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  • 11/5/20

    Cycle 5 - Week Three reps/sets

    Dead - 177.5kg *7
    Dead - 155kg 7*2
    RDLs - 140kg 10*3

    Kroc Rows - 70lbs 12*3
    Cable Revs Fly - #4 15*3
    Palof Holds #9 30 sec *3


    Top set felt great, lot's left in the tank. I'm pretty close to a dead stop rep PR too.

    And that puts an end to a nice weeks work, as good as any I've put in - regardless of health.


    • 11/7/20

      SBD Saturday

      LBS - 110kg *7 / 7 / 4
      Paused Bench - 72.5kg 7*3
      Mid Shin Paused Dead - 155kg 3*3

      Picked up a nick in my right Quad, just above the knee...WTF I don't have quads!

      Anyway it made the rest of the session interesting. At least I know I'm using my Quads on Squats and with leg drive on the Bench.

      We'll see how if feels tomorrow...


      • 11/8/20

        Conditioning Sunday

        Airdyne - 6 minutes 60rpm
        Sled Pushes - 90lbs 30yrd *5
        Step Ups - 24kg 8*3
        BSS - 12kg 8*3
        TKE - green band 20*3

        Sled Pushes - 90lbs 30yrd *5
        Rows - 60kg 15*3
        Bent Over Rvs Fly - 30lbs 15*3

        Quad is still tender. Hard to say how much of a load it will be able to handle tomorrow.


        • 11/9/20

          Cycle 5 - Week Four reps/sets

          LBS - 135kg *4...BOOM...session over!

          Yeah, we got greedy and pushed for a set that shouldn't have been attempted with that wonky Quad.

          Everything was fine...until it wasn't. Coming up out the hole, and it felt like if you knit your finger together and then pull them apart...a very distinctive sensation. No pain fortunately, so it can't be too bad.

          Was able to Squat, unweighted, to a 20 inch box without issue. Tried to load a bar with 50kg, and that was too much. So we settled for empty bar work to to get some blood in the area.

          Ah well, I was due for a de-load next week anyway. Though I would have loved to have been able to grab some legit PRs for the first time in a year.


          • Everything was fine...until it wasn't. Coming up out the hole, and it felt like if you knit your finger together and then pull them apart...a very distinctive sensation. No pain fortunately, so it can't be too bad.
            Sheesh, we're both having squat issues--and at about the same weight. 295 or so for a single @ 8 is about as high as I feel comfortable with now.


            • 11/11/20

              Cycle 5 - Week Four reps/sets

              Bench - 82.5kg *7
              Paused Bench - 75kg 7*2
              Spoto - 85kg 5*3

              Belt Squat - 30kg 10*5
              Dumbbell Bench - 60lbs 12 *3
              Box Squat - 24kg 20*5
              Dumbbell Press - 35lbs 12 *3
              Dumbbell Incline Bench - 50lbs 10*3

              Good top set, had one more grindy rep in me. We got a new Bench Pad that is IPF regulation height now. My knees are no longer higher than my hips, which helps with my butt lift problem.

              Belt and Box Squatting to get some blood flow into the wonky Quad.


              • 11/12/20

                Cycle 5 - Week Four reps/sets

                Deads - 182.5kg *7
                Deads - 160kg 7*2
                RDLs - 137.5kg 10*3
                Cable Revs Fly - #4 15*3
                Palof Holds - #10 30sec *3

                Well today was a surprise. I was having a hard time catching my breath during warm ups and was concerned that it would effect my pulls.

                But I was able to work through the breathlessness. The quad issue was not an issue to speak of, though I was aware of it as the session went on.

                I felt I had a couple more in me without grinding.

                Nice end to this cycle, just off rep PRs for Bench and Deads...would have been right there in the Squat too, except for the Quad not cooperating.


                • 11/14/20

                  Cycle 5 - Week Four reps/sets

                  Box Squat - 70kg 10*3 (to an 18" box)
                  Paused Bench - 75kg 7*3
                  Mid Shin Paused Deads - 165kg 3*3

                  Incremental improvement with the Quad.

                  Everything else was smooth.


                  • 11/15/20

                    Sunday Conditioning

                    Airdyne - 8 minutes 60rpm
                    Step Ups - 32kg 8*3
                    Sled Pushes - 90lbs 30yrd *5
                    TKE - green band 20*5
                    BSS - 16kg 10*3
                    Cable Revs Fly - #5 12*3
                    Pull Up - bw 7*3
                    Sled Pushes - 90lbs 30yrd *5

                    This may be the last day in the gym for a while...more LOCKDOWN bullshit, minimum two weeks.

                    Fortunately, there's a gym member who has a home set up that he's offered to let me use. Guerilla lifting...fight the power!


                    • 11/16/20

                      De-Load Week reps/sets

                      Box Squat (18" box)- 120kg 3*3
                      Belt Squat - 60kg 10*3
                      Hamstring Curls - rl green band, ll red band 12*3
                      Mid Row - 70lbs 15*3

                      Not gonna lie, I thought loading up 120kg was gonna be a mistake.. However, everything seemed OK, except for that fact that I've forgotten how to Squat.

                      Damn that was hard. Of course I was making sure not to "explode" out of the hole...understanding that your definition of "explode" and mine are quite different. Suffice to say, with out that effort, everything felt slow...looked it too.

                      We have no "leg machines" so the curls were a jury rigged affair. My left leg, which is missing the semi tendinosis couldn't handle the green band without spasming. Maybe it's the nature of it being a new exercise, but that was an eye opener. Usually there's a minimal deficit when on a dedicated hamstring curl machine.

                      Finally figured out how the use our new belt squat set up...I'm a little slow on the uptake.


                      • 11/18/20

                        De-Load Week reps/sets

                        Paused Bench - 90/92.5/95/97.5kg *1
                        Paused Bench - 80kg 3*3
                        Tempo to Tempo Dumbbell Incline Bench - 45lbs 7*4
                        Dumbbell Press - 40lbs 7*4

                        So we're shut down AGAIN. Cuomo says we've been bad boys and girls and haven't had it bad, so it's penance time for Erie County. Nicklefucker!!!

                        Gym closes tomorrow for two weeks. I'll be able to train offsite, with three other folks from my gym who are competing in January.

                        Beats the alternative of this spring...

                        Still, there are lessons to be learned here, that are being missed. You can push this shit only so far.


                        • 11/19/20

                          De-Load Week reps/sets

                          Paused Deads - 170kg 1*4
                          Squat - 70 / 90 / 110 / 120 / 130 *1
                          Glute Ham Roller - 15*4
                          Back Ext - 8*4
                          Row - 60kg 15*3

                          Left knee was a little wonky. Had to turn regular Deads into Paused work as a work around.

                          Squats were a loading process to see where we are in the healing phase. Felt pretty good, say 90%. Still had to be careful on the descent not to load the Quad too quickly. Coming out of the hole...No issues!

                          And the governor, who's a moron, has closed gyms for two weeks in our country. Y'all need to check out his press conference if you want to see a text book example of arrogance.

                          ***deep breath***


                          • 10/23/20

                            Cycle Six Week One rep/sets

                            Squat - 130kg*5
                            Squat - 120kg 5*2
                            Paused Squat - 110kg 7*4
                            Kroc Row - 70lbs 10*3

                            Getting in the work off site due to lockdown rules.

                            Got a rack, and enough plates to get the big stuff done. Most of the assistance work will have to wait.

                            Quad feels good. Today was a nice way to ease back into things.


                            • 11/24/20

                              Cycle Six Week One rep/sets

                              Bench - 85kg *5
                              Paused Bench - 77.5kg 5*2
                              Spoto - 70 10*3
                              Dumbbell Press - 40lbs 10*3
                              Shoulder Cluster - 10lbs 12*3
                              Tempo Dumbbell Incline Bench - 30llbs 12*3

                              Good session. Nothing too terribly exciting to report, just punchin' the clock.


                              • 11/27/20

                                Cycle Six Week One rep/sets

                                Deads - 415lbs *2 ...BOOM!

                                2020 strikes again. Tweaked my QL...the same place as the last time.

                                I came in too heavy to start this cycle: my fault. Should have check with my coach first. I swear, this offsite lifting, while nice, is a pain in the ass...or back in this case.

                                315 felt heavy, 365 was slow, 395 was RPE 9...I should have listened to my body. I forgot all about the de-load week and the increased inactivity due to this second lockdown. I pulled 182.5 for 7 at RPE 8, two weeks prior, so I thought 187.5 for 5 was appropriate for today.

                                It was the fucking pound plates. Yeah that's it, the pound plates are to blame.

                                All kidding aside, I'm pissed. I know better, and I let my impatience get the better of me.

                                Oh well, live and learn.