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    So, training log fail, obviously. Here's a brief catch-up, and then a brief(ish) meet report:

    Kept training styled after 12-week strength (single @8, backoff sets, comp lifts on day 1/2, supp on days 3/4) for 4 weeks or so, then started peaking. It was a quick turnaround from my last meet! Dropped OHP 3 weeks out from meet. The corresponding increase in bench volume did cause some minor shoulder pain.

    Training went well for the most part, though no bench progress and deadlifts stagnated for awhile. I was also trying to drop a couple pounds, to avoid the weigh-in situation from last time. I succeeded, but have also re-affirmed for myself how agonizingly slow it is for me to lose any weight at all. Fun times.


    Went down to Orange County (my family and my husband's family are all there) and competed in the Liz Freel Classic at Metroflex Long Beach. Great meet, SUPER fast, super smooth. My husband, his mom, and my dad also competed! First powerlifting meet for all of them. My dad and mother-in-law have been training with Niki Sims (she lives literally blocks from my parents) since July of last year. She was there to handle them for the day, which was great.

    I didn't perform as I was hoping, but I had a ton of fun and was not really bothered by it. I got another big squat PR (5kg up from last meet! so close to 300!), and between that and weighing 1kg less, I did manage to bump my Wilks score up 5 points or so.

    SQUAT: 117.5 / 127.5 / 135 (5kg PR)
    BENCH: 50 / 55/ 57.5x (same exact performance as last time...grr)
    DEADLIFT: 135 / 147.5 / 155x (form went to shit and I hitched it like crazy. Got it up though, so I know the strength is there!)

    My husband got his first 500+ lift (501 deadlift), which was exciting, and my 66-year-old dad and I had the same best deadlift (147.5), which is cool. My dad also broke a crown on some gummy candy I gave him, which is simultaneously the most metal and the least metal thing to happen at a powerlifting meet... plus we got to see a dude pass out after a deadlift attempt, which is always fun. And my mother-in-law came back after missing her first two squat attempts to get white lights on everything else.

    Less good, my third squat attempt had some gnarly knee cave... which was almost entirely due to some unexpected stress incontinence (I've been using a menstrual cup, which had so far been extremely effective as a pessary). An unconscious reflex... need to work on that.

    I would still very much like to pull 155-160...and I will try again in June, at Pull for Pride in Seattle!

    Started 3-Day Hypertrophy Template yesterday... planning on adding some deadlift intensity work (singles, doubles, triples) on a fourth day (along with GPP) in a couple weeks.


    Squat w belt:
    90x6 @6
    92.5x6 @7
    95x5 @7.5
    95x7 @9

    (miscounted last two sets...they were both supposed to be 6 @8. also I am LAUGHABLY out of cardio shape...gasping for breath after these.)

    Overhead press:
    27.5x6 @6
    28.5x6 @7
    29.5x6 @7.5
    30x6 @8

    Pendlay rows:
    40 3x6

    Went very light with these (< RPE6). In the past, every time I've tried rows they have caused major shoulder pain flare ups (no pain during, pain starts 12 hours later or so). But I've never tried them with supinated grip, which I did this time. This slot is supposed to be myoreps, but no way in hell was I going to do that when I'm testing for pain response.

    Sure enough, later that evening my typical diffuse shoulder pain returned, worse than it's been in awhile. This morning it has mostly gone, so that's good, but I may just sub AMRAP banded chin-ups for this slot going forward (which do not cause pain).

    Also, I haven't posted it here yet I don't think, so... my coaching website is up and running!


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      3D Hypertrophy W1D2-3:


      Comp Bench:
      38.5x6 @6
      41x6 @7
      42.5x6 @8
      42.5x6 @8

      70x8 @6
      80x8 @7
      85x8 @8
      85x8 @8

      Press Myoreps:

      I truly TRULY hate the burn from myoreps. Gonna have to work at this.


      Comp DL:
      105x6 @6
      110x6 @7
      112.5x6 @8
      112.5x6 @8

      37.5x6 @6
      40x6 @6
      42.5x6 @8
      42.5x6 @8

      This makes my e1rms for comp bench and CG the same...not sure what that means, but seems not problematic. Will need to ponder further.

      Pause Squat:
      60x6 @6
      65x6 @8
      65x6 @8

      That third slot was supposed to be squat myoreps, but I've decided against lower body myorep work for now. Without going into too much detail, I have lipedema, which is an adipose tissue disorder, and which gives me shitty lymphatics in my legs. They swell frequently and I wear compression daily. It's a progressive disorder and the affected fat tissue is resistant to diet/exercise (reason for this is unknown, believed to be because it is so fibrotic). Anyway, deliberately causing a pump and/or lactic acid build up in my legs seems like not the best idea, and to be honest I don't particularly want leg hypertrophy (they're already so problematic for clothing in general), so... I'm swapping in a squat accessory for now.