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  • Phase 2, week 7, day 2. Back from our trip to Tucson. It snowed here while we were away so it was a little chilly working out in the garage this afternoon.

    Bench, touch and go: 205x4x1@7; 210x4x1@8; 215x4x1@9; 205x4x2@8. Four minutes rest.

    Paused squat: 230x7x1@7; 240x7x1@8; 250x7x1@9; 230x7x1@7. Four minutes rest.

    One-arm DB rows: 72.5x10x1@7; 75x10x1@8; 80x10x1@9; 75x10x1@8. Three minutes rest.

    DB curls: 32.5 (each) x12x2@8.

    Triceps press-downs: 75x12x2@8. I supersetted these with the curls, resting two minutes between supersets.

    I'll be competing in a USAPL meet in Albuquerque on December 14. My numbers aren't where I'd like them to be yet (but when are they ever?) so I won't push too hard. I'll be following one of the BBM peaking templates for the next two weeks, starting next Tuesday


    • I'll be competing in a USAPL meet in Albuquerque on December 14. My numbers aren't where I'd like them to be yet (but when are they ever?) so I won't push too hard. I'll be following one of the BBM peaking templates for the next two weeks, starting next Tuesday

      Wooo Hooo...

      No worries on the numbers, enjoy the day. 2021 is where it''s at


      • 2021 is where it''s at
        ...I'll be expecting you to surpass that 500 pound deadlift by then!

        I wonder which city will be hosting the raw nationals that year?


        • Phase 2, week 7, day 3.

          Deadlift, no belt: 380x4x1@7; 400x4x1@8; 420x4x1@9; 375x4x2@7. Four to five minutes rest.

          Press, no belt: 107.5x8x1@7; 112.5x8x1@8; 117.5x8x1@9; [email protected]. Four to five minutes rest.

          DB split squats: bodyweightx10x1@7; 37.5 (each hand)x10x1@8; 47.5x10x1@9; 37.5x10x1@8. Two minutes rest. First time I've done these--I found them challenging at 10 reps.

          Next week I shift to a peaking program. It will be interesting to try some heavy singles again.
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          • Started the fast peak template today to prepare for a meet on December 14.

            Squat with belt: 310x1x1@8; 250x5x1; 285x3x3. Four minutes rest.

            Competition bench: 225x1x1@8; 207.5x3x5. Four minutes rest.

            Pin bench: 170x4x1@6; 185x4x1@7; [email protected]; 190x4x1. Four minutes rest.

            BB rows: 170x12x3@8. Three minutes rest.

            DB curls: 32.5x12x3@8; triceps press-downs: 70x15x2@8; 70x13x1@8. Supersets with two to three minutes rest. I might drop the curls down to 30 pounds next week.


            • Peaking template, day 2.

              Deadlift with belt: 445x1x1@8; 430x3x1@9; 410x3x2. Four to five minutes rest.

              Close-grip bench: 220x1x1@8; 215x3x1@9; 200x3x3. Three to four minutes rest.

              Squat, no belt: 250x6x1@7; 260x6x3@8. Three minutes rest.

              I weigh a bit under 195 now so I'm happy with these numbers--getting close to what I was doing when I weighed 205. I've been training consistently now for about 2.5 months, after missing most of the summer because of traveling for work.


              • The Bench and Deadlift look strong for @8

                Where do you think the Squat will be belted?


                • I'm hoping for 345 on my third squat attempt; 245 for the bench, and 485 for the deadlift. We'll see!


                  • Peaking day 3.

                    Two-count paused squat, no belt: 300x1x1@8; 290x3x1@9; 275x3x2. Four minutes rest.

                    Two-count paused bench: 225x1x1@9; [email protected]; 205x3x2. Four minutes rest. I should have gone with 220 and 215 for the first two sets.

                    Press: 110x6x1@7; 115x6x3@8. Three to four minutes rest.

                    DB curls: 30 (each) x13x3@8, supersets with triceps press-downs: 70x12x3@8. Two to three minutes rest.


                    • Continuing the peaking template, prepping for Saturday's meet. I weighed a bit over 194 this morning before eating or drinking anything.

                      Squat with belt: 315x1x1@8; 310x3x1@9; 295x3x1. Four minutes rest.

                      Competition bench, one-sec pause: 225x1x1@8; [email protected]; 210x3x1. Four minutes rest.

                      Deadlift with belt: 445x1x1@8.

                      On Thursday I'll practice my openers for the squat and bench. Friday afternoon I'll drive to Albuquerque; Saturday morning it's go time!
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                      • Worked up to my openers on the squat and bench today for Saturday's meet.

                        Squat with belt: 315x1x1@8.

                        Comp bench: 225x1x1@8.

                        I'll report back on Sunday about how the meet went.


                        • Meet recap:

                          Had a great time, despite feeling a bit under the weather. The meet was small, only 14 lifters, so everyone--men and women--lifted together in one fight on one platform. A very friendly venue, with some excellent lifters. Great judges and spotters. Most impressive was a slender, quiet teenager in the 74 kg class (163 pounds). He set state records for all his lifts, including a 217.5 deadlift (479 pounds).

                          I made all my squats, though each one felt pretty heavy, even the 140 kg opener. Second squat: 150: third: 155, which set a state record for the 93 kg masters 3 class. (Keep in mind that New Mexico is one of the least populous states in the country, somewhere below Nebraska, I think, so not a big pool of geezer competitors.)

                          Made my first two bench attempts: 100 and 105 kilos. My third attempt at 110 kg only went up a few inches over my chest and just stayed there. I was kind of surprised--I thought 242 pounds would be very doable.

                          Deadlifts went pretty well. I opened with 200 kg; made the second attempt with 210 kg, and decided to go for broke with 222.5kg for the third attempt but couldn't even get it above my knees.

                          This morning I was surprised to find out that I set state records for the squat, deadlift, and total for all lifts for my class.

                          Still feeling a pleasant post-meet buzz. I'm planning to enter a NM state championship meet in February--there should be a lot more lifters at that event. With a bit of luck maybe I'll add a few pounds to all my lifts.


                          • Records iz records...

                            Nice work! Plenty of time to add to those numbers before February.


                            • Thanks, Chas.


                              • Way to go sir!