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  • 10/29
    DL: 325x5@6, 335x5@x7, 345x5x1@7.5, 355x5x3@8, 8, 8.5

    2ct pause squat: 235x4@8, 235x4@7, 245x4@8, 255x4@8, 265x4x2@9 (I lose track of this reps/sets shit, I think it's accurate)

    Row: 175x8@6, 185x8@7, 195x8x4@8, 8, 8, 9



    • 11/1
      Press:135x5@7(oops 5), 145x4@7, 155x4@8.5, 160x4x2@8.5, 9. So five worksets of 4

      303s: 155x8@6.5, 185x8x4@8, 8, 9, 9.5

      235.4, dammit Halloween candy and beer and pizza and Burger King lol


      • 11/3
        Squats: 375x1@8.5, 295x5@6.5, 305x5@7.5, 315x5x3@8, 8.5, 9, 295x5x2@what ever

        2ct pause dead 1”off floor: 295x4@7.5, 305x4@7.5, 315x4x2@9ish

        Bw: 235.6
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        • Busy busy life recently but what am I gonna do?


          Press: 205x1@10, probably (PR, but on viewing do I get red lights for the hip drive? Didn't feel my knees bend or any push addition to the lift but IDK). After:
          145x5, 155x5, 165x5x2, 150x5x2

          Bench:170x5, 180x5, 190x5x5@7.5, 8, 8.5, 9, no-shit-10

          Bw:239.4 (aka too fat after Culver's today bc travel)

          No cardio because time

          Note: Should plan better and potentially do Rows on this training day (esp if no cardio) to shorten comp DL day

          DL: 330x6 , 340x6, 350x6x2@8, 10, 330x6x2@whatever (so 36 reps here ) Next time do one more set (6@6, 6@7, 6@8x5) then we'll see about low stress/peaking I think

          2ct paws squats: 225x4, 235x4, 250x4, 255x4 - was tired for these and they should have been pin squats, oh well.

          Row: 185x6, 195x6, 205x6x4 - tired here too

          Bw: 233.0
          This took a long time
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          • 11/7

            Pin press: 155x4@6.5, 165x4@7?,185x4@9.5, 175x4@9, sure

            Unbelted squats 265x6@7, 275x6@9, 265x6x2@9 (+5lbs and probably add a set next time)

            232.6 today after eating a donut and a half because work bought 'em


            • 11/10
              Squats: [email]385x1@maybe even less than 8, 325x4@6ish, 335x4@8, 335x4x3-4@8.5, (9 dunno if I even didn't his set honestly), 8, 8.5, 325x4x2@8, who cares

              So either 29 or 33 reps, cool. Probably one more week of 4s, maybe remove a set for 25 reps total, then go to 3s?

              2ct pause dead 1”off floor,
              315x4@7, 325x4x2 or 3@9 because I do not understand how numbers work today apparently, 315x4x2sets@8.5 or 9 with straps last set (so 20 or 24 reps here)

              BW was 233.4 I think, forgot to write it down
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              • 11/11

                Press: 205x1@not even close to 1 rep, then 145x5@6, 155x5x5@8, 8.5, 8.5, 8.75, 10, 145x5@8.5 (so 5x7sets = 35 reps here)

                Sleep has not been great lately because at least on of my kids wakes up every day when the clock still starts with a 5. Also am I under trained? Can't remember if did 4 or 5 rep sets last week on comp press

                4 rep sets next time

                Bench: 175x5@6.5, 185x5@7, 195x5x2@8, 9, 185x5x3@8ish (so 5x7sets = 35 reps here)
                4s next time here too



                DL: 325x6@6, 335x6@idk (hooked reps 3-6), 345x6x2@8, 9, 335x6x3@, 8.5, whatever (6x7 here . Time to up the intensity coming up)

                Pin squats 225x4, 235x4, 255x4, 275x4

                Rows:135x6, 185x6, 205x6, 215x6x4@7.5, 8, 8, 8, 7reps @8.5 because first one was way too high - will do 6x6 next time too I think.

                BW: 234.6



                Squat no belt: 225x6, 245x6@6.75, 265x6x4@8+
                2:30 max rests on the timer here. Little back pain in a lot of spots

                Pin press at bridge of nose
                95x5, 135x4, 165x4@8.5, 170x4@9 175x4@9, 165x4

                235.0 after work bought Portillos for lunch

                Kinda excited to lower my overall gym time, up the intensity and maybe get some new PRs in the next few weeks


                • 11/17
                  Squat: 350, 385@9.5(wat???, no pls); 315x4@dunno, 325x4x2@9, 9, 305x4x3@8.5 This is butt

                  Paws DL:305x4x2@8, 315x4@9, 295x4@8.5

                  237.something so both fat at weak today. Iron wins today; Feeling like my age no sleep and not having a great diet are catching up with me right now. Or could just be noceboing myself but these were all “too heavy”

                  Press: 195x1@8.5, 155x4@6, 165x4@7, 175x4@10, 165x4@,9.5???, 8.5, 10ish

                  Bench 185x4@6, 195x4@7, 205x4@8x5

                  DL:135x5, 225x4, 315x2, 365x1, 410x1@8, 350x4@7ish, 355x4@7, 365x4x5sets@8ish

                  Pin squats 225x4, 255x4, 275x4x2sets

                  Row: 185x6, 205x6, 225x6x4sets

                  235.2; Session RPE 8.5ish - might start really tracking this

                  have some videos may upload later


                  • 11/21
                    Pin press, bridge of nose: 175x3@9.5, 165x3@7, 170x3@8ish, 175x3, 185x1

                    Think this cinches that volume is better than intensity here

                    Squat: 225x2, 255x6, 265x6, 275x6x4
                    Asthma is flaring up like a motherfucker last week or so and forgot my inhaler so this sucked


                    missed some due to Thanksgiving/family in town and shit


                    Sq: 385x1@7.5, 365x4@9ish, 335x4x2. These were strong, boy...

                    Then :-(

                    2.5in deficit pull (first time ever doing this movement) 135x5, 225x5, 275x3, 335x2 - failed rep two when my back popped. ouch, but didn't freak out. Still Deficits: 135x5, 185x5x3. Dammit though. Should not have pulled “heavy” the first ever time here. Was going for a 405x1 beltless single@8. Oh well. Rehab time

                    239.4, diet time too


                    Press: 185x1@7.5, 205x1@10, 180x3, 175x3x3

                    Bench: 225x1 flew up so why not try 275(failed rep), 190x6@7.5, 195x6x2 (1 more failed rep ) 175x6

                    Did a bunch of deadlifts and power cleans throughout. Back is not 100% but also wasn't the limiting factor in anything here


                    Bunch of recent videos, they're probably time stamped:


                    • 12/2

                      Missed some more due to chaos at home, laziness, and my back. These are bad excuses.
                      Gotta get back on track here and probably program in some required cardio. Also, having asthma in dry winter air is stupid

                      Worked up to 365x1@9.5, asthma flaring and need to stop forgetting my inhaler. Called this one early.

                      Deficit DL: 135x3, 135x8, 135x8, 185x10x2

                      Back discomfort lingers but who cares


                      Session RPE 7.5, would have been like @5 if not for the asthma, we'll rationalize this as rehab or active rest. Need to start taking this shit more seriously


                      • 12/8
                        Haven't been enough hours in the day and I've been burnt out at work. Be nice if I had a home gym.

                        Sq: 255x5, 265x5, 275x5, 285x5, 295x5 and bring on the DOMS

                        Deficit DL: 225x6, 245x5, 265x5x3


                        Press: 185x1@8, 145x5@5.5, 160x5@7.5, 170x5@9, 160x4@9(didn't attempt rep 5), 150x6@9
                        Note to self, hit some sixes or even eights in this next hypertrophy phase

                        Bench 230x1@8ish, 170x5, 180x5, 190x5x2, 195x5

                        What's cardio?


                        Session RPE 7.5, should have done rows or cardio but had to get back to the fam


                        • 1/3 Happy new year from the guy that misses too many training sessions

                          DL: 315x5, 325x5, 335x5x2 (3 top sets next time)
                          Paws squat 225x4, 235x4, 245x4, 255x4
                          Cardio, fan bike, 20m @8+


                          Press: 135x5, 145x5, 155x5x2, 155x4@9.5
                          Bench: 165x5x5@around 8-9
                          Row 165x8, 185x8x2, 185x8, 185x8@

                          Aaaand that's a layoff. We'll try and make it the longest one for the rest of my life. #goals

                          Squat: 275x5x3sets
                          MSRP: 275x7x4sets
                          15m of cardio @7-8 before an asthma attack cut it short
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                          • 1/7
                            Squat:365x1@9 (ego lifting because of the gym newbies but this may have been an 8.5), 285x5, 295x5x4 (Last set felt at 9, but was clearly @8 but form could be cleaned up, especially thoracic extension)
                            Rack pull, 295x7, 285x7, 275x7x2, blah
                            ~25m fan bike @6-9 (#nice)
                            234.0 and I kinda want to see myself in the 220s this month. The struggle continues

                            Strict Press: 135x5, 145x5, 145x5@9, 145x3, 135x1, would have failed any other reps, need to build up this work capacity
                            303s: 185x8@6?, 195x8x3sets


                            • 1/12, Missing sessions again…
                              DL: 275x5, 295x5, 315x5x3sets

                              Pause Squat: 185x4, 225x4x2, 235x4, 245x4

                              Row 175x8 or 9, 185x8, 195x8x4, tried to keep rest around 2m, went ok

                              234.6 I think it was

                              Gym was nice and hot and humid so no asthma there but that changed when I walked to the car

                              Press: 145x5, 155x5, 165x5, 155x5, 145x5x2

                              Bench: 175x5, 185x5, 195x5x3, failed final rep :-(

                              236.0 but I'll take that in the name of gainz I guess

                              Should have done rows but made up the excuse that I broke the string on my shorts (I did) and showing my ass would have been indecent (probably not)

                              Weight on the bar doesn't matter… Weight on the bar doesn't matter… Weight on the bar doesn't matter… need to get back to that @8 (or less maybe) life.

                              No asthma so we'll call that a W


                              • 1/13:

                                Inspired by Alan's recent video, gonna try and get more Generally Physically Prepared, not care about weight on the bar so much, stay consistent, and maybe recomp some more? Still wanna see 229 this month...

                                Press 135x5x2, 140x5x2, pretty short breaks, less than 3m for sure

                                303s: 175x8, 185x8x3, 2:30ish breaks. maybe 2:15 next time???
                                20<25m fan bike @~7