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  • Looks like everything's shaping up very nicely, Chas. And I like your comment about how to approach the deadlift. When I first started lifting I never imagined how intimidating a loaded barbell on the floor could be.


    • 2/26/22

      9th Cycle / Week Four

      Squat - ended this cycle with a conservative single at 155kg...a little high. The good thing is, the weight wasn't soul crushing, and I could have gone for a couple more reps. With the upcoming cycle and then the meet, coach seems to feel that 165 / 167.5kg is in the cards for a third attempt. I'm trying desperately not to get too far ahead of myself...

      Bench - a nice paused single at 92.5kg. A little slow in the last third of the movement...but it felt great in my hands and on my chest. I think this next cycle will see me take a paused single at 97.5kg. The shoulder feels really good at the moment, even with all the low bar Squats. I'm working on my visualization skills...100kg will fall this coming meet. If it doesn't, it won't be for lack of preparation.

      Deadlift - an easy single at 202.5kg. Felt a little tightness in my right hammy half way up, but it wasn't a "problem" as such. I just slowed down through that part of the pull so as not to risk anything happening. Had I been allowed to pull what I felt I could, I would have put 207.5kg on the bar, but coach is being extremely conservative at the moment...I'm an old man don't you know. We'll probably end this next cycle around 210 / 212.5kg. I think 220 will be a third attempt come meet day. I don't see a way that 227.5kg is in the cards...but, you never know.

      Saturday - Decided to push today's session a little, I'm feeling as good as I have in many a moon, and I want to take advantage of the open window. SSB was strong at 115kg for 7, Larsen Bench at 80kg for 7 was strong as well. There are no Hinge movements on Saturday. Belt Squats were crazy strong, 75kg for 15...with no pain to speak of in my left knee.

      We've had 9 uninterrupted cycles of training since Raw Natls of last year. Considering where we started, and now where we are, I'm really happy about my's been a really long slog to get back to being mentally in the game. This past training block has allowed me to relax a bit, and feel like my "best days" are not behind me.
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      • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
        Looks like everything's shaping up very nicely, Chas. And I like your comment about how to approach the deadlift. When I first started lifting I never imagined how intimidating a loaded barbell on the floor could be.
        Thanks Tim...

        A long, strange journey to say the least!


        • 3/5/22

          10th Cycle - Week One

          Squat - Opened up this cycle at 145kg. To my surprise, coach has me ending the cycle at 167.5kg...which would be my first "real" PR since 2019. I need to up my mental game...

          Bench - Opened up this cycle at 88.5kg. Yes, we're micro-loading...and we're looking to end the cycle at 97.5kg PAUSED.

          Deadlift - Opened up this cycle at 185kg. Again, coach has surprised me with an attempt at 215kg to end the cycle. That would be as much as I've pulled in a gym setting...ever.

          I will admit to be taken by surprise with where coach has us ending up. I had figured we'd be 162.5/165 - 95 - 210/212.5.
          I had to talk with him and confirm that what he has laid out is indeed "reasonable", as he's been so conservative up till now. He believes, based on what he's seen, that all these numbers are indeed doable, and set us up for a meet that could feature as many as 3 PRs. As I mentioned earlier, I need to up my mental game.

          My mental game has been strong up through 2019. My first meet back from Cancer/Covid in Feb 2021 went reasonably well, all things considered. Raw Natls was a shit show, and I'm still trying to work my way past that disappointment.

          I've had 10 unbroken cycles since Daytona, with some solid cycles recently, and I'm willing to give myself credit for the work I've put in. So this is where the visualization work, affirmations of worth, and general resetting of my belief systems comes in.

          This first week was right where it needed to be. Week Two will feature S: 152.5; B: 91.5; D: 195


          • 3/12/22

            10th Cycle - Week Two

            Squat - 152.5 for a solid top Single, confident under the bar, nice descent and rebound. Had an opportunity to practice "mind control", as the warm ups felt deathly heavy at 120kg. I reminded myself that being uncomfortable doesn't mean shit, attack the bar and the rest will follow.

            Bench - Micro loading our way up the ladder with a top Single (with commands) of 91.5kg. I'm pleased with how the bar moved. I wasn't expecting coach to hit me with commands this early, but since I hate them, I need to get used to them again. Lot's pf practice doing singles this cycle...I'm not looking forward to what's in store for me after the meet 10s / 8s...oye.

            Deadlift - We're nowhere close to a heavy single yet, even though the top Single was 195kg. No problem. I'm in a good place right now with Deadlifts. I can get into the position I want to start the pull. I've learned some new, and effective cues that have made me more confident at the beginning of the pull.

            Saturday - Strong session, even with having played a hard Doubles Squash match last night, and then gone out on the town with the boys. Many beers were had...carb loading! And speaking of carb weight, as of Wednesday was 210.5lbs....WOOO FUCKIN' HOOOO. That's a new lifetime PR for me. Lord knows coach and I have been trying for 4 years to break through the 200lbs barrier...very excited. Might be a little fluffy, but we can address that after the meet.

            Next weeks lifts will be: S 160kg; B 94kg; D 205kg looking forward to moving weights I haven't seen in two years.

            Three Weeks Out...


            • Looking really, really good, Chas. Nice number all around. And you're feeling good to boot. Your squat next week will be about twice my body weight!


              • Originally posted by codgerus maximus View Post
                Looking really, really good, Chas. Nice number all around. And you're feeling good to boot. Your squat next week will be about twice my body weight!
                Took me a while, but I ran down all those pounds you lost...and I'm not giving them back


                • 3/19/22

                  10th Cycle - Week Three

                  Squat - Went through a competition progression: 140 / 150 / 160kg. I haven't touched 160kg in two years, it moved pretty well all things considered. I was not on my game getting to the gym, had to go home to get my sleeves, ran into brutal traffic coming back to the gym, I'm surprised I did as well as I did.

                  Bench - Again, I went through a competition progression: 88.5 / 91.5 / 94.5kg. Handled the top single (with commands) nicely. I'm feeling more comfortable under the unracked bar. Normally I'm in "fight or flight" mode, with the emphasis being on "flight" after I unrack the bar. Now I'm ready to fight...

                  Deadlift - More competition progressions: 185 / 195 /205kg. Starting to get butterflies in the stomach now that we're moving towards bigger pulls. I'm needing all my mental game to calm myself down and be in the moment. Pulls weren't hard, I' was just to amped to remember my cues at 205kg. I was good for at least another pull, if not two more...

                  Saturday - Strong, beltless, paused SSBs at 120kg 2*4, Sneaky Tempo Paused Bench singles up through 87kg, my Bench is feeling really good at the moment, and my mind is in a good place. I'll be damned, I repped out Dumbbell Presses with 45lbs Dumbbells 12*2...I might have to try my hand at Barbell Pressing in the coming cycles.

                  So we're done with week three, and week four is looming large in my mind. Tentatively we're on schedule for: S - 167.5kg (PR); B - 97.5kg (ties PR); D - 215kg (haven't touched 215 in two years). Not gonna lie, I'm nervous...performance anxiety and all that. I know I've put in the work, I just need to get out of my way mentally, and let the training do the talking.

                  ...oh, and we're two weeks out!


                  • 3/26/22

                    10th Cycle - Week Four

                    Squat - Would ya look at that, 167.5kg! First PR is two years...
                    Went through the meet progression of 147.5 / 157.5kg. Everyone said the Squat was to depth, and folks in my gym are pretty much "mean girls" when it comes to calling out Squats not to depth. I'm pleased with the way I handled the moment, fully in control of the lift from beginning to end. Man, there's nothing like a PR...

                    Bench - 97.5kg was a shit show. I forgot all my cues...much sad, so disappoint.
                    87.5 / 92.5kg moved slowly, but not enough to be alarming. A lot of my issues here are between the ears. I'm hoping that come meet day the energy of the room is worth 2.5kg. We shall see...

                    Deadlift - 212.5kg was a miss due to a technique issue. That, and the fact that there wasn't the normal hype crew to get the juices flowing.
                    190 / 205kg moved smartly. Knee felt great, back was happy...212.5 should have been a lay up.
                    Unfortunately, I pulled my knees back out of the lift right as the bar broke the floor, and I was left with the bar hanging a good six inches off my shins. I got the bar to just below the knees, but couldn't bring it back in to my legs to complete the lift.
                    I stay in my knees a bit better, and that lift is good. At least we know my back is up for a good grind if need be...

                    Saturday - Started to dial back the intensity, and the overall volume of work. I feel pretty good for Week Four. I feel 100%% better than 10 months ago going into Raw Natls. Hard to believe that I've gone 10 cycles without a de-load. I'll be going cold turkey on caffeine until next Sunday, hoping for a bit of a boost on meet day.

                    I'm not sure what my attempts will be, coach doesn't have them to send out...maybe tomorrow. If I were to make a guess I'd say:
                    S: 147.5 / 157.5 / 165-170
                    B: 87.5 / 92.5 / 97.5-100
                    D: 190 / 205 / 215-220
                    I think I'm spot on for Openers and Seconds...

                    So meet day is Sunday, April the 3rd (not Saturday, boy would that have sucked to show up on the wrong day).

                    There isn't a livecast of the meet, but the Liftingcast link for the 1st Annual Powerlifting Got 'Em Mustache Classic is:


                    Raw Masters 3 - 100kg - Chas Maloney


                    • Best of luck on Sunday, Chas! Looks like you're in top form. Wishing you nothing but white lights, and I'll eagerly await your meet report!


                      • Good luck at the meet!


                        • Good luck!


                          • codgerus maximus slowmotion​​​​​​​ mjwurtz

                            Thanks gentlemen...proud to be carrying the Masters Torch!


                            • 4/2/22

                              Peak Week

                              Very odd not having the meet on a Saturday...

                              Anyway, an interesting week of extremely light lifts. This is a change from past Peaking templates, where we'd normally work up to Openers...#trusttheprocess

                              I feel pretty good, though I have had moments where I had to remind myself that I'm not losing any strength with this reduced work load. I maintained the no caffeine, no Aleve all week long. I'm looking forward to that extra boost tomorrow, as my ass has been dragging this week.

                              The official attempts are:
                              S: 145 / 157.5 / 165-170
                              B: 87.5 / 92.5 / 95-97.5
                              D: 185 / 200 / 210-215

                              So pretty much in line with what I anticipated. As always, it's important to nail that Squat opener, it sets the tone for the day.

                              For those who have an interest, in addition to the Lifting Cast page, the possibility exists that there will be a live stream on YouTube. Check on Mustache Fitness's site around 9:00am tomorrow. One session, 42 lifters, and from what I gather there will be some fairly strong athletes taking part (yours truly not included in that august assembly).


                              • Today's meet was a qualified success...

                                I came into the meet feeling pretty good about all my lifts, and training has been as good as I could have hoped for.

                                Weighed in at 95.8kg, a little short on sleep, but well fed, and well hydrated.

                                Squats warmed up nicely. Opened at 145kg, and hit it with relative ease. Then things went sideways...on my Second at 157.5kg, I blackout coming up out of the hole. My third attempt ran into the same issue. I haven't had this problem for years, and it showed up today in successive lifts. Color me worried, bordering on scared.

                                After a profane pity party (held in my car), I came back to face an uncertain fate.

                                We warmed up Bench extremely conservatively, if this blackout issue was going to continue, it would really show up didn't. Smoked every attempt, hitting 95kg on my third, and had I not had the "problem", 97.5kg was there for the taking.

                                So buoyed with a bit of confidence, we decided to be as committed as we could, to as big a pull as we could safely muster. 185 / 200 / 215 BOOM. That's my best pull since Chicago, and technically is was a beauty (my knees and back cooperated). Again, without having had the blackout issue, 220kg was easily within reach.

                                So I atone for the shit show that was Daytona 10 months ago. And even though I didn't hit any PRs today, I found some grit and inner resolve that I thought was lost over the past two years. I'm deeply appreciative for all the support from my teammates today, and everyone here through this arduous road back to being competitive again.