ.


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                            Originally posted by gymdad150 View Post
                            Deadlift (beltless) - 185kg *6, 165kg 6*3
                            Great pulls!


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                              Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post

                              Great pulls!
                              Yeah, I slept the sleep of a warrior that night...


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                                Cycle Two Week Two reps/sets

                                SBD Saturday

                                Bench - 70kg 10*6
                                Safety Squat Bar - 85kg 8*4
                                Block Pulls - 175kg 6*5

                                Hammer Curls - 60lbs 8*3
                                Tri Pulls Downs - 40kg 8*3

                                Really good session. Short rest for every set, lots of pop to the movements, and EVERYTHING GOT DONE, nothing carries over to tomorrow.

                                Had to Bench first, as the SSB was in use...nice change of pace. We'll keep this rotation for a while.