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  • Thursday, 5/26:

    BW: 213

    1.5" Sumo Block Pull:
    225lbs x10x2
    235lbs x10

    Goal for today was to make it up to lmao2pl8 and then a little beyond if I felt comfortable - didn't bother with trying to hit an RPE, even a pain based one. For the millionth time since this process started, "I think I've found an entry point."

    1ct Pause Incline Bench:
    195lbs x6 @ 8.5
    165lbs x6x3

    Wasn't really sure about 200 after hitting 185 for a last warmup, so took 195 again and undershot it again.

    DB Row:
    105lbs x8x3 @ 7

    Leg Extensions:
    190x10x2 @ 6

    Leg Curls:
    100x10x2 @ 6


    • Monday, 6/27:

      BW: 215

      Comp Squat:
      150kg/330lbs x4 @ 6.5
      140kg/308lbs x4x3

      About 10-12% off my pre-injuries e1RM. Let's see how much ground I can make up by August 7.

      2ct Pause Bench:
      245lbs x6 @ 9
      235lbs x6x2 @ 7.5-8

      Block Bench:
      260lbs x6 @ 8.5
      240lbs x6x2 @ 6-6.5

      These and 2ct pause bench felt pretty meh.