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  • 1/19/22

    8th Cycle - Week Three reps/sets

    Bench - 90kg *1
    Paused 2 Board - 80kg 3*2
    Dumbbell Bench - 60lbs 12*3
    Single Arm Dumbbell Incline (0-0-3) - 50lbs 10*3
    LTE (0-0-3) - 30kg 10*3
    EZ Bar Curl (0-0-3) - 30kg 10*3
    Overhead Tri Ext (0-0-3) - 22kg 10*3
    EZ Bar Curl - 30 kg 10*3

    Long day with the bar in hand. Shoulders were tired, but not angry. Single was slow, but not in doubt.


    • 1/20/22

      8th Cycle - Week Three reps/sets

      Deadlift - 185 / 195kg *1, 170kg 3*2
      Cable Mid Row - 160lbs 12*3
      Revs Fly - 35lbs 15*4
      Single Leg Ext - 130kg 20*5
      GHR - bw 10*5

      After 67 trips around the sun, I'm pleased to say my body felt pretty good today, knees and back were happy.

      195kg moved nicely, a bit slow through the mid range, but strong off the floor and to lockout. Still working on coordinating bar, hips, and shoulders...but we're getting better.


      • 1/22/22

        8th Cycle - Week Three reps/sets

        Paused SSB - 120kg 3*2
        Wide Grip 2 Board Bench - 65 / 7.5 / 70 / 2.5kg *10
        Temp Down RDL - 110 / 20 / 30 / 40kg *6
        Single Leg Ext - 130kg 30*3
        Terminal Knee Ext - orange band 10*3
        Single Arm Dumbbell Bench Tempo Down - 50lbs 10*3

        Possible the best SBD Saturday session as I've had in years. Good weight on the bar, body cooperated, felt good leaving the gym #winning


        • 1/24/22

          8th Cycle - Week Four reps/sets

          Low Bar Squat - 152.5kg *1, 125kg 3*2
          Temp to Tempo Goblet Squats - 70/80/90/100lbs *8
          Single Arm Cable Mid Row - 30kg 12*3
          Single Leg Ext - 110kg 20*3
          IYT - 15lbs 10*3
          Single Leg Ext (0-3-0) - 110kg 10*3

          Yay I got my first post cancer PR today. 152.5kg is 2.5kg better than a year ago at Mustache Mayhem. Any progress is good progress...

          Pretty chuffed about the Goblet Squats at 100lbs too.


          • Yay I got my first post cancer PR today. 152.5kg is 2.5kg better than a year ago at Mustache Mayhem. Any progress is good progress...
            That's great. Nice work, Chas.


            • 1/26/22

              8th Cycle - Week Four reps/sets

              Bench - 87.5kg / 92.5kg *1
              2 Board Paused - 82.5kg 3*2
              Dumbbell Bench - 60lbs 12*3
              Single Arm Dumbbell Incline (3-0-0) - 50lbs 9*3
              LTE (3-0-0) - 32.5kg 10*3
              EZ Bar Curl (0-0-3) - 32.5kg 10*3
              Overhead Tri Ext (0-0-3) - 24kg 10*3
              EZ Bar Curl - 32.5kg 10*3

              87.5 felt shitty, but 92.5 flew...go figure. Shoulder is better every day...


              • 1/27/22

                8th Cycle - Week Four reps/sets

                Deadlift - 187.5kg / 200kg *1, 175kg 3*2
                Cable Mid Row - 165lbs 12*3
                Single Leg Ext - 140kg 20*4
                Revs Fly - 35lbs 15*4
                GHR - bw 15*3

                Pretty decent pull at 200kg. This has been a productive cycle...


                • 1/29/22

                  8th Cycle - Week Four reps/sets

                  Paused SSB - 125kg 3*2
                  2 Board Wide Grip Bench - 67.5/70/72.5/75kg *10
                  Tempo Down RDL - 120/30/40/50kg *6
                  Single Leg Ext - 80kg 20*5

                  Today was harder than normal due to the Doubles Squash last night...too much running.

                  Still, we got the work done in good fashion.


                  • 1/31/22

                    9th Cycle / Week One - reps/sets

                    Low Bar Squats - 127.5kg *1, 107.5kg 2*2
                    Tempo Paused Squats - 87.5kg 5*2
                    Cable Mid Row - 150lbs 10*3
                    Cable High Row - 20 / 24 / 28kg *15
                    Single Leg Ext - 150kg 10*5
                    Single Leg Hamstring Curl - Orange Band 10*5
                    Wide Leg Leg Lifts - 45sec *3

                    Start at 127.5kg, end at 157.5kg for this cycle.

                    Tempo Paused work is of the Devil.

                    9 weeks out...


                    • 2/2/22

                      9th Cycle / Week One - reps/sets

                      Paused Bench - 77.5kg *1, 70kg 2*2
                      Single Arm Dumbbell Bench (3-0-3) - 50lbs 12*2
                      Dumbbell Press (3-0-3) - 35lbs 8*3
                      Tri Pushdown (3-0-3) - 20kg 15*2
                      Overhead Tri Ext (3-0-3) - 15kg 15*2
                      Hammer Curls (3-0-3) - 40lbs 10*4

                      Start at 77.5kg, end cycle at 92.5kg...

                      Tempo to Tempo work is brutal at high reps.


                      • 2/3/22

                        9th Cycle / Week One - reps/sets

                        Deadlift - 170kg *1, 155kg 2*2
                        Single Leg Hip Thrust - 50lbs 15*3
                        Dumbbell Bench - 50lbs 12*3
                        Neutral Grip Pulldown Tempo Up - 50lbs 20*2
                        Single Leg Ext - 150kg 10*5
                        Single Leg Banded Hamstring Curl - orange band 10*5

                        easy entry to the first week of the cycle. Looking to end around 205/210kg

                        The gym is holding it's annual winter meet: Mustache Mayhem, this Sunday. Some very strong youngsters, and some not yet Masters women who are trying to qualify for Raw Natl are in the field. Should be fun...


                        • 2/5/22

                          9th Cycle / Week One - reps/sets

                          Hi Bar Squats - 205lbs 7*3
                          Larsen Spoto - 155lbs 7*3
                          Tempo 2 Tempo Goblet Squats - 5olbs 15*3
                          Cable Chest Press - 70lbs 10*3
                          Hammer Curls - 50lbs 20*3

                          Had to train off site, as my gym is holding a two day event.

                          Shitty equipment (I'm getting angrier about it as the day draws to a close). Squatted and Benched in a Precor Rack, one of those racks with the bar on an angle no less.

                          It was better than nothing I suppose...Benching was hard, but Squatting was damn near impossible.


                          • 2/7/22

                            9th Cycle / Week Two - reps/sets

                            Low Bar Squats - 137.5kg *1, 112,5kg 2*2
                            Tempo Pause Squats - 90kg 5*2
                            Cable Mid Row - 170lbs 10*3
                            Cable Hi Row - 224 / 28 / 32kg *15
                            Single Leg Ext - 160kg 20*3
                            Single Leg Banded Hamstring Curl - orange band 15*3

                            Made up for Saturday's shit show. Felt strong, acted strong, was strong...funny how that works.


                            • 2/12/22

                              I'm going to a weekly recap, as opposed to per session #because

                              9th Cycle - Week Two

                              Bench work was nothing special. Building towards a solid paused single, 92.5kg in week four. Shoulder is no better / no worse, but still not 100%. Fortunately, signs of green shoots do exist, the dumbbell work was done as Tempo, at 60lbs...that's a dumbbell PR.

                              Deadlift is shaping up for a nice run at 205 / 210 come week four. I feel like I've found a cue that can help me avoid my hips shooting up before the bar breaks the floor. We're not doing as many "hinge" movements this cycle. It doesn't seem to be hurting my pulls.

                              SBD Saturdays don't feature any Pulls or RDLs; doing Safety Bar Squats for reps, which is a change from past Saturday sessions at this time in a cycle; Bench is shoulder friendly with 2 Board sets for reps. Belt Squats are in the program again, as are Reverse Hypers (it's been years); and as always, lot's of single leg extensions and banded hamstring curls.

                              If you're so inclined, you can see all this play out on my Instagram feed: gymdad150 the gory details are posted there



                              • 2/19/22

                                9th Cycle / Week Three

                                Squats: Wasn't feeling my best for these, tight hips and cranky knees. Still 147.5kg moved nicely for the top single.

                                Bench - Starting to actually feel good, even if the top single at 87.5kg moved slowly...there were no hot spots anywhere in the movement.

                                Deads - Coach is being very conservative with the numbers he's calling here. Top single at 195kg moved nicely, I'm gaining my confidence back. I've noticed that I'm taking a little too much time to "get ready" to pull. The point was driven home after watching Austin just walk up to the bar and pull break in the action: just walk up, grab the bar, pull. Go over to his Instagram and take a look. I'm working on being more cognizant of not getting stuck over the bar...#confidence

                                Saturday - I'm getting the feeling that Saturdays are more about conditioning at the moment. Lot's of sets, goodly amount of reps for this time in the training process.

                                Week Four is shaping up nicely, I think all the lifts are there for the taking...just have to keep negative thoughts out of the equation. Squat will be around 157.5kg...this will be as heavy as I've Squatted since Chicago 2019. Bench will be 90, maybe 92.5kg, not that it should be hard, but it's as heavy a paused single I'll have done since tweaking my shoulder. Deads should be 202.5/205kg, again it's conservative, but it's all about confidence right now.

                                When I hit all these lifts, I'll be in a great place for the last training cycle before my meet on April 2. Conceivably I could be close to some PRs...but let's not get too far ahead of ourselves.