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  • Week 2, day 3 of hypertrophy template.

    Safety bar squat: 185x8x1@6; 205x8x1@7; 225x8x3@8. Four minutes rest. I'll add 5 pounds next week.

    Incline bench: 95x8x1@6; 115x8x1@7; 125x8x3@8. I'll add 1.25 next week.

    DB press for myo reps: 70x15x1; 70x5x2; 70x4x1. All sets separated by 5 deep breaths.

    DB curls: 32.5 (each)x12x3@8. Three minutes rest.


    • Week 2, day 4:

      Two-inch deficit deadlift: 285x8x1@6; 305x8x1@7; 325x[email protected]. Four to five minutes rest. I'll add 5 pounds next week.

      Close-grip bench: 158.75x8x1@6; 170x8x1@6; [email protected]. I'll add 5 pounds to these as well.

      BB row for myoreps: 150x16x1@8; 150x5x4; 150x4x1. 5 deep breaths between sets. I'll try 155 next time.

      Triceps press-downs: 72.5x12x3@8. Three minutes rest.


      • Starting week 3 of the hypertrophy template. GPP today:

        Single-arm DB rows with 65 pounds: 56 (each arm) in 8 minutes; 57 ab wheel roll-outs in 8 minutes; 30 minutes LISS on airdyne.


        • Darn, tweaked by back today while doing squats for sets of 6 at relatively low weight--280. It's the same spot I injured last October, lower right back. Not sure what happened but I think I really do need to have a coach check my form, something which I'm hoping to set up in the next couple of weeks. For now I guess I'll rest for a few days, maybe check out one of the injury rehab templates.


          • That's why you're here, to take advantage of the rehab info...

            Hope it's nothing terrible and that you can get back under the bar soon.


            • Thanks, Chas. I bought the lower-back rehab template yesterday. It might be overkill for me but I'll try it for a while. Yesterday I did some body-weight squats, deadlifts with an empty bar, push-ups, and crunches. I'll try squatting with an empty bar today and a few other lifts.


              • Back at it today, using the new low-back-pain template. Lots of high reps.

                Squat, no belt: empty bar x15x1@4; 95x15x1@5; 135x15x1@6. Three minutes rest. No pain at all, not even discomfort, though I notice tightness or something in the area that I hurt last week--lower right side of my back.

                Paused bench: empty bar x15x1@4; 95x15x1@5; 135x15x1@6. Three minutes rest.

                Deadlift: empty bar x15x1@4; 95x15x1@5; 135x15x1@6. Three minutes rest.

                Crunches: 15x3. Two minutes rest.


                • Day 2 on the low-back-pain template.

                  Squat: 45x12x1@4; 135x12x1@5; 175x12x2@6. Three minutes rest. Everything feels good so I think I'll be able to add weight pretty quickly.

                  Paused bench: 45x12x1@4; 100x12x1@5; 155x12x2@6. One to three minutes rest. The weight felt about right for this high-rep range.

                  Deadlift: 45x12x1@4; 115x12x1@5; 190x12x2@6. One to three minutes rest. I'll add weight fairly aggressively to these too.

                  Sit-ups: 4 sets of 12 reps. I anchored my feet against a bar while doing these. I tried them without anything to hold my feet but couldn't do them without jerking myself forward, which made me appreciate the abdominal strength displayed by this woman:

                  She makes them look deceptively easy.


                  • Day 3 of lower-back rehab.

                    Squats: 180x10x1@4; 190x10x1@5; 200x10x2@6; 210x10x1@7. Three minutes rest. These high-rep squats really leave me winded. I'll try adding 5 pounds next time I do 10s.

                    Paused bench: 135x10x1@4; 155x10x1@5; 165x10x2@7; 170x10x1@8. Three minutes rest. I'll repeat this next time since the last set was supposed to feel like a 7, not an 8.

                    Deadlift: 200x10x1@4; 210x10x1@5; 220x10x2@6; 230x10x1@7. I can easily add weight to these.

                    Sit-ups with ab mat: 5 sets of 10 with 1 to 2 minutes rest.


                    • Since my back is feeling nice and normal again I decided to start the Time Crunch template this week. I'm hoping to follow it for most of the summer. I'll be doing a lot of traveling for work and probably won't be able to devote as much time to training as I would like to over the next three months.

                      Still being conservative with the weights--babying the old back a bit.

                      Squat with belt: 290x1x1@7; [email protected]; 240x5x2. Three minutes rest. The RPEs were supposed to be 8, 9, and then 76% of my !RM, which I'm taking to be 315 for now. I'll add 5 pounds next week.

                      Press with belt: 130x1x1@7; [email protected]; 106.25x5x2. Three minutes rest. Conservative with these too, RPEs were also suppoed to be 8, 9, and 76% [of 140]

                      BB rows for myo-reps: 150x15x1@8; 150x5x3; 150x5x4. Five deep breaths between sets.

                      A few crunches, to keep up the low-back rehab.


                      • Day 2 on the time-crunch program.

                        One-count paused bench: 226.25x1x1@8; [email protected]; 186.25x5x2. Three minutes rest.

                        Squats for myoreps : 150x15x1@8; 150x5x1; 150x2x1. Five deep breaths between sets. These are tough--strength-wise I felt capable of doing more but I quickly ran out of breath and had to stop.

                        RDLs for myoreps. 175x14x1@8; 175x5x1; 175x4x1. Same story as the myoreps squats. The weight didn't feel heavy at all but by the third set I was done.

                        I'm hoping I can at least maintain my strength on this program.


                        • Day 3.

                          Deadlift with belt: [email protected]; [email protected]; 326.25x5x2. Three minutes rest. The RPEs were all supposed to be higher but I'm being conservative for a few workouts to see how my back responds. So far so good.

                          Press touch and go for myoreps: 95x15x1@8; 95x5x1; 95x2x1. Five deep breaths between sets. These myoreps are interesting.

                          Single-arm DB rows for myoreps: 60x16x1@8; 60x5x4; 60x4x1. Five deep breaths between sets. I'll add 10 pounds to these next week.


                          • GPP today

                            DB curls: 30 (each ) x12x3; single-arm over-head triceps extensions: 30x12x3; ab-mat situps: 12x3. I did all these as supersets, with 3 minutes rest.

                            LISS on airdyne: 25 min


                            • Sometimes you gotta RPE, your RPE...


                              • Sometimes you gotta RPE, your RPE...
                                It could become an infinite regression...

                                Another time crunch workout today, starting week 2.

                                Squat with belt: 295x1x1@8; 270x5x1@8; 245x5x2. Three minutes rest. I'll add at least another 5 pounds next week.

                                Press with belt: 135x1x1@7; 122.5x5x1@8; 111.25x5x2. Three minutes rest. I'll add 2.5 pounds next.

                                BB rows for myoreps: 155x15x1@8; 155x5x3; 155x4x1. Five deep breaths between sets. I'll try 160 next.

                                Tomorrow I'm off to Cleveland on a working trip for a few days, then to upstate NY for a week.