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  • Ed's Training Log - The Bridge

    I have been training since about end of January 2018 (just under a year) after being relatively sedentary with work for like 5 plus years. In college I dabbled with SSLP and would be committed for up to 3 months before doing something else, etc. I have been very dedicated since I have restarted and have not missed a work out this year.

    From January until July I ran SSLP - making the mistake of starting too low since I felt I was very sedentary - thus stretching it out more than I should have in hindsight. In August I began a variation of the 4 day Texas Method for about 8 weeks and then moved back to 3 day full body with a variation of the Bridge to kind of learn the new movement prior to starting the bridge - I saw better gains here than with the other programs so I am excited about actually starting The Bridge.

    I did begin The Bridge last week on Monday, December 31 so I will log several workouts at once here to catch up.

    My starting stats for The Bridge:

    Height: 5'8" or 5'9"

    Weight: 169.4

    Squat: 260

    Bench: 172

    Deadlift: 330

    Press: 115

    These are actual lifts I have hit and not e1rm's which tend to be higher since I am better at fahves than singles from SSLP. For example, my top squat 5 RM was 240/245 - giving an estimated max of around 275 - 285. During the bridge variation program I ran I did get exposed to some singles to get better at them, but I definitely need to improve singles and work on the psychological side of heavy squats in particular. I seem to psych myself out almost on heavy squat singles whereas with deadlift, for instance, it does not happen.

    Goals for 2019:

    Squat: 315

    Bench: 205

    Deadlift: 405

    Press: 135

    My goals are what I would consider to be realistic given that I am not very training sensitive - likely on the below average portion of the spectrum. One mistake I have made is not purchasing a belt, so these numbers are without a belt - I should have my belt for next week (week 3 of The Bridge).

    I also want to improve my RPE ratings - I have been dabbling since July or August when I was rating my sets but not using RPE to program. In the Bridge variation I ran prior to now starting The Bridge I continued rating RPE's and used it to program any accessories mainly and singles for 1 @ 8 primarily. I feel somewhat comfortable with it and on some lifts more so than others - squat and bench I am most comfortable with, press I feel like I am just totally guessing on, and deadlift is somewhere in between. I have a tendency also to overshoot rather than undershoot RPE so I want to work on correcting this as well. I feel like my personality does work well with RPE and auto-regulation in general - controlled aggressive does seem to fit me for training.

    I am excited to start a log here and I have bought the master template and, assuming The Bridge goes well, anticipate running several programs from BBM this year.

    I will add in the last 5 workouts later today!

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    Workout A: Monday 12/31

    Squat: 195x5 @6; 205x5 @7; 210x5 @8
    CG Bench Press: 120x4 @7; 130x4 @8; 140x4 @9
    Block Pulls: 215x7 @6; 225x7 @7.5; 235x7 @8.5

    Workout B: Wednesday 1/2

    2 CT Pause Squat: 185x4 @7; 195x4 @8.5; 200x4 @9
    Press: 85x5 @6.5; 90x5 @7.5; 92x5 @8.5
    Pendlay Rows: 115x8 @6; 125x8 @7.5; 130x8 @8 X 2

    Workout C: Friday 1/4

    Deadlift: 245x5 @6.5; 255x5 @7.5; 265x5 @8.5
    Bench Press: 130x5 @6; 135x5 @7; 142x5 @8
    3-0-3 Tempo Squat: 135x8 @6; 155x8 @7.5; 165x8 @8.5 - overshot too much here, got sloppy; will lower a bit for next Fri session

    GPP: Saturday 1/5

    Pull-ups: 7 min - total of 34 (about 30 sec rest with 1-2 RIR per set)
    DB Curls: 7 min - total of 69 (34 w/ 25's; 35 w/ 20's)
    Abs: 5 min planks 30 sec on; 30 sec off - never done ab work so am building up
    cardio: 25 min LISS stationary bike
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      Week #2:

      Workout A: Monday 1/7

      Squat: 200x5 @6; 210x5 @7; 215x5 @8; 8; 8.5
      CG Bench Press: 125x4 @7; 135x4 @8; 140x4 @9; 9
      Block Pulls: 220x7 @6.5; 225x7 @7; 235x7 @8; 8.5

      Workout B: Wednesday 1/9

      2 CT Pause Squat: 190x4 @7; 200x4 @8; 205x4 @9; 9
      Press: 85x5 @6; 88x5 @7; 92x5 @8.5; 90x5 @8; 8.5; 88x5 @8.5 - really seem to be lacking ability to repeat sets on press compared to other lifts
      Pendlay Rows: 120x8 @6; 125x8 @7; 135x8 @8.5; 130x8 @8 X 2

      Overall this week so far is feeling pretty good even with the rather drastic volume increase; we will see about Friday's session with DL's and Tempos


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        Workout C: Friday 1/11

        Deadlift: 245x5 @6ish; 255x5 @7.5; 265x5 @8.5; 9; 260x5 @9
        Bench Press: 132x5 @6; 137x5 @7.5; 143x5 @8.5; 9; 140x5 @8.5; 137x5 @8.5
        3-0-3 Tempo Squat: 135x8 @6; 145x8 @7; 150x8 @8 X 2

        Overall fatigue was definitely felt today - I jinxed myself previously. With Deadlifts my left hand grip was really bad with a callous ripping a little which drastically effected my sets making it hard to rate things. I felt more fatigue than usual on Bench Press also - I am accustomed more to higher volume on bench but it was fatiguing today. I could have likely kept the same weight for the 4 top sets but RPE would have likely crept to 9.5. Tempos were better, however, as I overshot last week and adjusted it back down to what felt more appropriate and did not compromise form towards later reps in the sets.

        This week felt a sharp increase in fatigue by Friday but with next week basically the same volume and only a minor uptick in intensity, I am confident that I will be able to adjust well. I am pretty stiff today, definitely feeling the volume but not debilitating. GPP today should be fine.

        I should have my belt for Monday, or at least by Tuesday of next week - excited about that.


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          GPP: Saturday 1/12

          Pull-ups: 7 min - total of 29
          DB Curls: 7 min - 25’s - 35; 20’s - 36
          Abs: 7 min - planks 7 sets of 30 sec with 30 sec rest between
          cardio: 25 min LISS stationary bike