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  • Glute update: got through my day 3 session without much issue. Sensation was more of a tightness/discomfort than a pain during and after the workout. Got out of bed this morning prepared to barely be able to walk like the previous two mornings, but felt surprisingly good. Can definitely still feel a little twinge of something, but MUCH better than the previous two days. Still feels a little tight and uncomfortable when I have to contract the glute while walking, etc. but doesn't feel painful. Still going to take my secondary conventional deads easy today so I can hopefully be back pretty close to normal next week.


    • Thursday, 7/15:

      BW: 207.2

      Conventional DL:

      Felt a bit more of a pinch in my glute for these than I did for the high bar squats, so kept them very light.

      Block Bench:
      245x5 @ 6
      255x5 @ 7
      265x5 @ 8
      250x5x2 @ 7, 7

      Pendlay Row:
      205x8 @ 6
      215x8 @ 7
      225x8x2 @ 8, 8.5
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      • Glute update: felt more or less normal over the weekend - I was out of town, so I didn't get to do my day 1 session on Sunday like I prefer, but I'll see how it goes later this afternoon. Since the high bar squats went pretty well last Wednesday, my plan is to do my programmed comp squat session and sort of feel the glute out as I'm warming up for the [email protected] If anything feels off, I'll scrap it and keep the volume and intensity low with some sets of 6-8 at a more tolerable load.


        • Monday, 7/19:

          BW: 205.6

          Comp Squat:
          410x1 @ 8.5
          345x4x3 @ 6-7
          325x4x2 @ 5-6

          Idk man. My e1RM is down like 25 lbs since the start of this cycle. At least my glute cooperated for these.

          Comp Bench:
          295x1 @ 8.5
          235x5x5 @ 5.5-7

          Kind of surprised 295 moved as slow as it did. Oh well.

          DB Low Incline Bench:
          75s x14, 14, 12 @ 8

          EZ Bar Cable Curls:
          110x15x3, 13x1 @ 8-9

          DB Lateral Raises:
          25s x12x3, 10x1 @ 8-9


          • Tuesday, 7/20:

            BW: 206.8

            Comp DL:
            525x1 @ 7.5
            450x4x4 @ 5.5-6.5

            Borderline RPE 7 speed on the top single. Probably should've loaded 530 or maybe even 535, but I was a little apprehensive because of the glute issues. The glute feels better than last week, but still not 100%.

            Floor Press:
            235x6 @ 6
            245x6 @ 7
            255x6x2 @ 8, 9

            Squat Press Machine:
            +540x8 @ 5
            +590x8x3 @ 7, 8, 8.5

            Just decided to do an extra set with 590 instead of taking an intermediate jump.

            Low Row Machine:
            +230x12x3, 10x1 @ 8-9

            V-Bar Cable Triceps Pushdowns:
            130x18x3, 16x1 @ 8-9


            • Training kinda fell apart in the second half of the week. Glute felt fine, but I just had trouble finding opportunities to get a lift in. I was able to find some time to get into the gym or my shed gym and get most of the work done, but definitely wasn't the most optimal or productive training I've ever done. Some training is better than no training though, right?

              Thursday, 7/22:

              BW: 206.8

              HBBS w/ belt:
              295x6 @ 6
              305x6 @ 7
              315x6 @ 8
              300x6x2 @ 6.5, 7

              Glute felt much better for these. Only had time for squats today...I was in the shed, so I couldn't really superset them with bench or anything.

              Friday, 7/23:

              BW: 207.2

              Conventional DL w/ belt:
              365x6 @ <5
              405x6 @ 7
              415x6 @ 8
              395x6x2 @ 6, 7

              Felt pretty good. Had to get through these pretty quickly, so took some bigger jumps than usual to get up to the [email protected] and shortened rest times a bit.

              TnG Bench:
              245x4 @ 6
              255x4 @ 7
              265x4 @ 8
              250x4x2 @ 6.5, 7

              Figured I'd do my day 3 benching today and sacrifice block bench.

              Feet Up CGBP:
              185x8 @ 5.5
              195x8 @ 7
              200x8x2 @ 7.5, 8

              Crammed these in late night. Was a little fresher than I would've been directly after TnG bench, so the 200x8 sets felt a little easier than I expected.


              • Pivot week. Figured some novel movements and rep ranges would help dissipate some fatigue and re-sensitize myself to singles and heavy work. I'm pivoting into a 12 week meet prep block. There's a drug tested USPA meet in Columbus that I'm planning on doing. Not really looking to take advantage of the 24 hour weigh in or anything, since I'll probably compete in the 220 class at around 210, but I sure do like being able to use a deadlift bar. Plus, I'm kind of itching to compete this fall, and the couple of USAPL Ohio meets this fall are both around Cleveland, and I promised myself I'd never drive more than a couple hours for a meet again...I'm not nearly competitive enough for that to be worth it haha.

                Sunday, 7/25:

                BW: 206.2

                Comp Squat:
                275x10 @ 5
                295x10 @ 6.5
                315x10x2 @ 8, 8.5

                These went pretty well. I usually find that higher rep (8+) sets usually overestimate my e1RM for squat and deads, and are pretty accurate or slightly underestimate my bench e1RM. Had to leave the gym unexpectedly, so I only had time for these today. The disjointed training continues.

                Monday, 7/26:

                BW: 208.2

                Crammed a lot in today since I had to shorten my day 1 session so much. Training should hopefully be a little more consistent going forward.

                Comp DL:
                365x10 @ 5
                385x10 @ 6
                405x10x2 @ 7.5, 8

                405 moved pretty easily. Had to pay attention to and factor in proximity to mechanical failure a little more than usual. Granted, I was using straps and I'm usually able to pound out high reps with heavier weights than my true 1RM would suggest, but these put my e1RM right at 600, which doesn't mean much but it's kinda cool.

                TnG Bench:
                205x10 @ 6
                215x10 @ 7
                225x10x2 @ 8, 9

                Pretty pleased to get 2 plates. Was supposed to do these yesterday. I'll do my day 2 bench (CGBP) tomorrow at some point.

                Duffalo Bar Bench:
                155x12 @ 6
                175x12 @ 8
                185x12 @ 9

                Was only planning on doing these for the pivot week, but actually really liked how these hit my chest. Might keep them around for my upcoming dev block.

                SSB Platz Squat:
                200x12 @ 6
                220x12 @ 8
                230x12 @ 9

                Might've undershot the top set a little bit, but felt close enough to an RPE 9.

                Low Row Machine:
                +230x13x2, 12x2 @ 8-9


                • Tuesday, 7/27:

                  BW: I forgor

                  185x10 @ 6
                  195x10 @ 7
                  200x10x2 @ 8, 8

                  Just making up for missed training.


                  • Wednesday, 7/28:

                    BW: 206.8

                    SSB Squat:
                    240x10 @ 6
                    250x10 @ 7
                    260x10x2 @ 7.5, 8

                    TnG Bench:
                    205x10 @ 5
                    215x10 @ 6.5
                    225x12 @ 8.5
                    225x10 @ 8

                    First set of 225 was moving pretty easy, so mid set (around rep 7 or so) I just said fuck it decided to AMRAP it with an RPE 9-ish cap, which I feel like I didn't really even reach. The fatigue from that set made 225x10 afterward feel a nice, actual RPE 8.

                    Seated DB OHP:
                    120x12x3 @ 7.5, 8, 8.5

                    Haven't done these in forever. Nice pump.

                    EZ Bar Cable Curls:
                    110x15x3, 13x1 @ 8-9


                    • Thursday, 7/29:

                      BW: 208

                      Wagon Wheel Conventional DL:
                      365x10 @ 6
                      375x10 @ 7
                      385x10x2 @ 7.5, 8

                      These were kinda fun. Easier to set up than a block pull.

                      Bench w/ chains:
                      155x10 @ 5
                      175x10 @ 7
                      185x10x2 @ 8, 8

                      Straight weight listed. Not really sure how much each chain weighed, maybe 20 lbs?

                      Wenning Good Morning Machine:
                      +90x12 @ 6
                      +100x12 @ 8
                      +105x12 @ 9

                      Unlike the wagon wheels, this was a little bit of a pain in the ass to set up to fit my body. Seemed to target my hamstrings a more than my back and glutes compared to a barbell or SSB good morning.

                      V-Bar Cable Triceps Pushdowns:
                      130x18x3, 16x1 @ 8-9


                      • Bit of a change in plans regarding competing. I'm forgoing the October USPA meet - I've got some plans around September and October that might disrupt training a bit, and didn't want to pay $100 for a meet that I might not be able to give 100% in training for. I did, however, end up finding a RPS meet in early December that will allow me to get through a meet prep cycle without any planned interruptions. Big upside to that meet is that the gym it's being held at is about 10-15 minutes from my house, which is tough to beat. Plus, no membership fees in RPS on top of my entry fee. Downside is, well, it's RPS, which I've heard mixed things about as a federation. At least this particular meet director appears to use calibrated kilo plates (based on pics of other meets), as opposed to those cringe neon green plates. I'm fairly certain a few of my gym acquaintances have done some RPS meets (in gear) run by this meet director, so I'll have to ask them how the meets usually go. As long as it's well run and the judging is consistent and fair, it should be fun! Looking forward to getting back on the platform later this year.
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                        • Sunday, 8/1:

                          BW: 208.2

                          Comp Squat:
                          385x3 @ 8
                          325x6x4 @ 5.5-7

                          Taking a break from singles for a 4 week block. This triple moved pretty well, almost rated it @ 7.5. Good starting point after the squat woes I've been having. I brought my stance width in an inch or so and pointed my feet a few degrees more forward and it felt like a stronger position. Maybe my leverages changed after losing weight and I never really accounted for it.

                          Comp Bench:
                          275x3 @ 8
                          225x6x4 @ <5-6

                          Smooth. Slightly less demanding comp bench slot than usual this block. Usually keep comp bench reps below 6 because I haven't made much progress with sets of 6+in the past, but with my bench kinda stalling, I wanted to test 6s out for a block to see if this thinking still holds up. Who knows, things might just get moving again.

                          Duffalo Bar Bench:
                          205x10 @ 9.5

                          I really like these - hit the chest hard.

                          DB Hammer Curls:
                          45s x15x4 @ 8-9
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                          • Monday, 8/2:

                            BW: 209

                            Weighed in around 207-209 enough recently for it to be some actual weight gain as opposed to water weight. Tbh I've been eating out more and not staying on top of my calorie tracking. I want to stay under 210 until the fall (harder for me to keep weight off with holidays and stuff) so I can be comfortably under 220 leading into the meet in December. Just need to get back into good habits.

                            Comp DL:
                            495x3 @ 8
                            415x6x4 @ 5.5-6.5

                            Started losing my grip on reps 2 & 3 of the triple. I think I waited too long between chalking my hands and actually starting the set. Felt more or less like an RPE 8, but looked a little sloppy on video because I was too preoccupied with holding onto the bar and not thinking about other cues. Backoff sets looked and moved much better.

                            225x5 @ 7
                            235x5 @ 8
                            245x5 @ 9
                            220x5x2 @ 6.5

                            I hate loading 220. Motivated to improve on these if only to be able to keep 2 plates on the bar for backoffs.

                            Wenning Belt Squat:
                            +270x10 @ 8.5
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                            • Wednesday, 8/4:

                              BW: 209 (if I'm actually gaining some weight back, hopefully all this volume is turning it into muscle lol).

                              SSB Squat:
                              280x8 @ 7
                              290x8 @ 8
                              300x8 @ 9
                              275x8x2 @ 6.5, 7

                              Really had to fight the bar to stay upright. While I'm using this block to take a break from heavy loads to give my body a bit of a rest and resensitize myself, I'm concerned about a drop off in top end strength from doing 6s and 8s for my comp and secondary squats and deads for a full block. I'll probably up the intensity in the secondary slots after week 2, depending on how the top triple is moving on the comp variations, but for now I'll suffer through these 8s.

                              TnG Bench:
                              235x7 @ 7
                              245x7 @ 8
                              255x7 @ 9.5
                              225x7x2 @ 6, 6.5

                              Chest Press Machine:
                              +230x12x4 @ 7-8

                              Low Row Machine:
                              +230x13x1, 12x3 @ 8-9

                              Underperformed here a bit. I think my upper back having to work so hard already during the SSB squats might've had something to do with it.


                              • Thursday, 8/5:

                                BW: 209

                                Conventional DL w/ belt:
                                365x8 @ 5
                                385x8 @ 7
                                395x8 @ 8
                                365x8x2 @ 5-6

                                Pin Bench (1" off chest):
                                225x5 @ 5
                                245x5 @ 7.5
                                255x5 @ 9
                                225x5x3 @ 5-6

                                Kind of messy getting up to the top set, but went okay.

                                Wide Stance SSB Good Mornings:
                                190x10 @ 9

                                Back was pretty good and fried after these and conventional deads in addition to the SSB squats and rows the day before. Big back, big total right?