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    Cycle Three Week Two reps/sets

    Deadlift - 200kg *4 PR, 180kg 4*3
    Block Pulls - 170kg 5*3

    Bench - 70kg 8*3
    Kroc Rows - 80lbs 12*3
    GHR - bw 12*3

    Another outstanding day with the bar in hand. Dead stop pulls at a nice round number of 200kg is something I've never done...I've done them touch and go but never dead stop.

    Got a little sloppy with the fourth, I rushed it a tad just because I wanted to get it done before I turned into a pumpkin.

    Coach thought there might have been a grindy fifth in there to boot.

    Nice little victory in addition to the above, I pulled my warm-up of two at 170kg double overhand! I've been stuck at 150kg for ages, and this just came out of nowhere. I use my ability to pull double overhand as a proxy for how good I feel on that day...guess I felt good today.

    One more week to this cycle, and then right into a serious meet peaking routine.
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      Cycle Three Week Two reps/sets

      Paused Bench - 82.5kg 4*4
      LB Squat - 120kg 4*5

      Hammer Curls - 60lbs 10*3
      Cable Mid Rows - 55kg - 10*3
      Wide Grip Pull Downs - 55kg 10*3
      Reverse Flys - 30lbs 10*3

      A little "tired" today.. I felt great yesterday, which was surprising given the pulling done Thursday. I guess it caught up with me today. It's not bad, I'm just moving a little slow.

      Looking forward to a big week next week. A lot of the work will be in uncharted territory.


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        Deadlift - 200kg *4 PR
        pulled my warm-up of two at 170kg double overhand!
        Congrats, GD! That's outstanding!


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          Cycle Three Week Three reps/sets

          LB Squat - 142.5kg *4, 130kg 4*5
          HB Tempo Squat - 110kg 4*3
          Belt Squat - 50kg 20*2

          Cable Mid Row - 50kg 12*3
          Wide Grip Pulldowns - 50kg 12*3

          Solid top set, had a grindy fifth in me. For feeling like shite (I've got some crap I'm trying to cough up), I surprised myself.

          Lot's of good, hard work done on the back off sets too.

          I like where I am at the moment...and we're four weeks out from Mustache Mayhem.