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    Cycle Three Week Two reps/sets

    Deadlift - 200kg *4 PR, 180kg 4*3
    Block Pulls - 170kg 5*3

    Bench - 70kg 8*3
    Kroc Rows - 80lbs 12*3
    GHR - bw 12*3

    Another outstanding day with the bar in hand. Dead stop pulls at a nice round number of 200kg is something I've never done...I've done them touch and go but never dead stop.

    Got a little sloppy with the fourth, I rushed it a tad just because I wanted to get it done before I turned into a pumpkin.

    Coach thought there might have been a grindy fifth in there to boot.

    Nice little victory in addition to the above, I pulled my warm-up of two at 170kg double overhand! I've been stuck at 150kg for ages, and this just came out of nowhere. I use my ability to pull double overhand as a proxy for how good I feel on that day...guess I felt good today.

    One more week to this cycle, and then right into a serious meet peaking routine.
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      Cycle Three Week Two reps/sets

      Paused Bench - 82.5kg 4*4
      LB Squat - 120kg 4*5

      Hammer Curls - 60lbs 10*3
      Cable Mid Rows - 55kg - 10*3
      Wide Grip Pull Downs - 55kg 10*3
      Reverse Flys - 30lbs 10*3

      A little "tired" today.. I felt great yesterday, which was surprising given the pulling done Thursday. I guess it caught up with me today. It's not bad, I'm just moving a little slow.

      Looking forward to a big week next week. A lot of the work will be in uncharted territory.


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        Deadlift - 200kg *4 PR
        pulled my warm-up of two at 170kg double overhand!
        Congrats, GD! That's outstanding!


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          Cycle Three Week Three reps/sets

          LB Squat - 142.5kg *4, 130kg 4*5
          HB Tempo Squat - 110kg 4*3
          Belt Squat - 50kg 20*2

          Cable Mid Row - 50kg 12*3
          Wide Grip Pulldowns - 50kg 12*3

          Solid top set, had a grindy fifth in me. For feeling like shite (I've got some crap I'm trying to cough up), I surprised myself.

          Lot's of good, hard work done on the back off sets too.

          I like where I am at the moment...and we're four weeks out from Mustache Mayhem.


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            Cycle Three Week Three reps/sets

            Paused Bench - 92.5kg *2, 82.5kg 4*4
            Wide Grip Bench - 75kg 7*4
            Tempo Close Grip Bench - 65kg 6*4

            Press - 40/42.5/45/42.5/40kg *5

            Tri Pulldowns - 40kg 10*3
            Dumbbell Bench - 60lbs 10*3

            Disappointing end to the Bench cycle. I was looking for four, would have been happy with three. This damn cold has finally got the better of me, I'm coughing up lots of crap and sleep is fitful.

            That said, I think 2 paused reps is a PR....

            Here's hoping tomorrows Deads go better than today's work.


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              Cycle Three Week Three reps/sets

              LB Squat - 295lbs *4, 285lbs 4*3
              Paused Bench - 185lbs 4*4

              Mid Rows - 110/130/150 *10
              Wide Grip Pulldowns - 110/130/150 *10

              Hammer Curls - 55lbs 10*3
              Reverse Flys - 30lbs 10*3

              In the face of a truly shitty cold, I made it into the gym, after missing Thursday's Deads.

              Even with the plague, today's work went off without a hitch...except for the misload on the first Squat set. I've forgotten how to do lbs...


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                My hat's off to you, training with a cold. I have to adopt that mindset; I tend to coddle myself when I come down with something.


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                  Cycle Four Week One reps/sets

                  LB Squat - 152.5kg *2, 135kg 3*4

                  Belt Squat - 70kg 8*2

                  Cable Mid Row - 60kg 8*2
                  Wide Grip Pull Down - 60kg 8*2
                  Kroc Rows - 80lbs 8*2

                  ...and on the day after my 64th birthday, I attempted to hit 152.5kg for 3 and pooched it

                  Any number of issues, but this virus I picked up has killed my sleep, appetite, and has left me so winded at the lightest activity.

                  I really hope I'm past this stage by the 16th of February.


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                    Those are pretty good numbers for working out with a bad cold. And happy belated birthday, youngster! I'll be 65 in a couple of weeks.


                    • 1/23/19

                      Cycle Four Week One reps/sets

                      Paused Bench - 95kg *1, 77.5kg 4*3
                      Wide Grip Bench - 75kg 3*3

                      Dumbbell Incline Bench - 50lbs 8*2
                      Dumbbell Press - 35lbs 8*2
                      Dumbbell Lateral Raise - 25lbs 8*2

                      Dips - 16kg 8*2
                      Tri Pulldowns - 40kg 8*2

                      Ehhhh, glass half full time: Bench was supposed to have been for two. Just nothing in the tank...sooo tired. The glass half full part is that if I can muster 95kg for one +, I'll be fine when this cold is in my rear view mirror.

                      Let's see if I can muster enough magic to pull 210kg for one tomorrow.


                      • 1/24/19

                        Cycle Four Week One reps/sets

                        Deadlift - 207.5kg *1, 187.5kg 2*3
                        Block Pulls - 175kg 3*3

                        Paused Bench - 87.5kg 2*4
                        GHR - 10kg 6*3
                        Cable Mid Rows - 65kg 8*2
                        Kroc Rows - 90lbs 8*2

                        Tough single, had to fight with it. So very tired, the after effects of this plague are numerous - most interesting is that my back is so sore from coughing that wearing a belt was uncomfortable.

                        That said, under less than optimal circumstances, we got through this first week without shitting the bed completely.


                        • 1/26/19

                          Cycle Four Week One reps/sets

                          Paused Bench - 80kg 4*5
                          LB Squat - 137.5kg 3*5

                          GHR - 15kg 6*3
                          Row - 70kg 8*3

                          Hammer Curls - 60lbs 8*4
                          Dips - bw / 12kg / 16kg / 20kg *8

                          Things were still difficult today, but I believe we've turned the corner on this plague as I got my first full night's sleep in three weeks.


                          • 1/28/19

                            Cycle Four Week Two reps /sets

                            LB Squat - 155kg *1, 140kg 2*3
                            Belt Squat - 90kg 6*4

                            Cable Mid Row - 65kg 8*2
                            Wide Grip Pulldowns - 65kg 8*2
                            Reverse Flys - 30lbs 8*2

                            If I thought I'd turned a corner, I was mistaken. Today's work was supposed to be for two reps at 157.5kg, matching my meet max. I could barely get one at 155kg.

                            I'm running out of time to rebound from this virus. The meet is in three weeks!


                            • Tough single, had to fight with it.
                              That is extremely impressive, GD, even if you weren't battling some nasty plague. Since you were plague-smitten, it's doubly remarkable.


                              • 1/30/19

                                Cycle Four Week Two reps/sets

                                Paused Bench - 95kg *1, 75kg 4*3
                                Wide Grip Bench - 70kg 5*3

                                Dumbbell Incline Press - 50lbs 8*2
                                Dumbbell Press - 45lbs 8*2

                                Dips - 16kg 8*2
                                Tri Pulldowns - 40kg 8*2

                                Just a really hard single today, 95kg - not pretty, but I feel so shitty I have to be happy with what I can do with what I've got at the moment.