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  • Originally posted by gymdad150 View Post
    I'm such a "motor moron", I'd be taking my life in my hands going reverse grip on the Bench

    My money is on the yoga for your miss.
    The reverse-grip bench definitely feels odd. I think the biggest adjustment was positioning myself to efficiently and safely unrack the bar.

    I might ease up on the yoga--I've been doing it every evening for 40 minutes or so. Maybe 3 or 4 times a week would be better.


    • Week 7 day 2

      Deadlift with belt: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Three to five minutes rest.

      Feet-up bench: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 150x8x1. Three to four minutes rest.

      DB lunge: 97.5 (total)[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 105x6x1. Three minutes rest.


      • Week 7 day 3

        High bar squat, no belt: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 222.5x8x1. Three to four minutes rest.

        Chest-supported DB row: 100 (total weight)[email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 107.5x8x1. Three to four mninutes rest.

        Lat pull-down: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 115x8x1. Three to four minutes rest.

        Another hot day in the garage--well over 90. Really need to get out there earlier this time of year. Did my usual GPP yesterday (I do it twice a week): snatch-grip high pulls; hammer curls; DB skull crushers; abs, and 40 minutes of mixed running and walking. Tonight I think I'll try another vinyasa yoga session--it's tough but feels really good at the end!

        My weight is holding steady at around 177, waist at 31 inches, which is about as slim as I want to get.


        • Week 7 day 4

          Reverse grip bench: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Three to four minutes rest.

          Close-grip bench with mini-bands: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; 102.5x8x1. Three to four minutes rest.

          Push press; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Three to four minutes rest.

          And that's a wrap for the RTS hypertrophy program. Maybe I'm slightly larger? Hard to tell. Next week I'll start another RTS template, a powerbuilding program, which looks like it has lots of volume.


          • Starting another program with Reactive Training Systems: 8 weeks of powerbuilding, a hybrid bodybuilding/powerlifting cycle.

            Week 1 day 1

            Squat with belt: [email protected]; 217.5x5x6. 90 seconds rest.

            Comp bench: [email protected]; 160x5x6. 60 to 80 seconds rest. After finishing the workout I looked at the template and realized I was supposed to do 8 sets at 160 instead of 6.

            Press, no belt: [email protected] (amrap set); [email protected] Three minutes rest.

            The template specifies "minimal rest" between all sets. I was able to keep the rest below two minutes for the squats and benches, and tried resting 90 seconds after the first set of presses, but realized I would never hit 12 reps for all the sets without resting a bit more.


            • Week 1 day 2

              Deadlift with belt: [email protected]; 325x5x6. Two to three minutes rest.

              Slingshot bench: [email protected]; 205x3x6. 60 to 90 seconds rest.

              Belt squat: [email protected]; 245x12x2. Two minutes rest.


              • Minimal Rest

                Not something I want to contemplate when training.

                31 inch waist ...damnnn Tim! You'll be heading out for Mr. Olympia if you keep that up!


                • 31 inch waist
                  ...damnnn Tim! You'll be heading out for Mr. Olympia if you keep that up!
                  Maybe if I were carrying 30 or 40 more pounds of muscle...I'm a measly 176 or 177 now.


                  • Week 1 day 3

                    Low-pin squat, no belt: [email protected]; 255x3x6. Two minutes rest.

                    Low-pin incline bench: [email protected]; 135x3x6. 90 seconds rest.

                    DB bench: 150 (total weight) [email protected]; 125x12x4. Three minutes rest.

                    I'm enjoying these first few days of the RTS powerbuilding program. Each workout starts with a couple of low-rep sets at RPE 8 to gauge your strength for the day. Then you drop the weight by 10 to 15 percent for the volume work that follows.


                    • Week 1 day 4

                      Two-count paused deadlift, no belt: [email protected]; 351.25x3x4. 60 to 90 seconds rest.

                      Touch and go bench: [email protected]; 170x5x6. 60 to 90 seconds rest. I thought 207.5 for 4 reps would feel like an 8. Not today.

                      Snatch grip RDL: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] 60 to 90 seconds rest. I used straps for the last 2 sets.


                      • Week 2 day 1 on the RTS Powerbuilding program

                        Squat with belt: [email protected]; 247.5x3x6. 60 to 70 seconds rest.

                        Comp bench: [email protected]; 177.5x3x8. 60 seconds rest.

                        Close-grip floor press: [email protected] (amrap set); 135x12x4. Two to three minutes rest.


                        • Week 2 day 2

                          Deadlift with belt: [email protected]; 365x3x6. Two minutes rest.

                          Two-board bench: [email protected]; 215x2x5. 60 to 70 seconds rest.

                          Close-stance high-bar squat: [email protected]; 196.25x12x2. Two to three minutes rest. Phew, I was breathing pretty hard during these sets in my hot garage.


                          • Week 2 day 3

                            Safety bar squat, no belt: [email protected]; 233.75x2x5. 60 seconds rest.

                            Low-pin bench: [email protected]; 202.5x2x5. 90 seconds rest.

                            DB flies: 95x14x1 (amrap set); 85x12x4. 90 seconds rest.

                            I was expecting to do 230 on the bench today. My 1RM strength seems to fade quickly when I'm not following a strength-specific program, but sheesh...I'll stay on this program for another couple of weeks to see how it goes. If my numbers don't improve I might have to switch things up. Or just do a bodybuilding template for fun.


                            • Week 2 day 4

                              Two-inch deficit deadlift, no belt: [email protected]; 357.5x2x3. Two minutes rest.

                              Close-grip bench: [email protected]; 172.5x3x6. 40 to 60 seconds rest.

                              RDL with straps: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected] Two minutes rest.


                              • Week 3 day 1 on the RTS powerbuilding template

                                Squat with belt: [email protected]; 272.5x2x5. 40 to 60 seconds rest.

                                Comp bench: [email protected]; 193.75x2x7. 30 to 40 seconds rest.

                                3-board close-grip bench: 172.5x13x1 (amrap set); 152.5x12x4. Two to three minutes rest.

                                Felt good today, fresh and well rested.