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    Rippened from other site. I continue here.

    bw unknown

    press 50x5x4
    squat 112.5x5x2
    Chins 7.5x6x3
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    Since some seeked explanations, here it is:

    I am sad because I thought we finally had a place to freely discuss training.
    I am not sad because the training discussion seriously deteriorated in quality and "what do you think about this program" became a norm. I blame close mindedness. As a result of that I dwelled into making unpopular political comments and just logging.

    I was not given a specific explanation for my ban other than "Trolling". I jokingly said I was a troll just to make fun of ridiculous idea of me being a troll. I guess that was taken as admittance of my intentions.

    I regret my attempts of trying to defend myself against idiots because I wasted too much time doing that and I'm wasting time typing this as well. Good luck to good people out there.
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      Start a log


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        Good luck with your training.


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          See Wilhelm. Trolling is fun.


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            See, thats close to mettkeks levels. Yöu just overdid the periods at the end. Have good däy bud!

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            Na. Mods there are spineless. Manveer jerks off to the notion of RPE, mgil jerks off to the notion of DUP. My beliefs were simply not compatible (political as well) so it was really seductive to label me as a troll. #thesweetsmellofeasy

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          bw unknown

          bench 87.5 x 5, 85 x 5 x 3
          squat 112.5 x 5 x 2, 110 x 5
          db curlz 18 x 8, 18 x 7
          deadlift 122.5 x 3

          Had to train at a different gym, shitty bars, good benches. Back is sore, not sure why, so I decided to do a triple. Most likely unwarranted cause I didn't feel any pain on the work set but I do have a history of a pretty serious back pain so I won't risk it.


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            Still reading the old board regulary and by god mgil and mettkeks are clueless.
            mgil wrote: Gained ~10% on his lifts or less while gaining about 12% body weight.

            After listening to his review and the concept that he was doing high volume previously, it does sound like the LP was functioning as a peak/transmutation phase.

            mettkeks: ​​​​​​You beat me to it.

            I'm glad my boy ChasingCurlz called that a exodus meme, because it is, whenever gains are made on "suboptimal" programming, it's because of realization of previously developed strength lmao (convenient for dismissal, but completely made up). Oh and yeah, starting LP submaximally is low intensity accumulation block, that's why it works. Laughable I have to say...

            Transmutation mhm...
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              Liked this one:

              Yes, SBD make a good basis for strength/hypertrophy.
              Yes, there are diminishing returns to the amount of exercises you're doing.
              Doesn't mean we should only do SBD and variations of it.

              Why is no one doing partial squats but everyone does rack pulls and board bench presses? I think a partial squat has a bunch of unwarranted negative connotations because uninformed lifters are doing them at planet fitness.

              Also, a new term came out: instagram specific training. Pretty funny.
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                bw 92.7, gotta add even more food

                press 52.5 x 5, 50x5,4,5 , bar went forward on the 3rd set

                squat 115x5x2, fairly easy, belt was a bit loose so I tightened it another hole. Seems like I'm gaining weight and losing waist on suboptimal low volume program. Fuck.

                db curlZ 18 x 8 x 2, I'll switch to BB curlz when adding reps on this weight stops working.

                deadlift 122.5 x 5, fairly easy, I'm glad I did a triple on friday but I'll probably switch to a lighter pull on friday. High specificity, short arms, 2x frequency are probably the things that don't go together for me.


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                  bw 93.2, yesterday's and today's appetite is through the roof

                  bench 90x3, 87.5x5, 85x5x3, complications with the bar choice, this is why there's 90x3 at beginning, 90x3 felt easy tho

                  chins 7.5 x 6

                  squat 117.5 x 5 x 2, felt heavy but bar speed didn't drop, tempo disease and depth seem better, master cue is taking care of everything else

                  chins 7.5 x 6 x 2, I had to split these cause I was waiting for eleiko bar, other bars are literal junk. Some PT reserved the eleiko bar for his client while doing glute activation drills and foam rolling in a rack. And even with 10 minute warmup, the client didn't squat to depth on any rep.



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                    Originally posted by voluntarySquatship View Post
                    bw 93.2,
                    I will skinny-shame you.


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                      Originally posted by John Hanley View Post

                      I will skinny-shame you.
                      I have wrinkles on my butt.


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                        Shout-outs to timelinex. It's sad you have to type this:
                        I'm sure I will get alot of heat for this here since you are a respected member and I am in fact taking a contrarian point of view compared to 'accepted science' of the masses.
                        - slow bar speeds
                        - full MU recruitment
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                          bw 92.7, I don't understand, I'll have to add more milk since it's tough and expensive to eat more solid foods

                          press 52.5x4, 50x4,3, I blame a combination of NDTFP on wednesday and possibly not eating enough. I'm going in tomorrow to fix this mistake so I decided to go easy today, hence 50x4,3. Gotta respect The SRA Cycle.

                          squat 117.5x5x3, Some hip pinching at the bottom when my knees slide forward. I'll take care of that,

                          db curlz 18 x 9, 8

                          deadlift 3ct hold, 85x5x3, 70% of monday, going to bump it up to 75% and 80%. Keeping it easy to get used to the volume. Why 3ct hold? Upper back gainzzz. Hanley is obsessed with upper back and I like Hanley. I can't be arsed to attempt SGDL again. I'm almost touching my genitalia with regular grip. #shortarmslife. Got a good upper back pump tho.

                          Lots of triggering statements here. Trolls gonna troll.


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                            bw 93.4

                            As promised:
                            press 52.5 x 5 x 2

                            Wow, mgil is really trying to up the quality of his board with his ridiculously smart programming ideas. The value in laying out all the possible permutations of dup is immense.
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