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  • 6/5/21

    Meet Prep - Two Weeks Out reps/sets

    Paused Bench - 50kg 5*3, 60kg 3*2, 70kg *2, 77kg / 80 / 82.5kg *3
    Squat 2 Box - 60kg 5*2, 80kg 3*2, 100kg 2*2, 120kg *2, 130kg 1*3
    Belt Squat - 55kg 10*3
    Cable Hi Row - 34kg 10*3
    Leg Extn - 75kg 10*6
    Hammer Curl - 70lbs 10*3

    In the competition window now. Can't move the needle much, if at all. So it time to decompress, get some rest. and hone the mental game.

    I feel pretty good. Started on a course of Voltaren for the knee. Looking to seen if a topical approach works better than eating Aleve.


    • 6/7/21

      Meet Prep - One Week Out reps/sets

      Squat - 70kg 3*3, 90kg 2*2, 110kg *2, 125/135/145kg *1, 155kg X
      Belt Squats - 50/60/70/80kg *5
      Leg Extn - 50/60/70/80kg *10
      Wide Grip Pulldowns - 140lbs 10*2

      Hot and humid today...just ugly weather to lift in.

      Everything up through 145 was excellent. Missed 155: got caught back on my heels and that was that.

      Looking back through my log, I'm ahead of where I was going into the January meet, so I'm not terribly concerned with today's miss at 155kg.

      What I did like was depth on all the others attempts. Easily 2-1 in my favor...which is almost unheard of for me going into a meet.


      • 6/9/21

        Meet Prep - One Week Out reps/sets

        Bench (w/commands) - 50kg 5*3, 60kg 3*2, 70kg *2, 75kg 1*2, 82.5 / 90 / 96kg *1
        Down Sets - 85kg 1*3
        Single Arm Dumbbell Incline - 50lbs 12*2
        LTE / Curlz - 35kg 15*2
        Overhead Tri Extension - 16kg 15*2
        Curlz - 35kg 15*2

        Pretty much all done here. Light Saturday session and then fly out Sunday.

        I like where I am with the Bench at the moment. 96 went up OK. Considering that I messed up a couple of things during the lift, I think that if the moon and stars align, 100kg is within my grasp.


        • 6/12/21

          Meet Prep - All Done reps/sets

          Bench - 40kg 5*2, 50kg 4*2, 60kg 3*2, 70kg 2*2, 77.5kg *2, 82.5kg *2
          Squat - 60kg 5*2, 80kg 3*2, 100kg 2*2, 110kg *2
          Leg Extn - 50kg 10*3
          GHR - bw 10*3

          That's that.
          I feel pretty good: knee is cooperating, weight is at 198lbs (which is par for the course), back is loosening up.

          Fly tomorrow, and get in to Daytona in the late afternoon. I'll watch our youth lifters Monday morning, and a lightweight masters lifter in the afternoon.

          I'm up Tuesday afternoon: 4:00pm start. I understand that there are only two platforms in use. I should know my platform, but I haven't looked at the roster in a few weeks. For those so inclined, the day's session will be on YouTube.


          • Darn--i have a work meeting scheduled for 4pm on Tuesday so I might miss the squats. With any luck I'll at least catch your deadlift.


            • I'm back...

              I took a new device on the road, and couldn't remember my passwords, hence the radio silence. Well that, and I'm still trying to come to grips with my performance (or lack thereof) Tuesday afternoon.

              The forensics:

              Squat -
              1st attempt the head judge wouldn't give me a start command due to my left knee "not being locked out". We actually had a conversation while I had the bar on my back, about the fact that that my knee was as far back as it would go. I had to soften the knees and then re-lock them to prove the point...with the bar on my back.
              Two reds!

              2nd attempt As I was a little shaken by the experience of the first, we kept the weight the same - had to get in the meet!
              2-1 good lift.

              3rd attempt was a paltry 135kg and it was all I could do that day...maybe 5 kg more, but that was it.
              2:1 good lift

              1st attempt at 90kg was another snafu with the judges. The head judge was ready, the sides were still getting seated as I un-racked the bar. So I was held up from starting (with the damn bar in my hands) until the sides were "ready".
              I got the lift, but I didn't feel good about it.

              2nd attempt was a small jump and I just got it

              3rd Attempt was 95kg, and for the life of me I don't know what I was doing...pinned!
              PINNED AT 95KG! Much disappointment...

              1st attempt was delayed. They wanted both platforms to go off at the same time. We waited 10 minutes, and add to that the time between my last warm-up (another 7 minutes), I was "cold". walking out to the bar.
              The lift was good, but not comfortable.

              2nd attempt went to 195kg, and my back got a little cranky at mid point.
              Good lift, but I was concerned.

              3rd attempt was perhaps the 2nd worst experience of my sporting life ( I won't go into the first). I was in a dog fight for third, and I knew it. I had to hit 205kg to win on body weight. I walked out to the bar, and every emotion of the last 18 months of my shit show of a life hit me right in the "feels". I was in tears as I grabbed the bar.
              Needless to say, there was no lift.

              I was, and am disappointed in my performance.

              I know enough to realize that my performance was effected by my back and knee issues over the last 9 months. For as good as my training was going into Chicago, it was equally as poor going into Daytona. But I knew that, and I was at peace with the fact that my numbers wouldn't be PR attempts (except for Bench).

              What I wasn't ready for was the emotional component of the day. I visualized everything about the day: how the room would look, what the bar would look like loaded, how the bar would feel in my hands, what each lift would feel like (though I will say that I couldn't visualize my 3rd attempts as a successful lift).

              What I didn't factor in was how much I've invested in being a "lifter" (remember that line in "Officer and a Gentleman" where Mayo screams out: "I've got nowhere else to go"). Well Cancer, the dissolution of a 45 year marriage, and my body seemingly betraying me in ways I didn't know were possible flooded my mind. These demons all came out on that 3rd lift.

              It's still shocking to re-live that moment. Fortunately my coach, and assistant coach were wonderful in the moment: caring and compassionate.

              Wonderfully, my teammates (both in Daytona and back in Buffalo ) were as supportive. I'm blessed to have such a group supporting me throughout these past 18 months.

              So, that's the raw, unvarnished truth of the day. My coach and I will sit down and put together a plan to re-build my lifts and confidence when he gets back from Daytona. I love to lift, I'd like to keep competing, and I won't walk away from a community that's been so supportive of me.

              So what's that line from the song in "Oklahoma"...pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.

              Well that's me. Let's do this!


              • Welcome back, Chas!

                I watched most of your lifts live on youtube. (I missed seeing your squats because I was tied up in a zoom interview.) First of all, considering everything you've been through, I think you did an amazing job. Had I been in your shoes there's no way I would have made it to a national competition--or any sort of competition. Your performance was inspiring. I had been on the fence about an upcoming state championship meet in New Mexico but after watching you on Tuesday I renewed my USAPL membership and will be signing up for the meet as soon as I finish writing this post.

                Watching on youtube I was unaware of all the judges' snafus. That would have rattled anyone--especially waiting with a loaded bar on your shoulders...

                And I had no idea what you were going through on that last deadlift. When you stepped onto the platform for your first deadlift attempt, the youtube announcer said something like "This guy is built for deadlifting." Not the performance you were hoping for but still you're a national-caliber master's lifter. There's no doubt about that. And I know you'll be competing again. (I assume you'll be jumping right back into training!) I know I'm looking forward to joining you on the platform sometime in 2022! (Though, as Anne tells me, I'll be in the pixie weight class by then)


                • codgerus maximus

                  Thanks Tim.

                  I'm getting a lot of support from many different sources, and they're all pointing out the fact that just being there and getting on the platform is a victory in itself.

                  Dispassionately, I can see that you're all correct, but there's that little voice in the back of my head that says: "weak, weak, weak..."

                  I've got to come to grips with that voice and learn how to shut it down.

                  Anyway, as always, I appreciate the support. Continued good health and strong training as you prepare for your meet!


                  • 6/19/21

                    Between Programs rep/sets

                    Squat 2 Box - 60kg 5*3, 80kg 3*2, 90kg 5*3
                    Pin Bench - 50kg 5*3, 60kg 3*3, 70kg 2*2, 80kg *2, 85kg 1*2
                    Pin Bench - 70kg 5*3
                    Belt Squat - 45kg 15*3
                    Leg Extn - 50kg 20*3

                    As is the accustomed style post meet, we get to fuck around until we get our next cycle of programming.



                    • there's that little voice in the back of my head that says: "weak, weak, weak..."
                      I know I hear that voice...
                      And it's true that just being on the platform is no small accomplishment. As a spectator it really is highly motivating--even seeing the failed lifts and missed commands. Nothing but respect for all the competitors.


                      • 6/21/21

                        Volume Block week One - reps/sets

                        Safety Bar Squat - 75kg 10*3
                        Tempo Down Belt Squat - 40kg 10*3
                        Hip Thrusts - 100kg 15*3
                        Kroc Rows - 70lbs 15*3
                        Back Extn - 8kg 15*3
                        Cable Mid Row - 100lbs 15*3
                        Palof Press - 20kg 15*3
                        Tempo Dead Bugs - 60sec *3

                        And the re-build begins. All sets RPE7

                        Actually got done relatively quickly, right on two hours and that includes the warm-up.


                        • 6/23/21

                          Volume Block week One - reps/sets

                          Larsen Bench @7 - 65kg 10*3
                          Wide Grip Spoto @8 - 70kg 5*5
                          Dumbbell Bench - 50lbs 12*3
                          Dumbbell Press - 30lbs 12*3
                          LTE - 40kg *8, 8, 5
                          EZ BAr Curls - 40kg 8*3
                          Overhead Tri Extn. - 22kg 8*3
                          EZ Bar Curls - 40kg 8*3
                          Palof Side Steps - 12kg 60sec *3
                          Lateral Raises (6-12) - 10lbs 10*3

                          Two hour session...again. Lot's of work, but manageable at these levels.


                          • 6/24/21

                            Volume Block week One - reps/sets

                            Big Wheel Pulls @7 - 143kg 8*3
                            Belt Squat - 50kg 15*3
                            RDL - 100kg 12*3
                            Dumbbell Bench Tempe 2 Tempo - 45lbs 15*3
                            Kroc Rows - 70lbs 12*3
                            Back Ext Row - 40kg 12*3

                            I got a little cocky and went for a two mile walk prior to training. Big Mistake!

                            For as humane as the first two days were, today was hard hard hard. Especially the successories...

                            Might have come in a little light on the Pulls.


                            • 6/26/21

                              Volume Block week One - reps/sets

                              SSB - 50kg *5, 60kg *3, 70kg 10*3
                              Bench - 40kg *5, 50kg *3, 65kg *2, 72.5kg 5*5
                              Deadlift - 70kg *5, 120kg *3, 140 / 160 / 172.5 / 182.5kg *1
                              Fly - 35kg 12*3
                              Dumbbell Press - 35lbs 8*3
                              Rev Fly - 25lbs 15*3
                              Lateral Raises 6 to 12 - 15lbs 12*3
                              Wide Grip Pulldown - 100lbs 12*3
                              Dumbbell Bench - 50lbs 10*3
                              Leg Ext - 50kg 15*3
                              Glute Ham Raise - bw 10*3

                              A full week of volume on the books. I survived...

                              First real SBD day in ages. This is the way to build a base.


                              • 6/28/21

                                Volume Block Week Two - reps / sets
                                SSB - 80kg 10*3
                                Belt Squat tempo down - 50kg 10*3
                                Hip Thrusts - 110 kg 12*3

                                Kroc Rows - 70lbs 15*3
                                Cable Mid Row - 110lbs 15*3
                                Back Ext - 12kg 15*3
                                Palof Press - 22kg 15*3

                                Leg Ext - 60kg 20*3
                                Glute Ham Raise - bw 10*3

                                Hot, humid...all together an ugly environment to lift in, but we persevered!