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  • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
    With any luck maybe it will just be a matter of working with lighter loads for a while. I'll keep my gnarly old fingers crossed for you.
    Yeah, that is in the back of my mind, but there's a structural element mixed into this mess I fear.


    • 1/6/21

      Cycle 7 Week Four reps / sets

      Bench - 50kg 5*3, 70kg 3*3, 80kg 2*2, 85 / 90 / 95kg *1
      Bench - 77.5kg 5*2
      Close Grip - 65kg 5*3
      Shoulder Cluster 10lbs 10*3
      Kroc Rows - 60lbs 15*3
      Tri Ext - #10 8*3

      Butt lift at 95kg...sighhhh.

      We soldier on...


      • 1/7/21

        Cycle 7 Week Four reps / sets

        Deadlift - 70kg 5*5, 120kg 3*3, 145kg 2*2, 165kg 2*1, 175kg / 185kg *1
        Deadlift - 165kg 1*3
        Goblet Squat - 32kg 10*3
        Leg Ext - 30kg 10*3
        Pendlay Row - 65kg 10*3

        last "heavy" pull before the meet...sad to say 185 was a grind.

        Oh well, we're establishing a base to build from.

        And I'm set up with the BBM physios for Monday.


        • 1/10/21

          Cycle 7 Week Four reps / sets

          SBD Sunday

          Squat - 120kg 1*4
          Bench - 65kg 5*5
          Deadlift - 180kg 1*2

          A rare Sunday session. I actually got a chance to bank some uninterrupted sleep Friday night / Saturday morning, and I took advantage of it. For most of this past year restorative sleep has been hard to come by, and it's really been a problem in November and December. More than likely this lack of sleep has been at he root of my training issues.

          Anyway, with a few good days of sleep in the books, I had a bit more pep in the step today. Squats were much stronger, Bench moved quickly on two minute rest cycles, Deads were better (not great, but better than Thursday).

          One week till Mustache Mayhem. I think there will be a live feed, as well as a Lifting Cast page.


          • With those numbers it looks like your knee must be basically sound. How does it feel?


            • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
              With those numbers it looks like your knee must be basically sound. How does it feel?
              It's really odd.

              I'm not carrying as much fluid on it as I normally that's a good thing.

              My ability to extend the knee is somewhat compromised, like something is blocking it...but there's no pain anywhere.

              I still can't drive away from the floor they way I'd like, and here I have pain on the lateral portions of the knee - above and below the joint's a strange tendon issue.

              Annnd there's this feeling of instability if I get my knee out over my toes.

              It's not reacting "normally" for what I'm used to.

              I'm hoping tomorrows appointment with Derek Miles can help shed some light on what's what.


              • 1/11/21

                Meet Week rep/sets

                Squat - 115kg 1*3
                Bench - 72.5kg 1*3
                Deadlift - 140kg 1*2

                We're into the taper now. Work days of 75 - 70 - 65%

                Had Skype call with Derek Miles this morning. He is of the opinion that all my issues can be addressed non surgically. I've got a full list of items to attend to that will help the recovery from all the "tweaks" I've been experiencing, as well as work on getting more extensibility in my bad knee.

                With the above items in hand, my next training blocks should have more volume and less intensity to re-build my strength base.

                As much as I wanted to prove that I was bullet proof coming off the cancer treatments, I got out over my skis a bit. That said, he felt no real harm was done. Address the niggles, program intelligently, and have fun solving the puzzle that is powerlifting.

                I consider the hour session money well spent.


                • That's excellent news. I think you'll enjoy the change of pace.


                  • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                    That's excellent news. I think you'll enjoy the change of pace.
                    I am looking forward to the re-building process.


                    • 1/13/21

                      Meet Week rep/sets

                      Taper @ 70%

                      Squat - 105kg 1*3
                      Bench - 67.5kg 1*3
                      Deadlift - 135kg 1*2

                      Not much to say. I'll have my attempts from my coach tomorrow. I imagine they'll be around 435 / 445 for a total.


                      • 1/14/21

                        Meet Week rep/sets

                        Squat - 100kg 1*3
                        Bench - 62.5kg 1*3
                        Deadlift - 125kg 1*2

                        Everything that happens on Saturday is all dependent on how my knee handles the day.

                        Most important item on the agenda: get a total!


                        • Good luck, Chas! Here's to a bunch of white lights!


                          • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                            Good luck, Chas! Here's to a bunch of white lights!
                            They were, see below...


                            • 1/16/21

                              Mustache Mayhem 2021 Recap

                              For those of you who are following:

                              9 for 9

                              Squat - 150kg
                              Bench - 97.5kg
                              Deadlift - 205kg

                              I'm calling them all PR's, considering what I've been through the past year plus. Based on prior performances, I'm within 10% of my maxes on Squat and Deadlift, and right on my Bench max.

                              For being knicked up, and beat down over the last eight weeks, I had a great day. My anticipated 3rd attempts were 5kg lower across the board, but I moved the openers so easily that my coach changed the 2nds and 3rds to reflect this new found "pop". I attribute the new found "pop" to the two Aleves I took upon waking this morning at 0 Dark Thirty...that and copious amounts of pre-workout.

                              Probably had 155 / 157.5kg in me on the Squat. The Bench flew (for me), and 100kg was there for the taking. Might have been able to pull 210kg. But for not touching anything close to these weights since a year ago October 2019, these are numbers that I can appreciate.


                              • Huge congratulations!

                                Great work, Gymdad \o/