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  • Sorry for the delayed reply--we just returned from Scottsdale tonight. Wish I had better news to report but I saw a lot of red lights on Saturday.

    Things began badly when I jumped the gun on my opening squat (157.5kg)--the weight felt easy but I started before the squat command. Second attempt with 170 kg: lost my balance and the spotters had to help me finish. Thought I nailed the third attempt (also 170) but the judges said I was too high.

    Bench didn't go much better. Got my opener (107.5 kg); mistakenly entered 117.5 for my second attempt when I meant to enter 115 and failed at that lift; tried it again for the third attempt but no luck.

    I made all my deadlifts but I adjusted the weights down since I was having a rough time: 205, 215, and 220. 220 was a meet PR for me but not the 227.5 (500 lbs) I was planning for.

    I had a feeling it was going to be a challenging day. The weather in Scottsdale was brutally hot--close to 100 outside. The meet venue was at a Crossfit box, which had one of those roll-up back walls. So the entire back wall of the building was open to the outside air and the warm-up area was at least as warm as it was outside. A number of lifters missed their openers and I think the heat was a big factor. Coming from northern New Mexico it was a 30-degree temperature jump for me. I was kind of shocked when I missed my last two bench attempts at a weight I had handled a few times successfully in my garage.

    Since I missed all my squats my official total was a big 0. So my plan now is try try another meet later this summer. It's going to be tricky because I'll be doing a fair amount of traveling this summer for my work.

    My own disappointing performance aside, the overall experience was overwhelmingly positive--great people, including some first-class lifters who were volunteering as spotters. It's really a great community and I'm looking forward to my next meet. This meet made me realize that I need to work with a coach on a regular basis. My squat form needs some attention from an experienced lifter. So I'm hoping to work with a coach in Albuquerque over the summer.

    I'll post some videos tomorrow but now it's time to get some sleep!


    • I'm so sorry things went pear shaped for you, you had such great training success leading up to the meet.

      I was following the event on Liftingcast. They didn't have you listed until just before the afternoon session started, and they had you listed as a "guest". Were there issues getting signed in for the meet.

      I'm glad to see that you're looking for another meet to hit your qualifiers. I think the idea of working with a coach will be of benefit as well. A second set of eyes is always helpful. Plus, they keep you honest on Squat Depth...of course I've got a whole gym full of people yelling at me about that.

      You and me, we need to learn not to jump the gun on that first Squat . Glad that you didn't get hurt losing your balance with 170kg on your back

      Oye, that weather change would have made it tough for me too. 100 degree heat is hard to acclimate to...I don't care how "dry" it is.

      Looking forward to seeing the videos, such as they are.
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      • I was following the event on Liftingcast. They didn't have you listed until just before the afternoon session started, and they had you listed as a "guest". Were there issues getting signed in for the meet.
        Registering was easy but the "guest" designation puzzled me. I think it was because I'm not an Arizona resident and I was competing in an Arizona state championship meet. I thought I would at least be listed as a masters 3 lifter.

        Glad that you didn't get hurt losing your balance with 170kg on your back
        The spotters were great. I've never failed on a squat before and they were on top of it immediately. I was surprised that the third attempt didn't feel grueling at all, even though I was red-lighted. After failing on the second lift I didn't think there was any way I would come close to succeeding with the third.

        Now I'm trying to find a meet that I can fit into my summer schedule. I'll see what's happening in California, Colorado, and Arizona. I know there's one in Flagstaff in mid-July so that might be an option.

        Some videos:

        Second squat: failed at 170 kg:

        Third squat: too high with the same weight:

        First bench at 107.5 felt easy:

        Last deadlift with 220 kg also felt pretty good:


        • Started the 4-day hypertrophy template today. I'll be following it for the next 7 weeks.

          Squat with belt: 260x6x1@6; [email protected]; 285x6x1@9; 275x6x1@8. Four minutes rest. Tried to emphasize proper depth today. The last 2 sets were supposed to be RPE 8 but felt heavier. Still feeling a bit tired from the meet.

          Press with belt: 100x6x1@6; 110x6x1@7; [email protected]. Four minutes rest. The last 2 sets also felt heavy. I might dial these back by about 5 pounds next time.

          DB flat bench: 90x16x1@8. Lost count of the reps--this was supposed to be an "activation set" for the sets that followed: 90x5; 90x5, 90x3. The myorep sets were all separated by 5 deep breaths.


          • What is your official residency? If you still maintain, say a North Eastern address, you could enter Regionals there.

            I just assumed you were a resident of Arizona...and I just made another assumption that you're a transplanted Eastener.


            • I've been living in New Mexico for the last 20 years--hard to believe. I grew up in New England.

              Since I didn't post a qualifying total at the AZ meet (no successful squat attempts) I'm not eligible for the state's regional competition in August. So I'm hoping to qualify for the nationals by hitting the required total at another meet.


              • Yesterday was day 2 of the hypertrophy program:

                Deadlift with belt: 340x6x1@6; 363.75x6x1@7; 382.5x6x2@8. Four to five minutes rest.

                One-count paused bench: 178.75x6x1@6; 191.25x6x1@7; 201.25x6x2@8. Four minutes rest.

                Belt squat: 90x16@? Then, 90x5x4, with 5 deep breaths between sets. First time I tried these with the new pulley rig on my rack so I wasn't sure what weight to use. I think I'll try 135 next week. Since this was an experiment I didn't do the full myrep workout but I will next time.

                DB curls: 30 (each) x12x3@8. Two minutes rest.

                Did some GPP today: Single-arm DB rows with 65 pounds: 40 in 7 minutes; 40 to 50 second plank holds: 4 in 7 minutes; 25 minutes LISS on airdyne.


                • Week 1 day 3 of hypertrophy:

                  Safety bar squat: 155x8x1@6; 205x8x1@7; 225x8x2@8. Four minutes rest. Today was the first time I've used a safety squat bar. Interesting experience--the bar forced me to stay more upright. I'll gradually increase the weight with these. And the bar itself is heavier--65 pounds instead of 45.

                  Incline bench: 95x8x1@6; 115x8x1@7; 125x8x2@8. Four minutes rest. RPEs felt about right.

                  DB press: 70x14x1@8; 70x5x1; 70x4x1. All the sets separated by 5 deep breaths.

                  Triceps press-downs: 70x12x3@8. Three minutes rest.


                  • Yeah, that Safety Squat bar can be a handful.

                    And, you're going to load the bar incorrectly more times than you know...


                    • And, you're going to load the bar incorrectly more times than you know...
                      That happened almost immediately...

                      Today was my fourth day on the hypertrophy program. This was, according to the template, a "low stress" week. I think I'm more or less recovered from last Saturday's meet. So, today:

                      Two-inch deficit deadlift, no belt: 285x8x1@6; 305x8x1@7; 325x8x2@8, Four to five minutes rest.

                      Close-grip bench: 156.25x8x1@6; 167.5x8x1@7; 177.5x8x2@8. Four minutes rest. I think I can add 2.5 pounds to these next week.

                      BB row, myo reps: 145x16x1@8; 145x5x3; 145x4x1. Five breaths between sets. I think I'll try 150 next.


                      • GPP today: 34 chins in 7 minutes, alternating with underhand and neutral grip; 45 ab wheel roll-outs kneeling in 7 minutes; 30 minutes LISS on airdyne.


                        • 45 Ab Wheels...OYE


                          • 45 Ab Wheels...OYE
                            You get used to them after a while. Though whenever I take time off from them my body always feels it when I start doing them again.

                            Continuing with the hypertrophy template. Week 2 day 1 (not counting yesterday's GPP day).

                            Squat with belt: 250x6x1@6; 262.5x6x2@7; 275x6x2@8; Four to five minutes rest. Trying to make sure I hit proper depth with each rep. I think I'll add 5 pounds next week.

                            Press with belt: 95x6x1@6; 105x6x1@7; 115x6x3@8. Four minutes rest. I'll add 1.25 pounds next week.

                            DB flat bench, myo-reps: 95x19x1@8; 95x5x3; 95x3x1. Five deep breaths between sets. The target rep range for the activation set was supposed to be 14 to 16 reps, so I'll boost the weight to 105 next week.

                            DB curls: 32.5 (each) x12x3. Three minutes rest.


                            • Day 2 of hypertrophy template:

                              Deadlift with belt: 340x6x1@6; 363.75x6x2@7; 382.5x6x2@8. Four to five minutes rest. I'll add 2.5 pounds next week.

                              One-count paused bench: 178.75x6x1@6; 191.25x6x1@7; 201.25x6x3@8. Four minutes rest. I might add 1.25 pounds next time.

                              Belt squat for myo reps: 135x16x1; 135x5x4; 135x4x1. Five deep breaths between sets. Still trying to figure out how best to do these with my rack and pulley set up. Getting the height so that I can go below parallel has been tricky but I think I've got the proper set up now. I'll bump up the weight a bit next week.

                              Triceps press-downs: 70x12x3@8, three minutes rest. I'll try 72.5 next.


                              • GPP today:

                                Single-arm DB rows with 65 pounds: 48 (each side) in 7 minutes; ab wheel roll-outs, kneeling: 50 in 7 minutes; 30 minutes LISS on airdyne.