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  • Nate B
    When I went to copy paste last week’s Friday/day 4 session, I realized there wasn’t one. Not sure what happened to it or if I just forgot to post it.

    Friday, 1/3:

    2ct Pause Sumo DL:

    455x1 @ 8
    440x3 @ 9
    415x3x2 @ 7.5, 8

    Paused these at mid shin - about 2-3” off the floor. Did better than I thought it would. Still had a lot of speed coming out of the pause.

    Blue Slingshot Bench:
    315x1 @ 8.5
    300x3 @ 9
    285x3x2 @ 7.5, 8

    185x4 @ 6.5
    195x4 @ 8
    205x4 @ 9
    190x4x2 @ 7, 7.5

    Saturday, 1/4:

    Did these and some cardio on Saturday. Cut out the triceps work and chins this week to help manage some fatigue now that I’m just a couple weeks out.

    DB Hammer Curls:
    45s x12x4

    DB Rows:
    90x49 in 8 mins

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  • Nate B
    Thursday, 1/2:

    Pin Squat:
    355x1 @ 8
    345x3 @ 8.5
    330x3x2 @ 7.5, 7.5

    355x1 maybe felt a little easier than a true @8, and that showed in 345x3 (which was supposed to be @9). Rounded up the percent backoffs.

    TnG Bench:
    290x1 @ 8.5
    275x3 @ 8.5
    260x3x2 @ 7.5, 8

    Briefly tried to pause the top single on my chest based on instinct, then remembered it was supposed to be TnG and tried to press it before I was really mentally ready. Ended up throwing off my bar path and got stuck just a bit. Rounded down to 275 instead of 280 for the [email protected] target set and it ended up being a little easier than it should've been, so it seems that 290x1 @8 would've been there had it not been for that. Still happy with bench.

    WGBP, 2ct Pause:
    225x4 @ 7
    235x4 @ 8.5
    240x4 @ 9
    220x4x2 @ 7, 7

    The 2ct ended up not making a huge difference compared to the 1ct comp pause from last week, so that's somewhat promising in case I get long press commands at the meet.
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  • Nate B
    Tuesday, 12/31:

    Sumo Deadlift:
    475x1 @ 8
    485x1 @ 8.5
    445x4 @ 9
    420x4x3 @ 7.5, 7.5, 8

    475x1 a little slower than last week, true 8 instead of target 7.5, so wasn't able to throw 5 plates on the bar with confidence for the target 8.5 single I had next. I was letting the bar drift away from me a little bit on the singles and it was making the reps slower/more difficult than they should've been. Corrected it for the set of [email protected] and percent backoffs. I need to get my shins more vertical and set my lats better in my setup. A good setup is obviously a very crucial part of any lift, but I've found that my sumo deads really depend on it a bit more than my other lifts. It's often the difference between a smooth rep that snaps right off the floor or a meh rep that takes its time off the floor.

    285x1 @ 8
    260x3x3 @ 8.5, 8, 8

    Really happy with my bench over the past month or so! 285 is the most weight I've ever benched with a pause, regardless of RPE, and it was a really nice RPE 8. Not quite as much pop off the chest as I would've liked, but the rep was decently smooth overall. The backoff triples with 260 scared me at first, but I had just started supersetting them with the SSB squats, and I basically went straight from the squat rack to the bench and was breathing a little heavy. Made sure to rest a bit longer and catch my breath for the next two sets and they were right where they needed to be.

    SSB Squat:
    255x6 @ 6
    265x6 @ 7
    275x6x2 @ 7.5, 8, 8

    Supersetted these with my bench backoffs, so I took it a little easy with the load so I could cut down on rest time. Just trying to get some extra squat work in with these, so no sense in pushing it too hard.

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  • Nate B
    Sunday, 12/29:

    390x1 @ 7
    410x1 @ 8.5
    375x4 @ 9
    355x4x3 @ 7.5, 7.5, 8

    After 390 flew up I knew this was going to be a good squat session - definitely my best squatting performance to date. 410x1 was legit @8.5, and I was close to rating 375x4 @8.5 too based on bar speed, but it in terms of RIR I was only really confident in one more, two would've been an all out grind if it came up at all. Sank all of these reps too. Backing off the volume a bit recently has really allowed me to realize some awesome gains. If I was still programming for myself I'd be worried about peaking too early, but since I've been working with Leah for about 5 months now I trust that I'll be good with all the data she has on me as a lifter and her experience as a coach and lifter herself. I'm excited to see just how much more I'll have in me on meet day.

    255x1 @ 7.5
    235x3x5 @ 7, 7.5, 7.5, 8, 8

    I've been experiencing this pain sensation right around my left biceps insertion near my pec in the eccentric portion of my bench for a few weeks now. It usually gets better the more I get warmed up, but it caused me to be a little cautious and not take a stab at 260 for the top single @8. In hindsight, it was there. Better to not push the assistance lifts too hard, though.

    335x5 @ 7
    355x5 @ 8
    365x5 @ 8.5
    345x5x2 @ 7, 7

    After I pushed these a little too hard last week, I experienced some low back discomfort after doing my comp deadlifts the following day for about 36 hours, so I played it safe this week. Like I said above, better to not push the assistance lifts too hard and accumulate unnecessary fatigue - load and fatigue management is the name of the game.

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  • Nate B
    Thursday, 12/26:

    Pin Squat:
    355x1 @ 8
    345x3 @ 9
    325x3x2 @ 7.5, 8

    Sloppy second rep in the 345x3 set made it feel like @9.5. Barspeed was @9 though, so no worries.

    TnG Bench:
    285x1 @ 8
    270x3 @ 8.5
    255x3x2 @ 7.5, 8

    I was very conflicted on what to rate 285x1. Felt and looked right between an 8 and 8.5 (are 0.25 RPE ratings a thing??) so I bumped the [email protected] set down to 270 from 275 to play it a little safe. Ended up being too light, so I guess 285x1 was more of a true 8!

    225x4 @ 6.5
    235x4 @ 8
    245x4 @ 9
    225x4x2 @ 7, 7

    These were supposed to be done with a 2ct pause, but I messed up and just did them with my normal 1ct competition pause.

    DB Rows:
    90x48 reps in 8 mins

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