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  • Originally posted by codgerus maximus

    That's wonderful to hear, Chas. Anne sends her best wishes too. You've really been putting in a lot of hard work. But that's nothing new
    Thanks Tim! My best to Anne...


    • 5/21/22

      2nd Cycle / Week Two reps/sets

      Squat - Singles @ 140/150kg; down sets @ 125kg 4*2. Felt like dreck but got the session in. Bench work and Dumbbell Rows; regular single leg sets as well. For feeling like shit, the Squats were pretty strong.

      Bench - Singles @ 85 / 92.5kg; down sets @ 82.5kg 4*2; Spoto sets @72.5kg 8*3; 3 Board Singles up through 97.5kg. Hit a Dumbbell Bench PR: 70lbs 8*3. Had to have some help setting up, but I was able to get in solid reps. Still working on blowing up the arms.

      Deadlift - Singles @ 180 / 195kg; down sets @ 160kg 4*2. More Bench work: Spoto and 3 Board. Regular single leg work and some Rows.My finger is still cranky, but no worse. Pulls were strong all the way through the down sets. Bench work was "tired". I guess benching almost every day catches up to you.

      Conditioning Friday - Same old, same old... Almost didn't get off the couch today. Fortunately, I did and I feel better for it. Might not have been as much total mileage as past sessions, but it wasn't a jog either. Top speed for a 15 second sprint 14.5mph....oohhh so close. Of course, I'm not sure I could put out that kind of work for a full 60 seconds, but the idea is in the back of my mind. Be kinda cool to turn in a 60 second 400 meter run at 67 year old.

      SBD Saturday - What's this, I almost feel "normal" today?!?! Squat singles @ 140kg 1*3...NO SPOTTER, that's how good I felt. Tempo Down Bench singles @85kg 1*3; 3 Board singles through 100kg. Big Wheel Pull singles @ 193kg 1*3, finger was able to hold up with no apparent issues.
      I can't express how nice it is to feel "normal" (even if it's for a few hours). It's been a couple of months of feeling "off", and it has been wearing on me. If I have turned a corner, so to speak, I just might be in position to hit some PRs in all lifts.

      All that said, due to the fact that I have been feeling "off" for too long, I decided to not enter the Powerlifting America Masters Nationals. I'm not willing to spend the money and aggravation of travelling down to Orlando, only to find my body not be up to the task at hand. Wish it were different, but there it is...


      • 5/28/22

        2nd Cycle / Week Three sets/reps

        Squat - Hit a Single at 150kg, and got a little grab in my left Quad, just enough for me to call it a day. Down sets @ 120/130kg *4, quad was able to handle this load without an issue; Bench work and Kroc Rows; and as always - lots of single leg work, with Copenhagen Planks.

        Bench - Singles at 87.5 / 95kg; Down sets 85kg 4*2; Spoto 75kg 8*3; 3 Board 85/90/95.97.5 *1, 95*1, 90*2, 85*3, 80*5*2; Dumbbell Bench 60lbs 8*4, Tri's and Bi's work. Good single at 95, coach thought it was a slow single, but I really liked it's momentum all through the concentric phase.

        Deadlift - Singles at 195 / 205kg; down sets 160kg 4*3; Spoto 85kg 3*3; 3 Board 85/90/95/97.5kg *1, 95*1, 90*2, 85*4. And that was that. I got an abdominal cramp that would not let go and couldn't do much of anything but flail about, trying to get my shoes and socks off. The single at 205 was slow, but never in doubt.

        Conditioning Friday - didn't happen, extremely fatigued.

        SBD Saturday - Tempo Down Squat 145kg 1*3; Tempo Pause Bench 87.5kg 1*3; 3 Board 85/90/95/100kg *1, 102.5kg; Big Wheel Pulls 198kg 1*3; Dumbbell Bench 60lbs 8*3, Straight Bar Curlz eb 30*3; Single Leg Ext 50kg 30*3; Single Leg Banded Hamstring Curlz Orange Band 30*3. Still a bit tired, but I got all the work done as written.

        So fatigue finally reared it's ugly head. We saw it with the Quad issue on Monday, had some shoulder fatigue on Wednesday, Abdominal cramps on Thursday, and then being too tired to get in the conditioning work on Friday. It happens...

        The breathlessness and heart flutter issue has persisted long enough for me to schedule an appointment with my intown PCP. I've had this issue before (many years ago with no lasting effects), we'll see how they address it now considering COVID (facepalm). It's definitely a viral issue, but in my eyes, non COVID related...we'll see.


        • 6/4/22

          2nd Cycle / Week Four - reps/sets

          Squat -
          Dead legs, I spent to much time on the golf range the day previous. Singles at 140/150kg; down sets @120kg 4*3. Rows and single leg work for assistance. I suppose it's nice I can move 150kg when heavily fatigued.

          Bench -
          Picked up a niggle in my left shoulder (come join the fun) warming up. Singles @ 92.5/95k; down sets @ 82.5kg 4*4; Spoto @ 70kg 8*4. Had to cut the assistance work short as LTEs and Curls really made my shoulder unhappy.

          Deadlift -
          Singles @ 185/195kg; down sets @ 165kg 4*3; Spoto 87.5kg 3*3. Rows didn't feel good so I cut them short. Seeing the Acupuncturist Friday. Single leg work as always to finish the day.

          Accupuncturist Appt -
          My guy is a wizard with the needles. He was able to palpate the problem spots that I had ID'd on Wednesday. Many needles w/ electrostim later, the shoulder felt much better. I had him look at my left hand / middle finger as well. He buried a couple of needles up to the hilt in each side of the finger, at the base of the palm...think Wolverine and Adamantium blades. I'm not terribly good with needles to begin with. Watching him work, took me to a whole other level of queasiness. Never the less, I persevered...

          SBD Saturday -
          I had quite a good day today, totally unexpected. Though I was fired up prior to hitting the gym. I had received an email from a grade school classmate that was very thoughtful, and totally on point with my life under the bar. So, yeah...I was pumped up. You just never know who's following your journey in life and has an appreciation for what your doing. I have a reunion in a few weeks with these guys, and this fellow is gonna get a big hug from me.

          Anyway: Squats felt as good as they ever have when walking them out and setting up. 3 Singles @ 150kg, they moved slowly but I'm built for torque not horsepower. Bench felt great as well, 3 singles at 90kg, tempo paused. I haven't felt as comfortable and confident under the bar at this weight EVER. Big Wheel Pulls moved nicely, 3 singles @ 203kg. The work the Acupuncturist did paid off, as my hand felt much improved over the past few weeks.

          My gym has a goodly number of folks taking part in Mega Natls this coming week. It's a strange feeling to have your teammates go off to this competition, and not be going with them...both to compete and cheer them on. This will be the first one I've missed since 2017. Everyone has had great training blocks, I can't wait to see what numbers they put up.


          • More nice, solid work, Chas. Interesting account of your acupuncture treatment. How did you connect with him?


            • Originally posted by codgerus maximus
              More nice, solid work, Chas. Interesting account of your acupuncture treatment. How did you connect with him?
              He's the go to guy for the lifters in at my gym. My coach swears by him when anything has gone pear shaped prior to a competition.

              He also works with the Bills / Sabres / Bandits. His C.V. leads me to believe that he's the real deal, he travels world wide as a guest speaker / teacher.

              I've used him before for my lingering QL issues, and his approach worked when other modalities didn't.

              The treatment of my middle finger, while making my skin crawl, has made a huge difference in just 24 hours. I'll be hitting some golf balls tomorrow, that will be a really good test.


              • 6/11/22

                3rd Cycle / Week One reps/sets

                Squat -
                Came in 15% lighter...sort of a mini de-load. Single @ 132.5; down sets @ 115kg 3*2. Some Bench, Bulgarians, and Belt Squats for accessory work.

                Bench -
                Again, coming in lighter. Single at 86kg; down sets @ 75kg 3*3; Spoto @ 65kg 3*5. Goblet Squats, single arm LTEs, Tri Pushdowns, Overhead Tri Extensions for accesso ries.

                Deadlift - Same, same...Single @ 175kg; downs sets @ 155kg 3*2; Paused Deads @ 145kg 1*2. Paused Bench and Rows, along with regular leg work. Got this done in the morning so I could go tot he doctors appointment and just relax.

                Conditioning Friday -
                Same interval work I've been doing. Only difference is that I was all alone in the gym, as everyone's at Mega Nationals.

                Saturday -
                Paused Safety Bar Squats @100kg 4*3 (rpe7); Spoto @67.5kg 4*4 (rep6); Cable Mid Row / Cable Flys, and leg work for accessories. Early session as the gym closes early...still under Mega Natls staffing issues.

                I will admit to being a little tired this week, so it's nice to have been able to dial things back a tad. My knee was a little cranky on Squat day. Bench is feeling great, and Deadlifts could use the back down as my hand is still not quite 100%.

                I did have some soft tissue work done on Tuesday: shoulders to finger tips. Holy shit did that session hurt. The shoulders not so much, but damn...the work on my triceps and forearms was almost unbearable. It's now four day later and the musculature is just now pain free. My finger is feeling much better for the work.

                As to the doctors appointment, the tl:dr is that I'm scheduled for a stress test / echocardiogram this coming Friday. The doc doesn't seem terribly concerned, but wants the test just to rule out anything really shitty.
                As I feared, he pushed the Clot Shot...HARD. In the end we agreed to disagree, but he didn't appreciate my push back. He's also pushing for me to go on Statins, but we'll wait for the blood work to come back, and then go round and round about the benefits for someone my age.
                He also, with a straight face, asked me if I was on any performance enhancing drugs due to my participation in Powerlifting at a competitive level. My response was to say: "look at me, do I like like I'm on anabolics?" I mean for the love of all that's holy, I still look like a stick insect...
                I may have to find a new in town PCP.


                • My response was to say: "look at me, do I like like I'm on anabolics?" I mean for the love of all that's holy, I still look like a stick insect...
                  Well, you managed to wring some enjoyment out of that encounter ! If you're a stick insect, (isn't that how Basil Fawlty's wife described him?) I'm not sure what that makes me. One-dimensional man? If I turn sideways I disappear. Anne tells me I'll be competing as a pixie-weight.

                  I just found the Fawlty Towers scene where Sybil lobs this line at Basil: 'Do you really imagine, even in your wildest dreams, that a girl like this could possibly be interested in an aging, Brilliantined, stick-insect like you?"


                  • Originally posted by codgerus maximus

                    Well, you managed to wring some enjoyment out of that encounter ! If you're a stick insect, (isn't that how Basil Fawlty's wife described him?) I'm not sure what that makes me. One-dimensional man? If I turn sideways I disappear. Anne tells me I'll be competing as a pixie-weight.

                    I just found the Fawlty Towers scene where Sybil lobs this line at Basil: 'Do you really imagine, even in your wildest dreams, that a girl like this could possibly be interested in an aging, Brilliantined, stick-insect like you?"
                    I LOVE FAULTY TOWERS...



                    • 6/18/22

                      3rd Cycle / Week Two - reps/sets

                      Squat -
                      Singles at 135 / 142.5kg; down sets at 120kg 3*3. 2 Count Paused Bench at 85kg 1*4. Regular assistance leg work.
                      Squats are what they are at the moment.

                      Bench -
                      Singles at 85 / 90kg; down sets at 82.5kg 3*3; Spoto 72.5kg 5*3; 3 Board 72.5/82.5/92.5/97.5/102.5kg *1. Lots of arm work #gunshow, and Goblet Squats for accessories.
                      Bench continues to be a bright least I feel good about it when I'm under the bar.

                      Deadlift -
                      Singles at 175 / 185kg; down sets at 165kg 2*3, Paused Deads at 155kg 1*4. 3 Count Paused Bench at 90kg 1*4. Chest supported Rows for accessory work.
                      Deads felt pretty good for it being an extremely hot, and humid day in the gym.

                      Friday Conditioning consisted of an Echo Cardiogram / Stress Test. Haven't had a Stress Test on about 20 years, and certainly not coupled with and Echo Cardiogram.
                      Damn...that was no fun getting the last images while in severe oxygen debt.

                      Saturday -
                      Tempo Paused SSB at 90kg 4*4. Spoto at 70kg 4*5. Mid Rows and shoulder work for accessories. Regular single leg work as well.
                      Just a really poor Squat session: Dead legs and light headed...just damn...

                      So here's the 411 on the medical front (in reverse order):
                      Stress Test / Echo - appears to be nothing out of the ordinary going on. A couple of extra beats in the lower chambers (PVC)...had this before, no biggie. The Echo Tech didn't say anything, but I assume they would not have let me leave if there was anything amiss. I get the Cardiologist's version Monday or Tuesday. I lasted a good long while on the treadmill, about 15 minutes. I paid for it on the table, getting the last few images under severe oxygen debt.

                      Had blood work drawn on Monday, and the results were in my hand Wednesday, along with the PCP's notes. Long story short, my Thyroid is out of whack, by a goodly amount it seems, which explains absolutely everything that I've been complaining about the LAST TWO YEARS.
                      If there are 10 hallmarks of a poorly functioning thyroid, I've got 11 of them!

                      We'll start to address this issue next week. I assume it can be handled with medication alone. Though my PCP might want imaging done...sigh.

                      I just want to feel better...


                      • Hang in there - hope good news is on the way!


                        • It's reassuring to hear that the old heart is functioning normally. And if that thyroid medication adds multiple pounds to your lifts I might have to ask my doctor for an Rx.


                          • Hope you get this figured out and that you will feel better!


                            • mjwurtz codgerus maximus slowmotion

                              Thanks Gentlemen. I admit to being very frustrated at the moment. Yes, we'll get this sorted out. I just want it done "yesterday"...


                              • 6/25/22

                                3rd Cycle / Week Three - reps/sets

                                Squat -
                                What ever was afflicting me Saturday, was still with me. Got a little tweak in my QL and had to walk 120kg back in; Down sets at 100kg 4*3. Some Bench and single leg work finished a really poor session.

                                Bench -
                                Paused Singles at 87.5 / 92.5kg; down sets at 80kg 4*3; Spoto sets at 70kg 5*3; 3 Board sets stopped at 92.5kg - TIRED.
                                Lots of arm work for successories. Bench continues to be a bright spot.

                                Deadlift -
                                Singles at 187.5kg / 197.5kg; down sets at 170 3*2; Paused Singles at 160kg 1*4. Four Tempo Bench Singles with a 3 count pause at 87.5kg. Regular single leg work a d some rows.
                                The back tweak from Monday didn't effect today's pulls, they moved really nicely.

                                Saturday -
                                Paused SSB at 100kg 4*4, Spoto sets at 75kg 5*4. 4 Board Singles through 107.5kg...yes, that's correct 107.5KG; I'm feeling so much more comfortable un-racking heavier weights. Lots of cable sets: Mid Rows and Flys. Regular Single Leg sets, added a 10 second isometric at the end of each set...just for fun. I felt markedly better than last Saturday. I guess the Stress / Echo tests took more out of me physically and emotionally than I thought. Anyway, a much better session...and that make me happy.

                                Not much more to report on the medical front.. The results of the S/E test were clean. I'm in "remarkable shape"...I'm sure that they wanted to add: "for a 67 y/o cancer patient, with a bad thyroid", but they didn't. I contacted the PCP and asked him to get the follow-up blood test scheduled, so that we can put this thyroid issue to bed ASAP. I need to get after him Monday, as he hasn't booked anything as of Friday...grrrr.

                                FWIW, I really haven't been able to do any cardio, except what I've started within the last month or so (once a week interval work). The cardiologist liked my results, and that's with a minimum of targeted cardio. I attribute the results to the fact that moving heavy weights, for reps is in fact, High Intensity Cardio.