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    34 y/o male, 240# after today's training session, starting a log to track my intermediate progress.

    Just called it quits on my SSLP after experiencing bad biceps tendon pain at the elbow, caused by squat grip, which was exacerbated by "heavy" benching. That log's here. I'll be taking The Bridge... Into the Great Wide Open. I heavily debated writing that sentence.

    Current best lifts (not going to edit/update this post again as of 5/15/18):
    Sq 385x1 (progression) Nov. 2017:; Feb. 2018: May 2018:
    Bn 257.5x1:
    ​​​​​DL 415x1, that was 410, 415 was later in this log
    OHP: 190x1@8 on 2/21/18

    Goals: compete in next year's USSL Fall Classic and put up a "respectable" total, ideally over 1000# with SQ, OHP, DL in the 110kg weight class or lower if I can start recomping better (probably can't).


    Sq: 292.5x5@6.5, 307.5x5@7 (@6.5?), 315x5@9 (shot for 8) vid looks like an @8.5 so probably good here. Need to work on looking at the same spot, knees out, staying in the hips, and cutting off an inch or an inch and a half of depth.

    Close grip bench: 215x5@7.5, 220x5@8.5 (7?), 225x5@8.5 - maybe this RPE variance was due to rest periods

    Midshin rack pull: 275x7@6.5ish, 290x7@7, 305x7@7.5, grip failed on last rep but these felt strong. Gonna try to remember to hook grip the last 2 reps on these going forward.

    BW: 240.0

    Feeling refreshed rather than beat after a workout for the first time in a long time, which is to be expected due to the lowered intensity. We'll see if this continues after the volume ramps up.
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    Missed yesterday because we were at a car dealership. Will modify a bit. Also concerned that time is going to be at a premium coming up as the holiday approaches


    2ct pause squat (Likely didn't warm up enough):
    275x4@6.5, I think, probably less; 285x4@7.5, I think, probably less; 295x4@8.5? Heavier next time.

    Press: 155x5@(6), @8; 152.5@(7), @8.5; 147.5x5@(8), @8

    Pullups x max, 7min with purple band. Think I got 20, maybe 21.

    25m LISS on a stationary bike (stayed around 155/160)

    238.8 with sweatpants on

    Next time (tomorrow?):

    Deadlift: 317.5x5@6; 335x5@7; 345x5@8
    Bench: 195x5@6; 205x5@7; 215x5@8
    Ab wheel


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      Wednesday 12/13:

      Deadlift: 320x5@6.5, 335x5@7, 345x5@8

      1ct pause bench, should have been @6,@7,@8: 205x5@7.5, 205x5@7, 215x5@8.5. Elbow hurts a little

      Planks x7min


      Not sure how I am going to get the tempos and rows in. Can't train tomorrow due to a work event and don't want to squat Friday and Saturday back to back… I'll figure it out
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        Saturday 12/16

        303 Tempo:

        250x8@6 (strengthwise, sure, @6, cardiowise, @9. These are the fuckin devil); 262.5x8@7; Tried 275x8@8, was able to do x5 (@kwpeontbrhduvtvekwoehfh), and my heart pretty much almost exploded

        Row: 185x8@5, 195x8@7, 195x8@7.5, did 3 more after like 10 second breaks, then did one supine. Maybe start at 195 next time with these


        Monday will do the 1st day of week 2, which puts me a day behind technically. Going to have to figure out how to get back on the reg schedule. Holy shit, those tempos. Will try sameish weights next time to see if my conditioning is better


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          On second view, looks like I got 6 reps on that 275 tempo set. Coooooool, I guess


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            Monday 12/18

            Squat: 310x5@8 (should have been 6); 300x5@7; 305x5x3@8

            CGB:220x5@7.5; 225x5@7.5 x5@8.5


            Had to cut this short for Star Wars. Writing this the next morning and don't feel beat up from the relatively high volume but my right middle toe hurts when I put pressure on it. Today's commute should be fun.


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              Wed 12/20

              2ct pause squat:
              Planned: 285x4@7, 295x4@8, 305x5x2@9. Warmed up to 185x3@ back tweak, awesome. 250x2, felt ok. 285x4@7, back doesn't hurt any more than before, so… 295x4@7.5, back still felt fine with the belt on. 310x4x2@9. Everything after 185 was belted.

              Planned: 152.5x5@6, 155x5@7, 160x5x4@8
              152.5x5@8, 147.5x5@9.5, 140x5@8.5, 135@8.5, 135x5@8.5, 135x4@10 (rep 5 was illegal - unlocked knees - but went up). Back pain kills the hip movement, goddammit.

              Planned: 280x7@6, 295x7@7, 315x7x2@8
              280@7, 280@7, 285@8, 285@8. Back had something to do with that, probably

              This took a long time, got to the gym at 7:30 and didn't leave till 9:30 I think. I guess it'd have gone faster if I wasn't hobbling around



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                1ct pause Bench:
                225x3, 210x3, 190x5x3

                335x2, 335x1, 315x2 - Blerg

                241 so fat and weak. Gotta get back to it next week.
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                  Bridge Week 2 day 1 again

                  Sq: 295x5@6, 300x5@7, 305x5@8.5, 300x5@8.5, 295x5@9

                  CGB: 205x4@7, 215x4@8.5, 220x4@9.5, 215x3@9.75; didn't attempt rep 4, probably would have missed it

                  MSRP: 275x7@6 - I straight lose count of these, rep 1 is so tough, 285x7@7, 295x7@9, hook almost failed on rep 7, 285x6@9.75 did not attempt rep 7, could have grinded it but it’d have been lower/lumbar back dangerous

                  242.2 - ugh, really?


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                    1/8 (The Bridge, Week 2, day 3):

                    2ct pause squat (no belt): 280x4@7, 295x4@8.5 300x4@9, 300x4@9.5 and last rep was griiindy, rep 3 wasn't too great either

                    Press w/belt: 145x5@7 (target 6), 145x5@7, 155x5@8.5, 150x5@8, 150x5@9.5 (prob. Didn't wait long enough), 150x5@9.5

                    Rows: 65x5, 65x5, 95x3, 135x2, 185x8@6, 195x8@7, 205x8x3@8

                    240.4#s, so that's going in a decent direction

                    Overshooting RPE a bit, but feeling good and not beat after this workout, which took about 90m


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                      I assume from your logs you’re trying to lose some weight for the competition? What’s your diet look like roughly?

                      Just observed that the body weight is pretty much level so I figured I’d ask.


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                        Did GPP today. 237.4# after

                        Nah, not trying to lose weight for any competition, if and when I compete in the USSF it'll be at the 242# class, unless I can really comply with a diet, which I like food and beer too much to realistically do... 200#s and moving down a class would sure be nice though.

                        I​​​​​​I keep my protein around 220g per day and pretty much dont concern myself with fat and carb intake. I know when I've had to much bread, potato chips, sugar, or double cheeseburgers though, which is likely too often. Wife is currently pregnant so I partake in her not outrageous cravings.

                        ​​​​​​Most of my fat is around my gut (41" "resting" waist at the navel -just measured, and 44" if I push my gut out). My A1C and fasting glucose have tested high twice in the past 3 years, on the low end of the pre-diabetes range. Last time they were in the normal range though. Maybe someday my doc and #'s will scare me into diet compliance


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                          1/10 (Week 2 Day 5).

                          Gym valet said “just be done by 9,” which threw this workout off from the beginning. Thanks, dude.

                          DL: planned 300x5@6, 320x5@7, 335x5x3@8
                          Bungled, completely. Warmed up, then: 335x4@ grip failed, 334x0 with straps put on wrong, 315x5@8, unbelted, no straps, hooked rep 3, alternate grip reps 4-5, 315x5@8, straps, no belt (unsure if I even really did this one), 335x3, straps 335x1 alternate. Annoyed with this result, grip shit, form probably bad, looking like a complete New year's resolutioner with the straps, etc.

                          1ct Pause Bench (w/belt): Planned: 195x5@6, 205x5@7, 215x5x4@8. Completed: 195x5@8, 190x5@8.5, 180x5@8 (#weak) 170x5@ 7.5? unbelted, 170x5@8, I guess, 175x5@8.5.
                          Interesting and annoying result since recently my 3x5 tng bench 5x3 max was 230#, this may be due to not waiting ~5 minutes to hit the next set to keep these workouts to some reasonable time limit

                          303 Tempo: planned 245x8@6, 257.5x8@7, 270x8x2@8. Knew I was coming nowhere close to that, did: 225x2@6 (tempo), 185x2@6 (tempo), 185x8@7 (not tempo)

                          I gave up because my out the door stopwatch hit 1:30 and was beat/dejected. The worst training session I can remember

                          237.4#, need to eat more to keep up with this program and likely will have to modify to a permanent 4 day split. We'll reevaluate
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                            1/15. Missed Saturday because took my daughter skiing.

                            Sq: 295x5@7, 295x5@7, 315x5@9, 300x5@8.5, 295x5@8, 295x5@8

                            CGB: 205x4@7.5,215x4@8, 225x4@9.5, 210x4@9

                            MSRP: 275x7@6, 305x7@7, 335x7@9, 335x7@8 (vid), these felt particularly strong and I have the straps thing down, I think

                            BW: 240.2
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                              1/17/18 (The Bridge, Week 3, day 3):

                              2ct pause squat (no belt): 285x4@8, 290x4@8 295x4@9, 295x4@9. Reps 3-4 less grindy than last time, which they better have been since this was lighter than last time . Unsure if I'm gaining strength as weight/RPE isn't really going up or down. Could be a consistency issue

                              Press w/belt: 145x5@8(no belt), 140x5@7 (belted), 150x5@8, 155x5@ 9.5, 145x5@8.5, 145x5@8.5

                              Rows: 65x5, 65x5, 95x3, 135x2, 190x8@6, 200x8@7 210x8@8, left forearm had a bit of “pull” type pain (which lingers this morning), 210x8x2@8