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Adam Franklin's Training Log: Running Breeds Cowardice

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  • Adam Franklin's Training Log: Running Breeds Cowardice

    Link to previous log:

    IG log:

    Currently half way through the BBM 12 week strength template in preparation for the SS Fall Classic.

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    What are you doing in these parts?


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      Logging my training progress using a BBMed template. Seems appropriate...


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        Squat [email protected] 8ish?, 410lbx4x4
        Bench [email protected] 8, 335lbx4x2
        60deg incline bench 145lbx8, 155lbx8, 165lbx8x3
        BW 205lb

        Worked up to a heavy single at 455lb. Upon review, it moved relatively fast, but it felt really awkward. My squats have felt off recently; I feel like I need more practice at lighter weight to get back "in the groove." Thursday, I have paused squats, and I looking forward to them in a sense, because I think it will help my confidence in my technique.
        On the other hand, bench has been feeling great! The increase pressing frequency and volume of the last 6 weeks has paid off. 370lb moved fast and felt easy! I'll test my bench after the SS meet at the end of Oct. Looking to hit 4 plates. What do y'all think?

        Deadlift 475lbx1, 430lbx4x3
        Layback press 217.5lbx1, 192.5lbx4x3
        Beltless squats 285lbx8, 300lbx8, 315lbx8x2, 315lbx7 (miscounted)
        BW 205lb

        Training went well today, despite running 2 miles through the Petersburg battlefield early this morning.

        Soccer (lol)
        8 min density block chins
        8 min density abz

        Paused squat 380lbx1, 355lbx4x3
        Paused bench 335lbx1, 315lbx4, 300lbx4x2
        TnG Press 140lbx8, 145lbx8, 150lbx8, 145lbx8, 140lbx8

        I got about four hours of sleep last night and had unit PT this morning at 6am (soccer, lol). Despite all of this, training went well today.
        Paused squats felt really good today. They gave me a chance to work on some technique issues.
        Bench move well today! 335lb is close to my all time paused/meet PR at 342lb, set back in Jan 2016 (at the same body weight).

        Paused deads 425lbx1, 395lbx4, 365lbx4x2
        Pin presses 225lbx1, 205lbx4, 195lbx4x2
        Mid shin rack pulls 340lbx8, 355lbx8, 370lbx7, 355lbx8

        Deadlifts needed moar chest up!

        Sprints, 20s every 2 mins, 14 minutes
        8 min density block chins
        8 min density hanging leg raises

        Squats 430lbx1, 390lbx4x4
        Bench 355lbx1, 315lbx4x3
        Steep incline press 150lbx8, 160lbx8, 170lbx7x3
        Remedial squat singles up to 405lb

        Squats felt like garbage today's. My quads were hurting for some reason. I ended up lowering all weights by about 10% from were I wanted to be.
        After squats, my focus was thrown off going to bench. I kept touching to low or letting the far get away from my (toward my toes).
        I finished the day with some light squat singles to drill form an try to rebuild some confidence in the movement. These felt much better! Why wasn't I able to do these right in my worksets?!? Oh well, I got beltless squats tomorrow and paused squats Thursday to figure this out.

        Deadlift 475lbx1, 425lbx4x4
        Layback press 220lbx1, 195lbx4x4
        Beltless squats 270lbx8, 285lbx8, 300lbx8x3
        BW 204lb
        Deadlifts felt and looked good today!
        On my heavy press single, I let the bar get away from me, making the rep harder than it should have been. It's important to stay midfoot on the press, much like the squat and deadlift.
        I'm trying to find my groove on squats, and the beltless sets of 8 squat helped.

        Slow Bn formation run, 30 mins
        8 min density block chins
        8 min density abs

        Paused squats [email protected] 9, 345lbx4, 335lbx4x2
        Paused bench [email protected] 8, 314lbx4, 305lbx4, 295lbx4
        TnG press 135lbx8, 150lbx8x2, 145lbx8
        BW 203lb

        My squat form is coming along, but my quads have been sore recently during any form of squats. It's not preventing me from squatting, it's just distracting. We did have a battalion run Wednesday morning...
        Bench press is continuing to progress almost weekly, which is fun. This is another paused bench #PR, the last one being last week!
        Rounded out the night with sets of 8 on presses.

        Paused deads 435lbx1, 400lbx4x2, 385lbx4
        Pin presses 225lbx1, 205lbx4, 215lbx4, 205lbx4
        Mid shin rack pulls 345lbx8, 365lbx8, 335lbx8
        BW 203lb

        LISS 30 mins, HR<120 bpm
        8 min density block chins
        8 min density abs
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          Squat 445lbx1, 465lbx1, 405lbx4x3
          Bench 365lbx1, 320lbx4x2
          60 deg incline press 155lbx8, 165lbx8x3
          BW 203lb

          Squat technique is feeling better, but I'm lacking confidence during "heavy" singles. I lifted my chest BAD out of the hole during today's top single, killing all hip drive. I need to stay BENT OVER out of the hole, driving the hips UP! I do a better job of this during my back off work.
          As for bench, I was hoping to PR my estimate 1RM with a RPE 9 single, but it wasn't in the cards today.

          Deadlift 475lbx1, 495lbx1, 435lbx4x3
          Press 205lbx1, 225lbx1, 197.5lbx3, 185lbx4x2
          Beltless squats 275lbx8, 295lbx8, 315lbx8x3
          BW 202lb

          First time pulling 5 plates in a few months. Excited to peak and see how I do at the upcoming Starting Strength Fall Classic.
          Press didn't go so well. I forgot to layback and "get under the bar," which made 225lb into a grind for a strict press, which should have been an easy layback press.
          Beltless squats for sets of 8s are cardio IMO. I took Austin's advice and tried to keep my chest pointed at the WD40 bottle on the ground in front of me. I think it worked.

          30 mins of aussie rules football
          8 min density block chins
          8 min density block planks

          Paused squat 395lbx1, 380lbx3x2, 365lbx3
          Paused bench 345lbx1, 330lbx3, 320lbx3, 310lbx3
          TnG press 125lbx8, 135lbx8, 145lbx8x3
          BW 202lb

          Hit a paused squat PR during today's single. Warm up reps showed thoracic rounding, so I focused keeping a "proud chest" and pinning the elbows in to my side for tight upper back and lats.
          Also hit a pause bench PR with a pretty easy top single at about treefidy .
          I'm liking the uptick in intensity. Next week, volume drops off, as I'll only be training 3 days a week.
          4 weeks out!

          Paused deads 445lbx1, 430lbx3, 420lbx3, 410lbx3
          Pin presses 245lbx1, 235lbx3, 220lbx3, 210lbx3
          Mid shin rack pull 315lbx8, 330lbx8x3
          BW 203lb

          To emphasize the layback in the press, I focused on pushing my body away from the bar, similar to pushing the back into the bench in the press. I think it helped.
          Next week, volume drops off. Can't wait! Four weeks out.

          30s sprint every 2 min, 14 min
          8 min density block chins
          8 min density block hanging leg raises
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            Week 9: "Pivot" or mini deload week to start taper.

            Deadlift 485lbx1, 505lbx1, 455lbx3x2
            Bench 370lbx1, 390lb FAIL, 330lbx3x2
            TnG press 120lbx10, 125lbx10, 130lbx10
            BW 201lb

            Deadlifts moved well today. Worked up to a top single of 505lb (ties training PR) and hit a 455lb triple for a PR, with more left on the tank!
            However, I got greedy on bench. 375lb moved desciptively fast, so I decided to go for 390lb, a 5lb all time PR. Two pounds lighter, I would of had it! Don't get greedy kids!

            Pin press 245lbx1, 205lbx6
            Pin squat 360lbx1, 305lbx6
            Rows 185lbx10, 195lbx10, 205lbx10
            BW 200lb

            Pin presses were nothing special. They just felt heavy!
            Today was my first exposure to pin squats. THESE ARE HARD!

            Squat 465lbx1, 485lbx1, 435lbx3x2
            Layback press, 205lbx1, 225lbx1, 195lbx3x2
            Deficit deadlift 465lbx1, 485lbx1, 415lbx6
            BW 200lb

            I got out of my garage and lifted at Richmond Balance this morning.
            Squats when well today, which is a confidence booster. 485lb is the heaviest I squated in a few months! Used that IG #fitchick angle, so I got that going for me!
            I did deficit deads today for the first time in a long time. Felt good.
            3 weeks out.

            25 Min LISS at HR of 110ish
            6 Min density block pull ups BWx37reps
            No ab work, had a client to coach...


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              Nice work dude!
              IG / YT


              • Adam Franklin
                Adam Franklin commented
                Editing a comment
                Thanks! The 485lb squat single felt great as I was starting to doubt my squat strength. There might be something to this block programming stuff...

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              W10D1 Mon
              Deadlift 495lbx1, 515lbx1, 485lbx3, 455lbx3, 430lbx3
              Bench 360lbx1, 375lbx1, 350lbx3, 335lbx3, 320lbx3
              TnG Press 135lbx5, 145lbx5, 155lbx5x3
              BW 200lb

              For deadlifts, 515lb is a training #PR, and 485lb is a new 3RM! I focused on not rushing through setting my back, feeling the weight in the hands and feet, and keeping the bar close off of the floor.
              Top bench single moved real well. Focused on ensuring the bar goes BACK off of the chest, not up.
              3 weeks out.

              W10D2 Wed
              Unit PT, Aussie rules football for 40 mins.
              So I hurt myself during unit PT this morning. I was running and felt a pop in the arch of my left foot. It wasn't painful, but I stopped running and later it hurt to walk. I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis in both feet since the end of July.

              Pin press 235lbx1, 235lbx2, 225lbx2, 205lbx2
              Pin squat 375lbx1, 375lbx2, 360lbx2, 345lbx2
              Rows 205lbx5, 225lbx5, 245lbx5x3
              BW 199lb

              My foot felt fine if I didn't let the weight get onto my toes.
              On squats, the walkout bothered my foot, and I was favoring my "good side (both feet have PF!). I on the way up, I noticed i was corkscrewing, favoring to good side. I fixed it by my last set.
              Well, time to RICE and NSAID my heels into healing!

              W10D3 Sat
              Squat 475lbx1, 445lbx3, 425lbx3, 405lbx3
              Layback press 205lbx1, 215lbx1, 192.5lbx3x2, 187.5lbx3
              Deficit deads 465lbx1, 465lbx2, 450lbx2, 435lbx2
              BW 198lb

              I delayed this workout so I would be on a T, R, Sat schedule (meet is on a Saturday).
              Want to see someone kill their hip drive by lifting their chest out of the hole? 'Cause that's what I did on my top single! My heels started to bother me during squats, which made it hard to focus on staying midfoot. I ended up tightening my belt after squats, we will see how that helps next week.
              Presses moved well, but I kept throwing the bar away from me instead if up.
              Deficit deads felt heavier than the should have been. Maybe the cut is catching up to me, or maybe gravity was just stronger than usual today!
              Two weeks out.


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                Deadlift 495lbx1, 525lbx1, 490lbx2, 460lbx2
                Bench 365lbx1, 380lbx1, 340lbx3, 325lbx3
                Layback press 145lbx5, 155lbx5, 165lbx5x3
                BW 197lb

                Last heavy pull and bench before the meet! I set a training PR with my top pull at 525lb. I rounded more than I'm use to, but I'll take it.
                I overshoot my top bench bench, so it turned about to be a bit of a grind. However, this is 5lb under my bench PR from when I weighed 215lb.
                Finished up with some light layback presses to "grease the groove."

                Pin press 245lbx1, 255lbx1, 235lbx2, 215lbx3
                Pin squat 365lbx1, 385lbx1, 355lbx2, 340lbx2
                Rows 225lbx5, 244lbx5x3
                BW 197lb

                PRed my pin press, put I let the last rep of my back off set get too far forward. Oops.
                Pin squats felt good, PRed that as well. You feel it in your low back doing these beltless!
                My left hamie and calf have been feeling weird, more annoying than painful. Probably because my left foot PF has affected my gait. Not worried about it, just annoyed...

                Mando "fun" aka Army unit PT, ultimate frisbee for about 40 mins. Heels still bothering me...

                Squat 465lbx1, 485lbx1, 450lbx3, 430lbx3
                Press 2.0 220lbx1x2, 205lbx3, 195lbx3
                Deficit deads 475lbx1, 460lbx2, 435lbx3
                BW 196lb

                Last heavy day training day before the meet. I tried to replicate meet conditions, including a weigh out!
                Squats felt good, however I'm still not liking how I want to lift my chest. I'll need to pay someone to yell "HIPS" at me during the meet!
                Presses felt good. A little grindy. I easy experimenting with my press technique, but I scrapped it and went back to the trusty "press 2.0."
                Deficit deadlifts didn't want to leave the ground!
                One week out!


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                  Squat 455lbx1x2
                  Press 2.0 205lbx1x2
                  Deadlift 445lbx1
                  BW 196lb

                  Squat and press openers, and my last warm up for the deadlift.
                  Squats felt good. I'm focusing on staying midfoot into and out of the hole. I want 485lb to be my 2nd attempt, so I may lower my opener to 445lb
                  Press moved fast! I'm really focusing on dipping the bar straight down, throwing it straight up, and GETTING BACK UNDER THE BAR!
                  For the deadlift, I've been focusing on setting my back by squeezing it tight, vs "snapping" it tight (watch older vids). This change has helped me to keep the bar close off of the floor.
                  4 days out!