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  • Codger you are a strong. Hail Codger (taking Gymdad's queue)!!


    • Thanks, Silentpadna. The squat is always the lift that I feel most uncertain about. We'll see what the judges think at the meet. It looks like your training is going really well.


      • GPP today:

        Single-arm DB rows with 65 pounds: 35 (each side) in 5 minutes; ab-wheel roll-outs, kneeling: 36 in 5 minutes; LISS on airdyne: 25 minutes.


        • Week 12, day 2.

          Deadlift with belt: [email protected]; 500x1x1@10; 435x3x3. Four to five minutes rest. Well, what to say about the 500? I locked it out but felt a bit faint at the top so I put it down faster than I wanted to. At the meet I'll need to hold onto it a bit longer. I was thinking of saving this effort for the meet but I"m glad I tried it. I thought 510 might be within reach but after trying 500 today I think I'll make 227 kg (500.45 lbs) my third attempt at the meet. Here's a video my wife took in our garage this afternoon:

          One-count paused bench: 240x1x1@8; 252.5x1x1@9; 235x3x3. Four to five minutes rest.

          Two-count paused squat, no belt: 255x4x1@7; [email protected]; 285x4x1@8; [email protected]. Four minutes rest.
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          • You.Beast.You.

            Nicely done, very strong, great patience.

            I think it help that you were wearing "masters pants"...makes all the difference.

            It's a standing joke in my gym that I wear warm-ups for pulling, and there's an Oly lifter who wears the same style (she's a masters lifter as well) So we joke back and forth over the merits of said pants.

            I think your lock out was good enough, but it never hurts to hold it a bit longer in a competition (Chicago!).

            Oh, and you'll be pulling 227.5...not 227...USAPL doesn't do non 2.5 increments, unless its a national record.

            Again, GREAT PULL - I owe you a dram of whatever you prefer!


            • I think it help that you were wearing "masters pants"...makes all the difference.
              I probably should have worn a cardigan too--the Mr. Rodgers school of powerlifting. Or I could add a headband and be indistinguishable from my profile avatar.

              I hope I can take you up on that dram offer in Chicago. (Too bad I can't load 227.01 onto the bar...)


              • Finished week 12 today:

                Pin squat, no belt: 330x1x1@8; [email protected]; 305x2x2. Four minutes rest.

                Pin bench: 241.25x1x1@8; [email protected]; 218.75x2x2. Four minutes rest.

                Two-inch deficit deadlift: 345x4x1@7; [email protected]; 380x4x1@8; 362.5x1x1. Three to four minutes rest.

                My meet is next Saturday, the 27th. The template I'm following calls for two workouts next week: On Monday I'll work up to my opening single for each lift. On Wednesday I work up to a single at my last warm-up weight for each of the lifts. Rest on Thursday and Friday, compete on Saturday!

                All in all I'm very happy with the two BB Med templates I followed--The Bridge 1.0 for 8 weeks, and then the 12-week strength template, which I actually ran for 15 weeks by repeating the first three weeks of the template. All my lifts have improved significantly and I feel better all around. So thanks, BB Med crew!


                • Week 13--Meet Week!--day 1.

                  Worked up to singles for all my openers:

                  Squat with belt: 350

                  One-count paused bench: 240

                  Deadlift with belt: 450.

                  Everything feels good--no nagging soreness anywhere. On Wednesday I'll practice my warm-ups, and on Thursday my wife and I will be driving down to Scottsdale.


                  • What do your 2nd / 3rd attempts look like?

                    With openers like the above, I foresee a b.i.g. total...


                    • My second attempts: squat--170 kg; bench--115 kg; dead--217.5 kg. Those were my third attempts at last year's meet, and I made them all, so I'm fairly confident I can repeat those. If I make them I'll meet the qualifying total for the nationals.

                      My third attempts would all be PRs if I make them: squat--177.5 kg; bench--120 kg (or 117.5, depending on how the second bench goes); dead--227.5 kg. Just writing them down is making me nervous!

                      My openers in kgs: squat--157.5; bench--107.5; dead--205.

                      And I weigh about 5 or 6 pounds less than I did last year.
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                      • I like the looks of those numbers...

                        So let it be written, so let it be done!

                        Sounds better when Yul Brinner says it


                        • Sounds better when Yul Brinner says it

                          So here he is:


                          • Today was my last workout before the meet on Saturday. I worked up to a single at my last warm-up weight for each lift.

                            Squat: 315x1

                            Bench: 211.25x1

                            Dead: 405x1

                            Now, in the immortal words of my avatar, Izzy Mandlebaum, "It's go time!"
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                            • You're in a great place for this upcoming meet Codge.

                              Enjoy your time on the platform!


                              • Hmmmm,

                                Let's see, if you're in the morning flight, you're getting ready for weigh ins.

                                I'm looking forward to reading about your soon to be, very successful day.

                                White Lights Tim!