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  • Thursday, 11/18:

    BW: 212.4

    2ct Pause Sumo DL w/ belt:
    500x1 @ 8
    485x3 @ 9
    455x3x2 @ 7-ish

    On the single - the DL bar whip kinda got me again on the pause and I sort of "double dipped" like last week. The fact that Jamal Browner can pause DL like 900 lbs. with a deadlift bar and not get yanked out of position is nutty to me. Well, everything he does deadlift wise is nutty I guess.

    Blue Slingshot Bench:
    330x1 @ 8
    320x3 @ 9
    300x3x2 @ 7-ish

    355x6 @ 6
    365x6 @ 6.5
    375x6 @ 7.5
    355x6x2 @ 6-ish

    These felt easy despite adding 10 lbs. to my working loads from last week.

    DB Row:
    100x14x2 @ 8-ish


    • Sunday, 11/21:

      BW: 214.4

      Comp Squat:
      430x1 @ 8
      450x1 @ 9
      425x2 @ 8.5
      380x4 @ 7.5
      355x4 @ 5.5

      450 was what I hit for a third attempt in my shed last December, and I really wanted to be able to hit it again before stepping on the platform for confidence's sake. It was definitely "two white light" depth, but I was very pleased with how it moved and how I was able to stay in the groove on a near max effort lift. Wussed out on taking 430 again for the [email protected], but everything else went great.

      202 Tempo DB Wrist Extension & 303 Flexion:
      25# x6x3 @ 9-10

      Had to drop the tempo to 202 for the wrist extension since the DB was so heavy. Really needed a 22.5 pounder for the extension specifically.

      Comp Bench:
      300x1 @ 8
      315x1 @ 9
      295x1x2 @ 7.5-8
      265x3x2 @ 6.5-7
      250x3x3 @ 5-ish

      Similar to 450 for squat, I really wanted to hit a 3 pl8 bench before the meet. Paused 300 really cleanly, but got a little anxious with 315 and rushed off the chest a bit. Regardless, it moved really smoothly and I think it would've moved about the same with a bit longer of a pause.

      Football Bar Incline Bench:
      165x6 @ 6
      175x6 @ 7.5
      165x6x2 @ 6-ish
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      • Monday, 11/22:

        BW: 215

        Comp DL:
        535x1 @ 7.5
        560x1 @ 9
        535x2 @ 9
        475x4 @ 7
        445x4 @ 5.5

        So pleased with these. All the hard comp work is done and I'm feeling confident.

        2-0-2 Tempo DB Wrist Extension & 3-0-3 Flexion:
        25# x6x3 @ 8-10

        3ct Pause Bench:
        290x1 @ 8
        265x3x2 @ 7-7.5
        235x4x2 @ 5-ish

        SSB Squat:
        295x6x3 @ 7-ish
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        • Wednesday, 11/24:

          BW: 213.8

          2ct Pause Squat w/ belt:
          410x1 @ 8
          370x3x3 @ 7-7.5

          410 was borderline RPE 8.5, but close enough that I felt confident rating it @8.

          303 Tempo DB Wrist Extension & Flexion:
          25# x6x3 @ 8-9 (flexion)
          20# x6x3 @ 8-9 (extension)

          Comp Bench:
          300x1 @ 8
          275x3x3 @ 7-7.5

          Feet Up Bench:
          225x6 @ 5.5
          235x6 @ 7
          245x6 @ 8
          225x6 @ 6


          • Thursday, 11/25:

            BW: 214

            2ct Pause Sumo DL w/ belt:
            500x1 @ 8
            455x3x3 @ 6.5-7

            The "double dip" coming out of the pause on the single wasn't quite as evident as last week, and the rep was borderline RPE 7.5, so I'll take it. Probably should've bumped up the triples another 5 lbs or so, but was basing the percentages off 500x1 being an RPE 8.

            Blue Slingshot Bench:
            325x1 @ 7.5
            295x3x3 @ 7-7.5

            Knew 325 was probably going to be a bit of an undershoot, but it was slim pickings for a spotter on the morning of Thanksgiving and I didn't trust my spotter for a handoff - so I went conservative on the load selection because sometimes a self unrack can throw me off, especially when I'm using a slingshot and can't set up quite as well.

            365x6x3 @ 7-ish


            • Monday, 11/29:

              BW: 213.4

              Comp Squat:
              415x1 @ 7.5
              375x2x2 @ 5.5

              Planned opener is 187.5 kg, which falls between 410 and 415. Went a little too deep and got loose in the bottom, so the rep didn't move quite as smoothly as I would've liked. Should execute better on meet day.

              303 Tempo DB Wrist Extension & Flexion:
              25# x6x3 @ 8-9 (flexion)
              20# x6x3 @ 8-9 (extension)

              Comp Bench:
              300x1 @ 7.5
              280x1x3 @ 5.5-6

              Smoked 300, nice. This was just a target single @ 8, which I undershot, followed up by three easy singles.

              Comp DL:

              Worked through warmups only (last one listed). 5 days out.
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              • Wednesday, 12/1:

                BW: 214

                Comp Squat:
                375x1 @ 5

                Worked through warmups (last one listed). A little concerned that 375 felt heavy enough to even assign an RPE rating to it, especially after my opener didn't move very well on Monday. I chalked it up to just lacking focus and not moving the warmups with intent, like I would if I was actually warming up for a heavy attempt, but it still is making me consider opening a little lighter than I planned. Pre meet anxiety is hitting me - not the kind of thoughts I want to have going through my head at this point. Need to find my confidence.

                Comp Bench:
                290x1 @ 7
                260x2 @ 5

                After my unfocused squats, I really tried to be sharp and explosive with this opener. It moved well, but I let my butt come up off the bench for the first time in a while. Focused on driving back on the bench on the easy double and it went much better, but it was also an RPE 5. Just need to execute.


                • Welp, meet didn't go as planned haha. Ended up bombing out on bench due to technical errors. Didn't want to pay the fee to reenter as a deadlift only competitor and wait around for another couple hours for what would essentially be meaningless pulls, so I just cut my losses and went home. I was definitely frustrated for about an hour or so immediately after. I just couldn't help but think about the nearly two years buildup to this meet - all the time, hard work, and challenges over the last 23 months - only for it to end in this result. However, I was surprised at how quick I was able to move past the frustration and feeling sorry for myself and look at the experience as a learning opportunity. Among other things, I think my main lesson I learned was that if I'm going to compete, I don't think I'm ready to do it without a coach yet. I can program and execute plain ol' developmental blocks and stuff like that just fine, but I don't think I'm able to be as objective with myself as I need to be yet...nor am I skilled enough to plan and execute a proper peak just yet, because independent of the technical errors that killed me on bench, I don't think I was peaked very well.

                  Oh well. Powerlifting sucks, time to get jacked & juicy. Picked up the BBM bodybuilding template and plan to start block 1 this week.

                  187.5 kg (413 lbs) / 200 kg (440 lbs) / -207.5 kg (-457) x -- 2/3

                  Felt kinda meh in warmups. Also warmed up way too early because there was no TV screen or monitor in the warmup room or elsewhere displaying where they were in the first flight or what attempts they were on (I was in the second flight). I had no handler, so this was kinda stressing me out, but I don't think it affected my lifting. Still smoked my opener @ RPE 7-ish. 200 felt a little harder than I expected, rated it RPE 9-ish, but felt good enough to take my goal third attempt of 207.5 kg. Strength just wasn't there - might've had 205. Overall, I wasn't thrilled with 200, but wasn't upset with it either. Still good enough for a 10 kg (22 lbs) meet PR, although I would've liked more after almost 2 years since my last competition.

                  -132.5 kg (-292 lbs) x / -137.5 kg (-303 lbs) x / -137.5 (-303 lbs) x -- 0/3

                  Here's where the wheels came off. I've been training on a Rogue fat pad since I started going back to the gym (vs. my shed, which didn't have a fat pad). My gym only had benches with fat pads until about a month ago when they got an Elite FTS bench with a comp pad. Since switching to heels up, it was very rare for my butt to come off the bench in training. The last bench I took before the meet (the opener on Wednesday) where my butt came up just so happened to be on the new EFTS comp bench pad. I think my upper back compresses a fat pad just enough that, with my current arch and leg drive technique, my butt stays just barely in contact with the bench. However, on a comp pad I don't get that same compression, so my butt loses contact with the bench at the same height/position.

                  So, all those words to say that 132.5 popped right up but my butt also popped right up. I figured I'd be able to keep my butt down better on the second attempt, so I took a modest 5 kg jump...and my butt came up again. Obviously couldn't lower the weight at this point, so I retook 137.5 on my third and basically did a flat back, half Larsen press. It was able to lock it, but during the grind I apparently had some slight downward motion on the left side, so I got two reds and failed the lift. As an aside, all these benches felt heavier and moved wonkier than they should've because I was having a really hard time mentally with pressing on someone else's command vs. at my discretion. Def something I need to practice leading up to my next meet, whenever it is.


                  Did not care nearly enough at this point to pay the deadlift only competitor entry fee to stay in the meet. Just went home. On Sunday, I went to the gym to see if I could YOLO pull 6 plates with straps. 545 felt like an RPE 9, so I stopped after that since there was no way 585 was there.
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                  • BBM Bodybuilding Template, Block I

                    Starting the BBM Bodybuilding Template. I'm not sure if I'm going to run the full 6 week template since I kind of want to hop back into a meet in late March and don't know if I want to continue with such a degree of non-specific work and frequency for a month and a half, but for now I'm just going to have fun.

                    W1D1 - Monday, 12/6:

                    BW: 212.4

                    High Bar Squat, beltless:
                    265x10 @ 6
                    275x10 @ 7
                    285x10 @ 8

                    My body didn't hate these 10s quite as much as I expected. 285 kinda felt like an undershoot, but close enough to an RPE 8. Always kinda hard for me to gauge high rep sets on squat and deadlift.

                    Cybex Squat Press:
                    +520x10 @ 6
                    +540x10 @ 7
                    +560x10 @ 8

                    Leg Extensions:
                    205x12 @ 5
                    215x12 @ 7
                    220x12 @ 8

                    This machine allows you to fractionally load by +5 lbs thankfully. Ascending sets can be tough on machines otherwise.

                    Seated Calf Raise:
                    +50x15x3 @ 7-8

                    Did these with a slow controlled tempo on both the concentric and eccentric. Probably the first time I've done direct calf work since high school basketball lol.

                    EZ Bar Cable Curls:
                    90x15 @ 6
                    100x15 @ 7
                    110x15 @ 9

                    Cable Rope Triceps Pressdowns:
                    120x15 @ 7
                    130x15x2 @ 8-ish
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                    • W1D2 - Tuesday, 12/7:

                      BW: 213.8

                      TnG Bench:
                      205x10 @ 6
                      215x10 @ 7
                      225x10 @ 8.5

                      Pec Deck Chest Flye:
                      145x12 @ 5
                      155x12 @ 7
                      160x12 @ 8

                      Haven't hit a chest isolation machine like this in a while. Great pump, but paying for it with DOMS.

                      Pec Deck Reverse Flye:
                      115x12 @ 6
                      120x12 @ 7
                      125x12 @ 8

                      Supersetted these with chest flyes on the same machine.

                      High Incline DB Bench:
                      65s x10 @ 5.5
                      70s x10 @ 7
                      75s x10 @ 8

                      Low Row Machine:
                      +230x10 @ 6
                      +250x10 @ 7
                      +270x10 @ 8.5
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                      • W1D3 - Thursday, 12/9:

                        BW: 215

                        Got my covid vax booster shot Wednesday evening and I didn't feel 100% today - minor muscle aches/fatigue and brain fog - but still went to the gym. Felt kinda weak and was getting winded pretty easily. Just didn't push things too hard and kept the loading fairly conservative.

                        SSB Good Morning:
                        150x10 @ 6
                        160x10 @ 6.5
                        170x10 @ 7.5

                        Conventional DL, beltless:
                        335x10 @ 6
                        345x10 @ 7
                        355x10 @ 8

                        Lying Hamstrings Curl:
                        "8" x12 @ 5
                        "9" x12 @ 7
                        "10" x12 @ 8.5

                        This machine isn't plate loaded and the stack just has single digit numbers. Not sure if the load is the number x 10 or if they're just arbitrary numbers. Can't microload without a gym pin, unfortunately, so the jumps were kinda wonky.

                        Hip Abduction Machine:
                        "10" x12x2 @ 7-ish

                        Hip Adduction Machine:
                        "14" x12x2 @ 7-ish

                        I'm adding a couple sets on the hip abduction and adduction machines on this day. Like the hamstrings curl machine, the stacks just have numbers. These were both a few plates away from the bottom of the stack.

                        Football Bar Feet Up CGBP:
                        135x12 @ 6
                        145x12 @ 7
                        155x12 @ 8

                        Another modification I'm making to the template. I decided to do these in lieu of JM press on this day. While a feet up CGBP with a football bar is still fairly distant from a comp bench with a straight bar, I wanted to have one of my 4 triceps biased movements per week be a little more specific to a bench press while still being fairly light loading-wise.

                        DB Curls:
                        35s x12x2 @ 6, 6.5
                        40s x12 @ 8
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                        • W1D4 - Friday, 12/10:

                          BW: 212.6

                          HS High Row Machine:
                          +250x10 @ 6
                          +260x10 @ 6.5
                          +270x10 @ 7.5

                          This angle of this machine is pretty much right between a standard horizontal row machine and a lat pulldown. Topped out at 3 plates per side with a small undershoot.

                          Pendlay Row:
                          185x12 @ 6
                          195x12 @ 7
                          205x12 @ 8.5

                          DB Bench:
                          80s x12 @ 6
                          85s x12 @ 7
                          90s x12 @ 8.5

                          It was weird doing these while my pressing muscles were relatively fresh. Think the last time I did DB bench was as a supplemental movement after my main bench work and I was pressing 90s for sets of [email protected]

                          DB Lateral Raises:
                          15s x15 @ 6
                          20s x15 @ 7-8


                          • W1 GPP/Conditioning - Saturday, 12/11:

                            BW: 212.4

                            SSB JM Press:
                            150x12 @ 6
                            160x12 @ 7
                            170x12 @ 8

                            Did these with the EFTS yoke SSB with the handles removed. Took a couple sets to get the hang of it, but I really liked these once I found the groove - much more than the straight bar version.

                            DB Hammer Curls:
                            45s x12 @ 6
                            50s x12 @ 7.5-8

                            Ab Crunch Machine:
                            100x12x4 @ 8-ish

                            HIIT Farmers Carries:
                            5 sets of down & backs (~50 yards per set) with 60 sec rest between sets. Load = +110# per hand (not including handle weight)

                            The program doesn't call for it, but I wanted to incorporate these as some strongman inspired conditioning work that also would work my grip strength. No idea what the handles weigh - I'd guess around 20 lbs or so - so I'm just listing the added weight (pair of 45s and a pair of 10s on each handle). Had about 25 yards of straightaway open space to work with. Didn't time myself other than the rest periods, but I basically just tried to get down and back as quickly as possible. Pretty fun and got my heart beating while working my grip and traps. I think 5 sets was a good starting point, but I'll probably shoot for 6-7 as I get a little more used to them.

                            LISS Incline Treadmill Walk:
                            25 mins @ 6-ish

                            Did this after the farmers carries.


                            • W2D1 - Sunday, 12/12:

                              BW: 215

                              High Bar Squat, beltless:
                              275x10x3 @ 7-7.5

                              Cybex Squat Press:
                              +540x10 @ 6
                              +560x10x2 @ 7-7.5

                              +540 felt a little too easy.

                              Leg Extensions:
                              220x12x3 @ 8-9

                              Seated Calf Raise:
                              +60x12x2 @ 8-ish

                              EZ Bar Cable Curls:
                              100x15x2 @ 8-ish

                              Cable Rope Triceps Pressdowns:
                              130x15x2 @ 8-ish


                              • W2D2 - Monday, 12/13:

                                BW: 214

                                TnG Bench:
                                215x10x3 @ 7-ish

                                Would much prefer to just do 2 plates, but I guess I'll have to wait until I bump the RPE target up.

                                Pec Deck Chest Flye:
                                160x12x2 @ 7.5-8 ish

                                These might've been a little too easy.

                                Pec Deck Reverse Flye:
                                125x12x2 @ 8

                                Think 130 might be there, which would be great because it would mean I wouldn't have to pull the little micro plates down to the rest of the stack.

                                High Incline DB Bench:
                                75s x10x2 @ 8

                                Low Row Machine:
                                +270x10x2 @ 8.5-9

                                Bit too heavy. Might need to try +250-260 next time. Annoying since +270 is an easy to load 3 pps.