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    Hi all!
    My profile
    Weight: ~140.5lb / 63kg (as of 6/11/18)
    Height: 5'8" / 172cm
    Age: 16 y/o

    A little background
    I'm 16 y/o, I started lifting seriously around April this year, I started in Candito's LP, then moved to SS (some of you will know this), I have to mention that I kinda screwed up my LP because I didn't eat enough, when I started I was weighing around ~127lb and slowly bulked to 140lb where I'm right now, I know that I should have incresed my weight more rapidly, but at that time I really didn't knew many of the things I know now about nutrition. Now that I decided to move on from Starting Strenght I want to use this log to track my overall progress.

    My best lifts so far

    Press 46.5kg/102.5lb (for one rep, not max)
    Bench 66.5kg/146.5lb (for one rep, not max)
    Squat 95kg/210lb (for 5 reps)
    Deadlift 108.5kg/240lb (for 5 reps)

    (they're pretty low I know)

    My Goal
    1. Getting stronger and bigger at descent rate, while also being healthy.

    My Plan
    For now I've planned to bulk continioulsy till I hit around 160lb and then I'll reasess how my body looks like, I will be gaining around 1 lb/Week, this will be along following The Bridge 1.0 from BBM.

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    The Bridge 1.0

    Week 1
    Day 1
    Squat: 80x5 @6, 85x5 @7, 87.5x5 @8 (Squats felt pretty good, I think that from doing them 3x per week I know how to properly rate the RPE)
    Close grip bench press: 50x4 @7, 52.5x4 @8, 55x4 @8.5 (This one also felt good, however the last set felt a little ligth than what I was expecting, I planned on getting a @9, but it felt more like a 8-8.5)
    Rack pull: 80x7 @6, 87.5x7 @8, 87.5kg @8.5 (In this I messed up a little bit in my warm ups, I was supposed to do 7 reps at @6, I got to 80kg which felt like [email protected] so I decided to count that as a working set and then move to the second set at @7 (same reps) I put 87.5kg and that was a @8 so I made that mistake, I repeated the weight for the next set which was a @8 and felt like that, maybe more like a 8.5)

    Neck Curl: 3x20 @40kg
    Neck Extension: 3x25 @20kg
    DB Side raise: 2x8 @14kg (7kg each side, and a RPE of @8.5)
    (I usually do neck work in between workouts, but since I'm going to be doing GPP and that has some back work I decided to try doing them after finishing the main excercises)


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      Hey man glad to see you starting The Bridge! Good luck!


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        Originally posted by llaffin View Post
        Hey man glad to see you starting The Bridge! Good luck!
        Thanks!!, I'm going to be posting weekly progress, or you think daily it's better?


        • llaffin
          llaffin commented
          Editing a comment
          Whatever's easiest for you to comply with!

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        Week 2
        BW: 142lb
        Day 1
        Squat: 83.5x5 @6, 86.5x5 @7, 87.75x5 @8, 87.75x5 @8, 89x5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], 3x [email protected])
        Close grip bench press: 51x4 @7, 53.5x4 @8, 2(56.5x4) @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Rack pull: 82.5x7 @6.5, 82.5x7 @7, 85x7 @7.5, 88.5x5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

        Neck Curl: 1x50 @20kg, 1x30 @30kg
        DB side raise: 2x12 @14kg

        Notes: This workout was pretty bad I must say, I failed to put on the right ammount of weight in the bar twice and realized just in the last sets. However I achieved the weight I wanted on squats and CGBP, rack pull was better than last week.

        Day 2
        Pull-ups: 61reps (7min)
        Ez bar curl: 61reps @15kg (7min)
        Seated calf raise: 3x12 @45kg
        Knee raise hold/Plank hold: MAX x 7min

        Day 3
        2ct paused Squat: 77.5x4 @7.5, 80x4 @8.5, 2(81.5x4) @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Press: 36x5 @6.5, 36.5x5 @7.5, 37.5x5 @9, 3(36.5x5) @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Pendlay Row: 44x8 @6.5, 45x8 @7.5, 3(46.5x8) @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

        Neck Curl: 4x20 @30kg
        DB Tricep extension: 1x15 @14kg, 1x12 @16kg

        Notes: Squats and Row went good, I think I'm getting better at rating the RPE for those, nonetheless in Press I still have some problems, I have to get used to the high volume, and perfect my form because that's something I realized sometimes mess me up.

        Day 4
        Pull-ups: 60reps (7min)
        Rope curl: 59reps @10kg (4min)
        Reverse DB curl: 45reps @12kg (3min)
        Ab roll out: MAX x 7min (45reps)
        One leg calf raise (leg press): 2x12 @100kg, 1x12 @80kg

        Day 5
        Deadlift: 100x5 @6.5, 101.5x5 @7, 3(105x5) @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Bench press 1ct: 51.5x5 @6, 53.5x5 @7, 55x5 @8.5, 55x5 @9, 54x5 @8, 54x5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        3-0-3 tempo Squat: 61.5x8 @6.5, 62.5x8 @7.5, 2(64x8) @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

        DB side raise: 2x13 @14kg

        Notes: Pretty long workout, but a good one, deadlift felt pretty good, maybe a little harder that expected. I don't know hwta happened to Bench the second set at @7 felt way to easy, but when I moved to 55kg it felt harder that I wanted, I dropped the weight to maintain RPE but that was not enough. Tempo squats were good, but pretty hard, those are the perfect finisher.

        Week 3
        BW: 142
        Day 1
        Squat: 85x5 @6, 87.5x5 @7, 90x5 @8, 90x5 @8, 90x5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Close grip bench press: 51.5x4 @7, 54x4 @8, 56.5x4 @~9, 56.5x4 @~9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Rack pull: 85x7 @7, 88.5x7 @8.5, 90x7 @9.5, 90x5 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

        Neck Curl: 2x25 @30kg
        DB side raise: 2x15 @14kg

        Notes: Squat felt as always, the last set the RPE went up but I think that's normal due to fatigue, I'm still getting used to doing this high volume workouts. CGBP felt pretty good, last sets felt almost like a 9, like somewhere between 8.5 a 9. Rack pull where pretty hard actually, I think I put more weight that I needed, good workout after all.

        Day 2
        Pull-ups: 68reps (7min)
        Barbell curl: 58reps @20kg (7min)
        Seated calf raise: 14,13,12 @45kg
        Rear deltoid band: 3x30
        Knee raise hold: MAX x 7min (4.30 TW)

        Day 3
        2ct paused Squat: 80x4 @7.5, 82.5x4 @8.5, 83.5x4 @9, 83.5x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Press: 34x5 @6, 36x5 @7, 37.5x5 @8, 37.5x5 @8, 37.5x5 @8, 37.5x5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Pendlay Row: 45x8 @6, 46.5x8 @7.5, 47.5x8 @8.5, 47.5x8 @8.5, 47.5x8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

        Neck Curl: 25,25,20 @30kg
        DB Tricep extension: 12,10,8 @16kg

        Notes: Squat didn't felt too bad in my opinion, I wasn't too tired from last workout, I've been trying to add weight every workout in this variations aswell. Press did felt better than the past workouts I ditched the RPE calculator and went by feel and discovered that I need to start with lower weights the first two sets to achieve the stipulated RPE, even tough I haven't add weight from past workouts today did felt easier. Row as always trying to add weight while not damaging my form, I'm getting used to do it in 8's.

        Day 4
        Pull-ups: 62reps (7min)
        Barbell curl: 42reps @20kg (4min)/
        Reverse Barbell curl: 51reps @15kg (3min)
        Plank: MAX x 7min (5min Tw)
        Calf raise (leg press): 15 @110kg, 12 @130kg, 10 @150kg

        Day 5
        Deadlift: 95x5 @6, 101x5 @7, 106x5 @8, 106x5 @8, 106x5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
        Bench press 1ct: 50x5 @6, 52.5x5 @7.5, 55x5 @8, 55x5 @8.5, 55x5 @8.5, 55x5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], 4x[email protected])
        3-0-3 tempo Squat: 62.5x8 @6, 64x8 @7, 67.5x8 @8, 67.5x8 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

        DB side raise: 14, 12 @14kg
        Neck curl: 25, 20 @30kg

        Notes: I realized that with deadlift I had to do something similar with press, adjust my first working sets so I'm not too fatigued when I reach the RPE 8 sets, I achieved to add weight to the bar while keeping control of the RPE. Bench felt good aswell I repeated the wieght from last week and did it from sets across which I found pretty good. I messed up in squats because I didn't saw that in this week the given RPE was higher than past workouts so I didn't do the correct RPE for all sets, even tough they felt good, quite difficult the last sets but good.

        Day 6
        Cardio: 12km run (1:03:43)

        Edit: Forgot to uptade my log


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          Week 4
          BW: 143.4
          Day 1
          Squat: 87.5x5 @6, 90x5 @7.5, 91.5x5 @8, 91.5x5 @8.5, 91.5x5 @9, 89x5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
          Close grip bench press: 52.5x4 @7, 55x4 @8, 57.5x4 @9.5, 57.5x4 @9, 57.5x4 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
          Rack pull: 86.5x7 @7, 88.5x7 @8, 91.5x7 @9, 91.5x5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

          Neck Curl: 40kgx5, 20kgx 28, 29
          DB side raise: 15, 14 @14kg

          Notes: Kinda tired from the beggining, squat felt heavier that I wanted to but I managed to add a little bit of weight and increase my e1RM, maybe I need to pay attention to my form because I think it wasn't the best. CGBP felt good, trying something new of doing all reps in one breath didn't noticed too much difference. Rack pull I didn't try to add weight this time so I could stay in the RPE given, felt heavy but good after all.

          Day 2
          Pull-ups: 65reps (7min)
          Barbell curl: 63reps @20kg (7min)
          Seated calf raise: 12, 12, 10 @50kg
          Rear deltoid band: 3x30
          Decline hold: MAX x 7min (3.31 TW)

          Day 3
          2ct paused Squat: 80x4 @7, 82.5x4 @8, 85x4 @9, 85x4 @9, 85 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
          Press: 34x5 @6, 36.5x5 @7, 38.5x5 @8.5, 38.5x5 @9, 37.5x5 @8, 37.5x5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
          Pendlay Row: 45x8 @6.5, 46.5x8 @7.5, 47.5x8 @8, 47.5x8 @8, 47.5x8 @8, 47.5x8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

          Neck Curl: 20,18,17 @30kg
          DB Tricep extension: 15,15, 14 @14kg

          Notes: Squats went as I wanted to, nothing extraordinary. In press I wanted to see if I was able to progress adding weight and keep controlled the RPE but I wasn't, however I think I improved. Pendaly row is ok, I still have some trouble rating the RPE while doing high reps.

          Day 4
          Pull-ups: 67reps (7min)
          Barbell curl: 37reps @20kg (3.30min) / Reverse Barbell curl: 37reps @20kg (3.30min)
          Plank: MAX x 7min (5.02min Tw)
          Calf raise (leg press): 15, 12, 12 @150kg
          Rear deltoid band: 33, 30, 30

          Day 5
          Deadlift: 97.5x5 @6, 102.5x5 @7, 107.5x5 @8, 107.5x5 @8, 107.5x5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
          Bench press 1ct: 51x5 @6, 53.5x5 @7.5, 56x5 @9, 54x5 @8, 54x5 @8, 54x5 @8.5, 54x5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
          3-0-3 tempo Squat: 65x8 @6, 67.5x8 @7, 70x8 @8, 70x8 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

          DB side raise: 15, 15 @14kg
          Neck curl: 22, 20, 18 @30kg

          Notes: Deadlift felt pretty solid, trying to practice better the cue "Push the floor" and felt good. Bench wasn't so good, I tried to add weight from last workout but wasn't able, I went a little greedy with the third set just to try increase the e1RM and didn't pay too much attention to RPE, I need to correct to that. Tempo squats same as always.
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            Week 5
            BW: 143.8
            Day 1
            Squat: 90x4 @6.5, 92.5x5 @7.5, 95x4 @8, 95x4 @8.5, 95x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
            Paused bench 3ct: 47.5x4 @7, 49x4 @~8, 52.5x4 @9, 52.5x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
            Paused deadlift 2ct: 85x4 @7, 90x4 @8, 95x4 @9, 95x4 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

            Neck Curl: 25, 25, 25 @30kg
            Cable side raise (one arm): 8, 8, 8 @3.75kg

            Notes: I'm pretty happy with squats, this is the heaviest I've lifted since starting The Bridge and when I did that it was a maximal weight. Bench felt pretty good, I could've done a little more in the second set, trying to practice my form to do a proper leg drive. Paused deadlift was okay, I tried to keep my lower back in extension, but I went a little heavy in the last sets so I think I messed that.

            Day 2
            Pull-ups: 67reps (7min)
            Barbell curl: 70reps @20kg (7min)
            Seated calf raise: 12, 11, 10 @50kg
            Rear deltoid band: 3x30
            Knee raise hold: MAX x 7min (4.10 TW)

            Day 3
            2ct paused Squat: 81.5x4 @7.5, 83.5x4 @8, 86x4 @9.5, 85x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
            Press: 35x4 @6, [email protected], 40x4 @8, 40x4 @8, 40x4 @8, 40x4 @8.5, 40x4 @9([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
            Pendlay Row: 45x8 @6, 47.5x8 @7, 49x8 @8, 49x8 @8, 49x8 @8.5, 49x8 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

            Neck Curl: 8 @35kg 20, 20 @30kg
            DB Tricep extension: 15,15, 17 @14kg

            Notes: Today squats felt heavier than normal, lowered the weight so the set wouldn't be a maximal set. Press felt great, 6 weeks ago I barely could do that weight for 3 reps. Row felt good too.

            Day 4
            Pull-ups: 63reps (7min)
            Barbell curl: 42reps @20kg (3.30min) / Reverse Barbell curl: 40reps @20kg (3.30min)
            Plank: MAX x 7min (5.04min Tw)
            Calf raise (leg press): 15, 15, 13 @150kg
            Rear deltoid band: 35, 33, 26

            Day 5
            Deadlift: 102.5x4 @6, 107.5x4 @7, 113.5x4 @8, 113.5x4 @8.5, 113.5x4 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
            Bench press 1ct: 53.5x4 @6.5, 55x4 @7.5, 56.5x4 @8, 56.5x4 @8.5, 56.5x4 @8.5, 56.5x4 @8.5, 56.5x4 @8.5, 56.5x4 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
            Squat beltless: 82.5x6 @7.5, 84x6 @8, 86.5x6 @9, 86.5x6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

            Cable side raise (one arm): 10, 10, 9 @3.75kg
            Neck curl: 26, 21, 20 @30kg

            Notes: Deadlift was pretty good, however I think I let my form to break down a little bit, gotta pay attention to that. Bench wasn't great today, I need to practice leg drive. Squats were okay, I did my best but I was so tired from deadlifts that I didn't put too much enthusiasm.


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              Week 6
              BW: 140lb (Different scale)
              Day 1
              Squat: 225lbx1 @8, 205lbx4 @8, 205lbx4 @8, 205x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected])
              Paused bench 3ct: 115lbx3 @7, 120lbx3 @8, 130lbx3 @10, 125lbx3 @9, 125lbx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
              Paused deadlift 2ct: 185x4 @7.5, 90(200)x4 @8, 95(210lb)x4 @9, 95x4 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

              Neck Curl: 25, 25, 20 @70lb
              Cable side raise (one arm): 8, 8, 8 @10lb

              Notes: Pretty weird workout, maybe because I was doing it in a new gym with different weights. Squats were okay in RPE but not it in weight, I was hoping to go a little bit heavier but I couldn't. Bench did go pretty good, I went a little heavy in the 3rd set but in this gym there are no disc in between 2.5 and 5 pounds. Deadlifts were bad, I was deadlifting with hex plates so I had to start every rep from the beggining and since the first rep it's the most difficult for me I had to stay conservative with the weight jumps.

              Day 2
              Pull-ups: 67reps (7min)
              Barbell curl: 47reps @55lb (7min)
              Seated calf raise: 12, 12, 12 @100lb
              Rear deltoid band: 3x30
              Leg raise: 5x12

              Day 3
              Paused Squat: 185lbx3 @7.5, 185lbx3 @8, 190x3 @9, 190x3 @9.5, 185x3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
              Press: 100lbx1 @8, 90lbx4 @8, 90lbx4 @8.5, 90lbx4 @9, 90lbx4 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected])
              Pendlay Row: 105x6 @6, 110x6 @7, 115lbx6 @8, 115lbx6 @8, 115lbx6 @8.5, 115lbx6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

              DB Tricep extension: 15,15, 12 @35lb

              Notes: As past workout squat felt a little weaker compared to my other gym, but nothing too bad. Press felt good maybe a little heaviar than I'd like but since I only can do 5lb jump between weights I don't think it's bad, trying to incorporate more the press with a pause in the bottom with bounce. Row felt okay.
              Day 4
              Pull-ups: 61reps (7min)
              Barbell curl: 35reps @50lb (3.30min) / Reverse Barbell curl: 30reps @50lb (3.30min)
              Plank: MAX x 7min (5.11min Tw)
              Standing calf raise: 15, 15, 15 @135lb

              Day 5
              Deadlift: 265lbx1 @8, 245lbx4 @8, 245lbx4 @8.5, 245lbx4 @9 ([email protected] [email protected])
              Bench: 145lbx1 @8, 125lbx4 @7.5, 130lbx4 @8, 130lbx4 @8, 130lbx4 @ ([email protected], [email protected])
              Beltless squat: 175lbx6 @6.5, 180lbx6 @7.5, 185lbx6 @8.5, 185lbx6 @8.5, 185lbx6 @10, 175lbx6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

              Cable side raise (one arm): 10, 8, 8 @10lb

              Notes: In this new gym squats and deadlifts have felt bad compared to before, I was hoping on doing a 275 single but just could get 265, also in the back off set resetting after every reps affects a lot on how much weight I can lift. Bench was pretty good 5lb more of my target weight while maintaining RPE, better use of leg drive this workout. Squats felt terrible, I was fatigued from deadlifts and bench I don't know what happened on third set I lost focus.


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                Week 7
                BW: 142 (different scale)
                Day 1
                Squat: 230lbx1 @9, 210lbx3 @8, 210lbx3 @8, 210x3 @8, 210lbx3 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                Paused bench 3ct: 120lbx3 @7.5, 125lbx3 @8, 130lbx3 @9, 130lbx3 @9, 130lbx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                Paused deadlift 2ct: 190x3 @7, 195lbx3 @~8, 205lbx3 @~9, 210lbx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                Cable side raise (one arm): 12, 10, 10 @10lb

                Day 2
                Pull-ups: 61reps (7min)
                Barbell curl: 52reps @55lb (7min)
                Seated calf raise: 14, 12, 12 ñ@100lb
                Rear deltoid: 15 @100lb, 12 @115lb, 10 @120lb
                Abdominal crunch hold: MAXx7min (3.21 TW)
                Neck curl: 20, 13 @70lb 20 @55lb

                Day 3
                Paused Squat: 185lbx3 @7, 190lbx3 @8, 195lbx3 @9.5, 195lbx3 @9.5, 195lbx3 @10 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                Press: 105lbx1 @9, 100lbx3 @10, 95lbx3 @9, 95lbx3 @9, 95lbx3 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected])
                Pendlay Row: 120x6 @7, 120x6 @7, 125lbx6 @8.5, 125lbx6 @8.5, 125lbx6 @8.5, 125lbx6 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                DB Tricep extension: 15,15,18 @35lb

                Notes: Squats were harder I seem to push my hips up before my chest so it's more difficult. Press was hard too, jumping 5 lb between workouts it's pretty difficult at this point. Row was regular I went to heavy at the beginning so I think that messed up the latter sets.

                Day 5
                Deadlift: 270lbx1 @8, 250lbx3 @8, 250lbx3 @8.5, 250lbx3 @8, 250lbx3 @8.5 ([email protected] [email protected])
                Bench: 150lbx0 @10, 135lbx3 @9, 135lbx3 @9, 135lbx3 @9.5, 130lbx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected])
                Beltless squat: 175lbx6 @6, 180lbx6 @7, 185lbx6 @8, 185lbx6 @8.5, 185lbx6 @8.5, 185lbx6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                Lateral arm raise (machine): 12 @55lb, 10 @60, 6 @65lb

                Notes: Deadlift was okay I guess, felt an improvement in form, even though I didn't hit my goal weight. Bench press was bad AF, I don't know what happened everything was going fine till today, I think I'm kinda unrecovered. Squat was good, better than last workout, better form and RPE management.

                Day 4
                Pull-ups: 70reps (7min)
                Barbell curl: 39reps @50lb (3.30min) / Reverse Barbell curl: 37reps @50lb (3.30min)
                Plank: MAX x 7min (5.10min Tw)
                Standing calf raise: 12, 12, 12 @150lb
                Face pull: 14 @32.5kg, 2x10 @37.5kg

                Week 8
                Day 1
                Squat: 230lbx1 @9, 210lbx3 @8, 210lbx3 @7.5 ([email protected], [email protected])
                Paused bench 3ct: 120lbx3 @7.5, 125lbx3 @8.5, 130lbx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                Paused deadlift 2ct: 205x3 @7, 210lbx3 @8, 215lbx3 @9, ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                Pull ups: 68reps (7min)
                Cable side raise (one arm): 12, 11, 10 @10lb / Cable arm curl: 10, 10, 10 @42.5lb

                Notes: Squat felt heavier than I wanted, however the last back off set felt lighter for whatever reason and I used proper form so I'm happy with that. Bench felt a little heavier than last workout but it was basically the same after last workout of bench I wasn't going to try to raise the weight. Deadlift did felt pretty good I think I'm perfecting my starting position by bracing better and putting more pressure to the bar just before lifting the weight. I had to do GPP today so I did pull ups and arm work, nothing special here.

                Day 3
                Paused Squat: 175lbx4 @7, 180lbx4 @8, 190lbx4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                Press: 105lbx1 @8, 100lbx3 @10 ([email protected], [email protected])
                Pendlay Row: 115x6 @6, 120x6 @~7, 130lbx6 @9, 125lbx6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], 2[email protected])

                Tricep extension db: 3x14 @40lb
                Incline Bicep curl db: 3x9 @50lb
                Seated calf raise: 15, 14, 12 @100lb
                Abdominal crunch: 4x10 @10lb

                Notes: Paused squats felt better today, better form I didn't push my hips first like past workouts and RPE was good, I could've gone a little heavier the first two sets but I wanted to practice my form first. Press felt awesome, the single was way easier than past workout it went super smooth, the back off set did was a little heavier I had to grind that last rep. Row felt the same, I went a little over the third set because the set before was kinda easy. Again I had to do more GPP stuff.

                Day 5
                Deadlift: 275lbx1 @7.5, 280x1 @8.5, 265lbx3 @9 ([email protected] [email protected])
                Bench: 145lbx1 @8, 140lbx3 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected])
                Beltless squat: 180lbx6 @6.5, 185lbx6 @7, 190lbx6 @8.5, 190lbx6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                Pull ups: 69reps (7min)
                Leg raise: 4x15
                Standing calf raise: 15, 15, 13 @150lb

                Notes: Deadlift was pretty good today, the first set was somewhere between RPE 7-7.5 so I decided to go 280 but it was a little bit heavier than I wanted, if only I could've done a 2.5lb jump, my form was good, not perfect, but it's okay. Bench felt kinda the same, I did wrong the last rep of the back off sets, bar oath issue, so I had to rate it as a 9.5 also I didn't pause for 1ct so kinda the same, the single was okay I already did it weeks ago. Squat felt good, however in the latter reps of some sets I messed up the torso angle so that make the set harder, that's why there are some 6.5 and 8.5 RPE sets. Pretty happy with the progress I made in The Bridge, will repeat it again and then move to Bridge 3.0.

                My progress in the Bridge is showed in the following picture (weight is in KG)


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                  Second run of The Bridge 1.0:

                  Starting E1RM:
                  Squat: 112kg (247lb)
                  Deadlift: 137kg (302lb)
                  Bench Press: 70kg (154lb)
                  Press: 52kg (114lb)

                  Week 2
                  Day 1
                  Squat: 195lbx5 @6, 200lbx5 @7.5, 205lbx5 @8, 205lbx5 @8, 205lbx5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Close grip bench press: 120lbx4 @7.5, 125lbx4 @8, 130lbx4 @~9, 130lbx4 @~9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Rack pull: 185x7 @~6, 195lbx7 @7, 205lbx7 @8.5, 205lbx7 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                  One Arm DB side raise: 13, 12 @25lb. 12 @20lb

                  Notes: Squats went well I messed up a few reps due to going a little bit lower than I'm used to, maybe that's why the last set felt heavier than the previous ones. CGBP was pretty good, first set was a little heavy tough but the latter sets felt easy. Rack pull was bad, I haven't found a comfortable way to do rack pulls, so they felt heavier than it should.

                  Day 2
                  Pull-ups: 70 reps (7min)
                  Ez bar curl: 3x12 @50lb
                  Tricep press down: 13 @50lb, 8 @57.5lb, @50lb
                  Seated calf raise: 15, 15, 15 @100lb
                  Boat hold: MAX x 7min (4.14 min TW)

                  Day 3
                  2ct paused Squat: 180lbx4 @~7, 185lbx4 @8, 190lbx4 @9, 190lbx4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Press: 75lbx5 @6, 80lbx5 @8, 80lbx5 @8.5, 80lbx5 @8.5, 80lbx5 @9, 80lbx4 @10, 75lbx5 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Pendlay Row: 110lbx8 @6.5, 115lbx8 @7.5, 120lbx8 @8, 120lbx8 @8.5, 120lbx8 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                  DB side raise: 15, 12, 12 @40lb

                  Notes: Squat was good always trying to perfect my bottom squat position, wasn't able to increase weight but form was better. Press was bad, I don't know why did 75lb as warm up and felt easy like RPE 6 then I went up 5 lb a felt RPE 8, really need the fractional plates, my form wasn't the better either. Rows were good, better form and all.

                  Day 4
                  Pull-ups: 64 reps (7min)
                  Cable curl: 15 @35lb, 2x12 @42.5lb
                  Skullcrusher: 11, 11, 9 @ez bar+20lb
                  Plank hold: MAX x 7min (5.20 TW)
                  Standing calf raise: 15, 15, 15 @150lb

                  Day 5
                  Deadlift: 230lbx5 @6, 240lbx5 @7, 250lbx5 @8.5, 250lbx5 @9, 240lbx5 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Bench press 1ct: 110lbx5 @6, 120lbx5 @7, 125lbx5 @8.5, 125lbx5 @9.5, 120lbx5 @8, 120lbx5 @10 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  3-0-3 tempo Squat: 150lbx8 @6, 155lbx8 @7, 160lbx8 @8, 160lbx8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                  DB side raise: 15 @30 12, 9 @40lb

                  Notes: deadlift was great till the 4 set when I felt something strange in my hips and that made the set feel heavier than it should have. Bench was okay at the beginning but after the 3 set it started to feel heavier I think I rushed a little bit each set and didn't performed the exercise with proper form, bad bar path. Squat was okay I was already pretty tired so the felt heavy on the back but they were okay.

                  Week 3
                  Day 1
                  Squat: 205lbx5 @6, 200lbx5 @7, 202.5lbx5 @7.5, 210lbx5 @8.5, 210lbx5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Close grip bench press: 120lbx4 @7, 125lbx4 @~8, 135lbx4 @10, 130lbx4 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Rack pull: 195lbx7 @7, 205lbx7 @8, 215lbx7 @9, 210lbx7 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                  DB side raise: 14, 12, 12 @20lb (each hand)

                  Notes: Squat was good, however I think I need to improve my depth I feel that sometimes I'm not hitting depth, I misloaded the third set maybe that was the reason I felt it light also I got the 210 however it was a little bit heavier than I would like. CGBP was okay, first two sets felt lighter than last week however I couldn't get the 135 I wanted, my form was good however I need to do the lockout more slowly sometimes. Rack pull was great, it felt way better than last week, also achieved to put more weight on the bar than I was hoping for.

                  Day 2
                  Pull-ups: 68 reps (7min)
                  Incline dumbbell curl: 11, 11, 8 @25lb (each hand)
                  Tricep press down: 15, 11, 11 @50lb
                  Seated calf raise: 12, 12, 11 @105lb
                  Knee raise hold: MAX x 7min (4.16 min TW)

                  Day 3
                  2ct paused Squat: 185lbx4 @7.5, 190lbx4 @8, 195lbx4 @9, 195lbx4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Press: 75lbx5 @6.5, 80lbx5 @7, 85lbx5 @8, 85lbx5 @8.5, 85lbx5 @8.5, 85lbx5 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Pendlay Row: 110lbx8 @6, 115lbx8 @7, 120lbx8 @8, 120lbx8 @8, 120lbx8 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                  DB side raise: 15, 15, 13 @20lb (each hand)

                  Notes: Squats were pretty good this time my form was on point, weight felt as it should have, maybe I'll need to pause a little bit more. Press was good, I find a way to properly perform sets of 3+ reps, will need to keep improving that, also have a more vertical bar path and try to brace better. Row felt the same as last week, however this time my right shoulder felt weaker so it was a little harder than I expected, but my form was okay, I used a little bit of momentum in the last set but I don't see it as a problem, will correct that next training.

                  Day 4
                  Pull-ups: 67 reps (7min)
                  Cable curl: 13,13, 13 @42.5lb
                  Skullcrusher: 15, 15, 15 @40lb
                  Plank hold: MAX x 7min (5.22 TW)
                  Standing calf raise: 13, 13, 12 @165lb

                  Day 5
                  Deadlift: 230lbx5 @6, 240lbx5 @7, 250lbx5 @8.5, 250lbx5 @8.5, 250lbx5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  Bench press 1ct: 115lbx5 @6.5, 120lbx5 @7, 125lbx5 @7.5, 125lbx5 @8, 125lbx5 @8, 125lbx5 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                  3-0-3 tempo Squat: 155lbx8 @6, 160lbx8 @7, 165lbx8 @8, 165lbx8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                  DB side raise: 15, 15, 15 @20lb (each hand)

                  Notes: Today deadlift felt heavy, try to maintain form and I consider that I did it better this workout, I need to engage more my glutes to get a better off the ground part of the movement and stick out my chest more. Bench press felt good today first set felt a little heavy but that was due to a bad lock out and set up, the following sets felt pretty smooth until the last two, still need to get used to a better work capacity. Squat felt as normal, need to be consistent on speed of descent and ascend, I mistakenly did wrong RPE today.


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                    Week 4
                    Day 1
                    Squat: 200lbx5 @6, 205lbx5 @7, 210lbx5 @8, 210lbx5 @8, 210lbx5 @8, 210lbx5 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                    Close grip bench press: 120lbx4 @~7, 130lbx4 @8, 135lbx4 @9, 135lbx3 @10, 130lbx4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                    Rack pull: 205lbx7 @7, 210lbx7 @~8, 220lbx7 @9, 215lbx7 @~9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                    DB side raise: 12, 10, 10 @25lb (each hand)

                    Notes: Today was a great workout, I got a PR on squats, form was pretty good and constant throughout all sets, weight felt light on the back. CGBP felt good as well, accomplished my goal weight with RPE on check, form was good, maybe I'll need to out more pressure for the latter reps, I went too greedy on the 4th set I thought I could repeat the weight but wasn't able. Rack pulls felt lighter on my hands and back, form was good, not too much back rounding so all reps felt smooth.

                    Day 2
                    Pull-ups: 75 reps (8min)
                    Incline dumbbell curl: 12, 12, 12,
                    @25lb (each hand)
                    Rope tricep pushdown: 12, 12, 11, 11 @42.5lb
                    Seated calf raise: 15, 12, 11 @105lb
                    Knee raise hold: MAX x 8min (5.10 min TW)

                    Day 3
                    2ct paused Squat: 190lbx4 @7.5, 195lbx4 @8, 200lbx4 @9, 195lbx4 @9, 195lbx4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                    Press: 80lbx5 @6, 85lbx5 @7.5, 90lbx4 @9.5, 85lbx5 @8, 85lbx5 @8.5, 85lbx5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                    Pendlay Row: 110lbx8 @~6, 120x8 @7.5, 120lbx8 @~8, 125lbx8 @10, 120lbx8 @8, 120lbx8 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                    DB side raise: 13, 12, 12 @25lb (each hand)

                    Notes: Today's workout wasn't as good as last workout, squats were fine it did felt a little heavier than I'm used to but I managed RPE well enough, I'll focus more on pausing a little bit longer since I think that in some reps I'm able to use the stretch and reflex. Press wasn't how I supposed it was going to be, the first set felt pretty easy but then the following set felt heavier than it should have, I didn't push the 5th rep on that third set I didn't want to grind it, form was okay and I liked that I just messed one last rep because I went to forward with my body. Row was weird, first set was good, second set too then I didn't load the bar but the weight felt like a 7.5 this time so I didn't knew what to do, I raised the weight and wasn't a good decision, I need my fractional plates for row and presses, form good overall I didn't use too much body momentum so I'm good with that.

                    Day 4
                    Pull-ups: 74 reps (8min)
                    Cable curl: 15, 15, 15, 15 @42.5lb
                    Skullcrusher: 12, 12, 12, 12 @50lb
                    Standing calf raise: 14, 14, 13 @165lb
                    Plank hold: MAX x 8min (5.44 TW)

                    Day 5
                    Deadlift: 230lbx5 @6, 240lbx5 @7, 250lbx5 @8, 250lbx5 @8.5, 250lbx5 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                    Bench press 1ct: 115lbx5 @~6, 120lbx5 @7, 125lbx5 @7.5, 125lbx5 @7.5, 125lbx5 @8, 125lbx5 @8.5, 125lbx5 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                    3-0-3 tempo Squat: 160lbx8 @~6, 165x8 @7, 170lbx8 @~8, 170lbx8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                    DB side raise: 14, 14, 11 @25lb (each hand)

                    Notes: Deadlift felt pretty good, I made some adjustments to my stance and found that a more normal stance it's better for me, I can engage my glutes better and create more tightness for the lock out, form was better today. Bench felt the same as past workout, I tried to go for 130 but weight was moving slow so I didn't try to go heavier, however I did a better pause at the chest so I think I improved something today. Squat felt good today, weight felt lighter in the back and form was good overall.


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                      Week 5
                      BW: 144.6
                      Day 1
                      Squat: 95x4 @6.5, 96.5x5 @7, 99kgx4 @8.5, 99x4 @8.5, 98.5x4 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                      Paused bench 3ct: 52.5x4 @7, 54x4 @8, 56kgx4 @9, 55x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                      Paused deadlift 2ct: 97.5x4 @7, 100x4 @8, 105kgx4 @9, 105x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                      Cable side raise (one arm): 12, 12, 12 @5kg

                      Notes: Back to usual gym, squats felt a little heavier than I'd like, mainly due to bar path problems, I was leaning forward a little bit so that caused me problems however, weight felt easy on back. Had to do deadlift first before benching, deadlift felt awesome form was on point and everything was smoother, definitely a narrower stance is better for me. Bench felt good, unracking the bar felt a little heavy this time, but bar path felt good and RPE was on point.

                      Day 2
                      Pull-ups: 80 reps (8min)
                      Incline dumbbell curl: 14, 14, 12, 13 @10kg (each hand)
                      Rope tricep pushdown: 13, 13, 12, 12 @20kg
                      Seated calf raise: 11, 11, 9 @47.5(+43)kg
                      Hollow body hold: MAX x 8min (4.48 min TW)

                      Day 3
                      Pin squat: 80kgx4 @7, 85x4 @8.5, 87.5x4 @9, 85x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                      Press: 37.5x4 @6.5, 40x4 @7.5, 41.5kgx3 @10, 37.5x4 @7.5, 37.5x4 @7, 37.5x4 @8, 37.5x4 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                      Pendlay Row: 50x8 @6, 52.5x8 @7.5, 55kgx8 @8.5, 55x8 @8.5, 55x8 @8.5, 55x8 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                      Cable side raise: 11 @5kg, 14, 14 @3.75kg

                      Notes: First time doing pin Squats they felt good, although in some reps my hips shoot up before my chest and made the bar roll forward, something I corrected in the latter sets. Press was meh, first sets were good, but when I got to the third set I don't know what happened, and had to drop quite a lot of weight, however I did the last sets every starting from the bottom and will continue to do so from now on, form was on point good bar path and bracing. Row felt good nothing too special to note about. Also for being sick I think I did good today

                      Day 4
                      Pull-ups: 70 reps (8min)
                      Cable curl: 12, 12, 13, 12 @36kg
                      Skullcrusher: 15, 15, 15, 15 @ez bar+10kg
                      Calf raise: 15 @80kg 12, 12 @100kg
                      Plank hold: MAX x 8min (5.40 TW)

                      Day 5
                      Deadlift: 110kgx4 @6, 115kgx4 @7, 120kgx4 @8, 120x4 @8.5, 120x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                      Bench press 1ct: 55kgx4 @6, 57.5kgx4 @7, 60kgx4 @8, 60x4 @8, 60x4 @9, 57.5x4 @8, 57.5x4 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                      Squat beltless: 85x6 @7.5, 87.5x6 @8.5, 90kgx6 @9.5, 87.5x6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                      Cable side raise (one arm): 10, 10, 10 @3.75kg(ON)

                      Notes: Deadlift felt good form was okay, in the last set I did felt a bit of lower back rounding, however, with a closer stance I've been able to correct that and engage my glutes more. Bench felt pretty good, although I could maintain RPE throughout the sets I felt that my form was good a today I did a better pause at the chest. Squat didn't felt so good, from the first working set I felt that I wasn't focused I was dive-bombing in the descent which made a harder ascend, I felt better form in the last set although I messed one rep because I pushed my hips too far, I guess its because I haven't practiced beltless squat since a long time. Good workout overall.


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                        Week 6 (Been a while since I don't post)
                        BW: 144.8
                        Day 1
                        Squat: 107.5x1 @8, 97.5kgx4 @8.5, 97.5x4 @8, 97.5x4 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                        Paused bench 3ct: 55x3 @7, 57.5x3 @8, 60kgx3 @~9, 60kgx3 @9, 60x3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                        Paused deadlift 2ct: 100x4 @7.5, 105kgx4 @8.5, 107.5x4 @9.5, x4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                        Cable side raise (one arm): 11, 11, 9 @3.75kg(ON)

                        Notes: Squats, they felt good although I think I need to improve in getting a better depth, I'm getting just to parallel, I decided to play with stance width today and found that a closer stance is better to perform a more controlled descent and therefore an easier ascent. Bench felt really good today, I added more weight to the bar than I was expecting, form was okay, I felt a better leg drive I the latter sets, also a good pause, didn't rush any rep. Deadlift did felt a little heavy, I felt my back weaker today due to being a little tired and sore from Saturday, comp deadlift, workout, I let my back round a little bit in the last reps and also make shorter pauses in some reps, wasn't too good today.

                        Day 2
                        Pull-ups: 72 reps (8min)
                        Barbell curl: 12, 12, 12, 12 @25kg
                        Tricep overhead extension: 15, 15, 14, 13 @18kg
                        Leg press calf raise: 15 @120kg, 12, 11 @140kg
                        Hollow body hold: MAX x 8min (5.10 min TW)

                        Day 3
                        Pin Squat: 80x3 @7, 82.5x3 @8, 85kgx3 @9, 82.5x3 @9, 81x3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                        Press: 43.5kgx1 @7.5, 40x4 @8, 40x4 @8, 40x4 @8, 40x4 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                        Pendlay Row: 55x6 @6.5, 56.5x6 @7, 58.5kgx6 @8.5, 57.5x6 @8.5, 57.5x6 @8, 57.5x6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                        Cable side raise: 10, 10, 10 @3.75kg(ON)

                        Notes: After Monday's workout and filming myself I realized that I wasn't hitting depth properly I decided today I was going to focus on that and so I did, I set the pins on a position where I was below parallel and focused on a good descending, bracing and pausing on the pins to get used to hit depth, the felt way better than last workout. Press was good, I went for that single and felt easy, didn't go for more I didn't want to push too much, back off sets felt great and easy, now I'm pausing all reps in the chest, without any bouncing, and it felt better I was more focused to do properly each rep. Row felt easy first sets, however, I think I push it too much and I was off with RPE, need to focus on that and also start using a more strict approach to the movement, I think sometimes I'm using some momentum and that's not right. Lateral raise I did fewer reps because I decided to properly do a mind- muscle connection and feel good the movement.

                        Day 4
                        Pull-ups: 79 reps (8min)
                        Reverse Barbell Curl: 15, 15, 15, 15 @ez bar+10kg
                        Skullcrusher: 12, 12, 11, 9 @ez bar+15kg
                        Calf raise: 15, 13, 12 @100kg
                        Plank hold: MAX x 8min (6.00 TW)

                        Day 5
                        Deadlift: 132.5kgx1 @8, 120x4 @8, 121x4 @8.5, 120x4 @8.5 ([email protected] [email protected])
                        Bench: 65kgx1 @8, 61x4 @9, 60x4 @8, 60x4 @8, 60x4 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                        Beltless squat: 80x6 @6, 82.5x6 @7, 85kgx6 @8.5, 85x5 @10, 82.5x6 @8.5, 80x6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                        Delt machine: 10, 8 @27.5kg 10 @25kg

                        Notes: Deadlift felt pretty good, all warm-ups felt easy and smooth, I filmed myself and did better form than paused deadlifts on Monday, I set my lower back properly achieving a flatter back and a better pull off the floor, however, after the second set I thought I could push I little bit more but that wasn't the case so I messed up the RPE. Bench felt good, I was hoping to go a little heavier on that single however that wasn't the case, in the back off sets I made the same mistake than for Deadlift, I went heavier than I would have needed to, form was okay overall, good pauses, although I still need to get used to the bench I'm using since it's a little wider than the others I have used and that make a little harder to pinch my shoulder blades. Squat were a huge improvement in form comparing past workouts, now I'm going to proper depth, however, I need to get used to do this form always and also need to increase my work capacity, that's the reason I failed the second set at @8, I also found that looking forward instead of downwards to the floor it's better for me to make the bar path over mid-foot and not to loose balance. Good workout overall.

                        Week 7
                        BW: 146.2lb
                        Day 1
                        Squat: 102.5kgx1 @8, 95kgx3 @7.5, 95x3 @8, 95x3 @7.5, 95x3 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                        Pin Bench: 60x3 @7, 62.5x3 @8, 63.5x3 @8.5, 63.5x3 @~9, 63.5x3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                        2ct Paused Deadlift: 95x3 @7, 100x3 @8, 105x3 @9, 100x3 @~9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                        Cable side raise: 11, 11, 9 @3.75kg(ON)

                        Notes: Today I did note I performed much better the squat, I descent was pretty good and the depth was on check as well, I found the right tempo and bracing to do this properly, the single felt as it should have, however, the back off sets were a little easier that I thought they were going to be, since I wanted to practice good form I opted not to raise the weight and focus on getting proper depth, next workout I will smashed it. First time doing pin Bench, it felt good however I underrated the set at @9, I could've gone for a little bit more, that's the reason I was able to maintain the weight throughout the 3 sets @9, form was good and the pause on the pins was good too. Paused deadlift was another exercise I needed to correct, I wasn't pausing the 2ct, so today I dropped the weight and focused on pausing for 2 seconds, it felt pretty different than last workout, this time I felt a better engage of all my back and glutes in the pause so I think I did better.

                        Day 2
                        Pull-ups: 74 reps (8min)
                        Barbell curl: 13, 13, 12, 10, 10 @25kg
                        Tricep overhead extension: 15, 15, 15, 15, 15 @18kg
                        Leg press calf raise: 13, 13, 12 @140kg
                        Hollow body hold: MAX x 8min (5.07 min TW)

                        Day 3
                        Pin Squat: 82.5x3 @7, 85x3 @8, 87.5x3 @9, 86x3 @8.5, 86.5x3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                        Press: 45kgx1 @8, 43.5x3 @9, 43.5x2 @10, 42x3 @9, 41x3 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                        Pendlay Row: 56.5x6 @6, 57.1x6 @7, 59.6kgx6 @8, 59.6x6 @8, 59.6x6 @8, 59.6x6 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                        Cable side raise: 14, 14, 13 @3.75kg(ON)

                        Notes: Today pin squat felt good, I keep practicing my form to get used to it, and now I can confirm that looking forward throughout the whole movement is way better for me, I feel I don't loose focus compared to when I looked downwards; I found useful the pin squats to maintain and upright torso, so I practiced that aswell. Press was good but weird, the single felt easier that I would have expected, and the first back off set too, that's the reason I tried to repeat that weight in the following set but there I failed, now I know how a RPE 9 set in press feels like for me, the last set felt way easier than the previous ones, however, I don't the reason for that, form was good after all, now that I'm pausing each rep I have more control over the bar and I can achieve a good bar path. Rows felt good, first time using bumper plates so I think that made the movement easier because this plates are of a larger diameter, form was good, the last set felt weird but okay, I think from now on for pulls I'll have to use bumper plates, the only thing I don't like is that those are in LBs and not in KGs, but I don't think that'll have huge impact in my overall training.

                        Day 4
                        Pull-ups: 81 reps (8min)
                        Reverse Barbell Curl: 12, 10 @ez bar+15kg, 13, 13, 13 @ez bar+10kg
                        Skullcrusher: 13, 13, 10, 10, 10 @ez bar+15kg
                        Calf raise: 15, 14, 12 @100kg
                        Plank hold: MAX x 8min (6.06 TW)

                        Day 5
                        Deadlift: 135kgx1 @7.5, 125kgx3 @8, 125x3 @8, 125x3 @8.5, 125x3 @8.5 ([email protected], 4x3 @8)
                        Bench 1ct: 67.5kgx1 @8, 65kgx3 @9.5, 62.5x3 @10, 60x3 @8.5, 60x3 @9 ([email protected], 4x3 @9)
                        Beltless squat: 82.5x6 @6.5, 83.5x6 @7, 86kgx6 @8, 86x5 @10, 83.5x6 @8, 83.5x6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                        Cable side raise: 10, 9, 8 @3.75kg (each side)

                        Notes: Deadlift was pretty good, that single was easier than I thought it was going to be, back off sets felt good, not so easy as the single but good, my form was okay I tried to keep it consistent, however, on the latter sets I did let my back round a little bit more than I'm used to, but nothing too bad, also I try to implement this new cue "leg pressing the floor" and did work, although, I need to practice a little bit more so I can do it more naturally and don't loose focus. In Bench things were a little bit weird, the single was good and a solid @8, however, back sets did were a little bit off, although a filmed myself and found that my form and pause it's good enough so I'm happy with that. Beltless squat was shitty as last week, I think I need to improve more on my work capacity and also get used to going this deep, I feel that my lower back is failing on me on the latter reps of the set and that's the reason sometimes it feels harder that it should be, however, I consider that this will be fixed with time.


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                          Week 8
                          BW: 146lb
                          Day 1
                          Squat: 105kgx1 @8, 97.5kgx3 @8, 97.5x3 @8 ([email protected], [email protected])
                          3ct Bench: 57.5x3 @7.5, 58.5x3 @8, 60x3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                          2ct Paused Deadlift: 100x3 @7, 105x3 @8, 110kgx3 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                          Delt machine: 13, 10, 8 @25kg

                          Notes: Squat felt good, although in some reps I'm aware I did not hit full depth, I have to be more aware of this from now on I'll be more strict in this aspect, the rest was good. Bench felt good today, I tried to raise a little lower my hips and felt good, didn't loose tension in my back as sometimes has happened me before, a good pause also. Deadlift felt good as for the first sets, RPE was on point, however, in the last set I felt I couldn't get a good back tightness so it felt more difficult than it should have, I thinks I rushed the last two reps so I messed that up, form was good overall except in the last rep of the last set, I let my whole back to round, gotta be more careful with this, the pause was good so I'm happy with that.

                          Day 2
                          Pull-ups: 79 reps (8min)
                          Barbell curl: 15, 13, 12, 10, 10 @25kg
                          Tricep overhead extension: 12, 12, 12, 12, 12 @20kg
                          Leg press calf raise: 15, 12, 12 @140kg
                          Hollow body hold: MAX x 8min (5.09 min TW)

                          Day 3
                          Pin squats: 82.5x4 @7, 85x4 @8, 87.5kgx4 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                          Press: 47.5kgx1 @10, 43.5kgx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected])
                          Pendlay Row: 56.5x6 @6, 60x6 @7, 62x6 @9, 60x6 @9 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                          Cable side raise: 13, 13, 13 @3.75kg(ON)

                          Notes: Pin squats felt great, I did it with a wider stance and found that getting depth is easy and more comfortable for my lower back, form was good also tried a new way to brace which I think it can help me to get tighter before descending. Press was okay, I didn't improve from last workout, form was good, I thought I was going to get that single but I didn't, at least it wasn't a grind, back off set felt pretty good. Rows were kinda bad actually, first time filming myself doing it and my form is chit, the latter sets I tried to do a more strict row which felt better but also heavier, I'll keep working on it, luckily next week in starting a hypertrophy block in which I'll be able to correct my form.

                          Day 4
                          Pull-ups: 82 reps (8min)
                          Reverse Barbell Curl: 12, 12, 11, 12, 9 @ez bar+15kg
                          Skullcrusher: 14, 14, 13, 12, 10 @ez bar+15kg
                          Leg press Calf raise: 15, 15, 15 @140kg
                          Plank hold: MAX x 8min (6.16 TW)

                          Day 5
                          Deadlift: 140kgx1 @8.5, 132.5kgx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected])
                          Bench 1ct: 67.5kgx1 @8, 65kgx3 @9 ([email protected], [email protected])
                          Beltless squat: 81.5x6 @6, 85x6 @7.5, 86kgx6 @8, 86x6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])

                          Cable side raise: 14, 12, 12 @3.75kg (each side)

                          Notes: Pretty happy with deadlift, finally got 3 plates and felt good, although it felt just a but heavy than I expected it was good, back off set was hard, I did noticed a rounding in my back in the last rep and it felt a little heavier than expected but everything good. This week my pressing exercises take a hit, maybe due to accumulated fatigue from last week but I maintain strength, today Bench was good, I couldn't raise the weight in the bar but it felt good, back off set felt better than last week so I'm happy with that. Squat did felt way better than past workouts, with this wider stance I feel my lower back more comfortable and able to maintain throughout the whole set, and I hit depth on most reps so that's a really good advance. Pretty good workout overall, excited to see how the next hypertrophy block it's going to be, I'll be starting it next week. In this run of the bridge I didn't quite raise my maxes as the first time that was expected (except for deadlift lol), however, I did see a better RPE management and form corrections. Excited to see how well this next hypertrophy template will work for me.


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                            HYPERTROPHY BLOCK
                            3-Day Hypertrophy template from BBM

                            Starting Body Composition:
                            Height: 1.72cm (5'8")
                            Weight: 147.6lb (67kg)
                            Waist: 75.5cm (29.7inch)

                            Week 1
                            BW: 147.6lb
                            Day 1
                            Comp. Squat: 85x6 @6, 87.5x6 @7, 90kgx6 @~8, 90x6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                            Press: 33.5x6 @~6, 36.5x6 @~7, 40kgx6 @8.5, 40x6 @9.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                            Pendlay Row: 95lbx15, 4, 4, 3 (Myo-reps)

                            Dumbbell reverse fly: 15, 15, 15 @6kg (each hand)

                            Notes: First day of my first hypertrophy block, things felt way better than I expected, squat felt eeeeasy, I think I could have pushed a little bit more, today form great, I widened my stance even more and it was good, however I think that if I go wider it will become uncomfortable, I'll work in this the following workouts to figure out which stance width it's the best for me. Press was going pretty good, I fixed my form although I still don't get used to it, in my first @8 set everything was feeling good but I lost balance because my body went forward so I messed up, same thing the following set, I guess I just need to get the hang of this new form I'll search for cues to implement, first thing that comes to my mind is Pressing with lifting shoes. Pendlay row was good, first time doing myo-reps, form was better but I need to be consistent, sometimes I feel that my back isn't set when I start the pull, other than that it was good, also I changed my grip to double overhand and it felt basically the same.

                            Day 2
                            Pull-ups: 74 reps (8min)
                            Laying rope curl: 15 @10kg(ON), 15 @12.5kg, 15, 15, 15 @12.5kg(ON) (5x12-15 @8)
                            Tricep Press down: 15 @17.5kg(ON), 15 @20kg(ON), 14, 13 @22.5kg(ON), 15 @22.5kg (5x12-14 @8)
                            Leg press calf raise: 15, 15, 15 @140kg
                            Hollow body hold: MAX x 8min (5.17 min TW)
                            Skillmill HIIT: 16min (20sec ON, 100sec OFF)

                            Day 3
                            Comp. Bench: 52.5x6 @6, 55x6 @7, 57kgx6 @8, 57x6 @8.5 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                            RDL: 90x8 @~6, 95x8 @~7, 100kgx8 @8, x8 @8, x8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                            DB flat bench: 40kgx13, 4, 4, 2 (Myo-reps)

                            Delt Machine: 11, 10 @25kg, 12 @20kg

                            Notes: First training day without squatting in a long time, let's see if this low frequency works for me. Comp. Bench felt good, I was hoping it felt a little lighter, but it was good, maybe the two things I'll need to work are: 1. Doing a better pause, in some reps I felt I was doing a mixture between TnG and 1ct pause, and 2. Try to complete all 6 reps in one breath, when I have to take a breath I loose core tightness and that make the last reps feel harder, I suppose that'll get better as times goes by, I have 6 weeks more to practice this. RDL felt good for being the first time doing it, harder than I thought it was going to be. I think that I'll need to practice on properly rate the RPE for this because in a set I felt that my back was @8 but my grip was @10, again with time this will get better. DB flat bench was weird, a long time since doing this with dumbbells, I think I went a little heavy with the weight I may consider reducing it next workout to focus on doing proper form.

                            Day 4
                            Pull-ups: 79 reps (8min)
                            Preacher Curl: 13, 13, 13, 13, 13 @15kg
                            Skullcrusher: 15, 15, 12 @ez bar+15kg, 15, 15 @ez bar+10kg
                            Leg press Calf raise: 160kgx15, 5, 5, 5, 4 (Myo-reps)
                            Knee raise hold: Max x 8min (5.10TW)
                            Cardio: 5.5km run (32 min)

                            Day 5
                            Comp. Deadlift: 110x6 @6.5, 115x6 @7.5, 120kgx6 @9, 115x6 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                            CGIBP: 40x8 @7, 40x8 @~7, 42.5x8 @8, 42.5x8 @10, 40x8 @8 ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected])
                            Belt squat: 65kgx18, 5, 5, 5, 5, 5, 4 (Myo-reps)

                            Rope face pull: 15 @20kg, 15, 15 @22.5kg

                            Notes: I'm this workout basically everything was off, I overshoot in deadlift long time since I did higher rep sets, form was okay although I did felt more rounding in the back in the first heavy set. Incline bench was the same, I didn't do properly the warm up sets and overshoot too, although I now know how to properly do bar path so I don't fuck and make harder sets, which happened me twice today, always push the bar backwards. In squats I undershoot so I was able to do quite a lot of reps and also was able to do a lot of subsequent sets, although I'm happy with my form hit depth in every rep I did. Now that I know, next workout I will choose weights more wisely.