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  • Week 3 day 2, last workout before Saturday's meet. I worked up to my openers in the squat and bench today:

    Squat with belt: [email protected]

    Bench: [email protected]

    I'll post the meet results on Saturday or Sunday.


    • Go get 'em Tim!

      Remember to bury the first Squat...real deep.


      • Thanks, Chas. I'll try to take that first squat to new depths!


        • Bar's loaded...


          • Great job!
            ( I watched lifting cast all day )


            • Thanks very much, Chas! It was a fun day. I'll post more tomorrow morning.


              • There were some very impressive lifters at yesterday's USAPL State Championship meet in Albuquerque. One woman squatted more than 3 plates and deadlifted more than 4. She has qualified for the Arnold and will compete in the raw nationals later this year. A 59-year-old master's lifter surpassed the world equipped bench press record. It wasn't an official record because the lift took place at a state-level meet, but was still exciting to see. He'll be headed to the IPF World Masters Equipped Championship in South Africa in the spring. I warmed up with him for the bench and his last warm-up set (raw) was 275 pounds--and he made it look easy.

                I had a great time. Weighed in at about 192 pounds, and made 8 of 9 lifts, failing only on my last bench attempt a 242 pounds. So my best bench effort for the day was 237 pounds (107.5kg). It's funny, before the meet I thought the bench press would be a sure thing; I was less sure about my squat and deadlift, and thought my third attempts for those lifts would be kind of iffy. But my last squat--352 pounds (160kg)--felt solid, and I think I could have handled another 5 pounds. My max deadlift--485 pounds (220 kg)--was definitely an RPE10. Nothing left after that one.

                I managed to set 3 state records in the squat, deadlift, and total, and won the number one spot among all the master competitors, which meant I got to take home a big fat medal. As usual there was lots of mutual encouragement among the lifters and the younger lifters were great. The announcer was very lively and kept the audience engaged; I wish I had had the presence of mind to thank the judges and spotters before I left the meet. My experience with the powerlifting community has been consistently uplifting and fun.

                Back to regular training this week. On Tuesday I'm planning to start a BB medicine hypertrophy template, which I'll run for the next 10 weeks.
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                • Naturegirl
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              • Thanks, Naturegirl!
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                • Bravo Codger!!!!


                  • Thank you, SP!


                    • Congrats!

                      Was coming in at that weight an objective you were working towards? Not that it hurt your IPF score

                      Or was it just a bi-product of the training templates?


                      • Thanks very much, Chas!
                        Was coming in at that weight an objective you were working towards? Not that it hurt your IPF score

                        I've been trying to get my waist down to about 33 inches. It's about 34 inches now, down from somewhere over 37. I haven't really changed my diet but the BB med templates have certainly had an impact. And I've added a lot of brisk walking to my routine, about 12 miles each week, along with one weekly HIIT session on an airdyne. Now my goal is to see if I can gain some weight without my waist blowing up!


                        • Started the BBM Hypertrophy 1 template today.

                          High bar squat with belt: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Five minutes rest. First time I've tried high bar squats, and I like them. Much easier on my back than low bar.

                          Press, no belt: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Five minutes rest.

                          RDL with straps: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Two to three minutes rest.

                          Leg extensions, single leg standing with my Spud Inc pulley system: [email protected] Two to three minutes rest. I tried loading 50 pounds on the pulley and couldn't budge it! Dropped the weight to 25 pounds and still no go. Finally settled on 10 pounds!

                          DB curls: 32.5 (each) [email protected] 2.5 minutes rest.

                          Triceps press downs: [email protected] 2.5 minutes rest.


                          • Day 2 on the hypertrophy template.

                            Touch and go bench: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Three to four minutes rest.

                            Belt squat with pulley system on my rack: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Three to four minutes rest. My first serious attempt to do these so I'll probably repeat the same weight next week. The tricky thing about doing them with my pulley set up is that I have to brace myself so the pulley doesn't drag me forward. Other than that the movement feels pretty good, and I can get to below parallel.

                            DB bench AMRAP: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Two to three minutes rest. First time doing these. I think I'll try 60 pounds dumbbells for the first set next week and 55 pounds for the next two sets.

                            DB flies: [email protected] Two to three minutes rest. First time with these as well. I'll stick with the same weight next week and add more reps.


                            • Day 3 of the hypertrophy 1 template.

                              Sumo deadlift with belt: [email protected]?; [email protected]? [email protected]? 5 minutes rest. First time doing these so I'm not quite sure what the right load should be. I'll add 10 pounds next time.

                              Close-grip bench: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Five minutes rest.

                              Incline bench, about 45 degrees: [email protected]? [email protected]?; [email protected]? Trying to find the right load for these too. The first set was supposed to be AMRAP at about 70% of my e1RM. I'll start with 95 next tine.

                              DB lateral raise: [email protected] or 9. Two to three minutes rest.

                              DB curls: 32.5 (each) [email protected] Two to three minutes rest.

                              Triceps press downs: [email protected] Two to three minutes rest.