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    Sunday January 27th 2019

    220 X1 ~ Paused
    237.5 X1 ~ Paused
    183.5 X6X6 ~ T&G

    Moved grip out one finger to the middles. I had fairly recently moved from pinkies on rings to ring fingers. Maybe three weeks ago, iirc.
    Top single pause was better than yesterday, and the press was smooth.



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      Tuesday Jaunary 29th 2019

      220X1 ~ Paused
      237.5 X1 ~ Short pause. Touched low.
      207 X4X4 ~ All reps paused

      LBBS ~ End of meso/Top single day
      375X1 ~ Parallel

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        Thursday January 31st 2019

        220X1 ~ Paused
        237.5 ~ Paused
        195X5X5 ~ All reps paused

        380X1X10 ~ Groups of three singles (+1) Groups emom, with <45 second rests between reps



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          Saturday February 2nd 2019 (RepsXsets)

          222.5 X1 ~ Paused
          237.5 X1 ~ Controlled T&G ~ Working on some unrack and descent things, and fired when it hit chest. Good speed improvement though.
          221 X3X3 ~ Paused All paused reps rep PR

          345 X2X5



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            Sunday February 3rd 2019

            222.5 X1 ~ Paused
            237.5 X1 ~ Controlled T&G
            185.5 X6X6 ~ T&G

            Since i've started making adjustments to my unrack and descent, i've failed to pause my top 237.5 single. (last two sessions)
            Speed and strength are good. It's mental at this point.
            I'll get it next time.

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              Tuesday February 5th 2019

              222.5 X1 ~ Paused
              237.5 X1 ~ Paused
              209 X4X4 ~ All reps paused


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                Thursday February 7th 2019

                225 X1 ~ Paused
                240 X1 ~ Paused
                197.5 X5X5 ~ All reps paused

                385 X1X9 Groups of 3 singles w/ 45 second rests. Groups emom.



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                  Saturday February 9th 2019

                  225X1 ~ Paused
                  240X1 ~ Paused FAIL
                  240X1 ~ T&G
                  223.5 X2X3 ~ Barely paused
                  225 X1X3 ~ Good pauses


                  This is week 11 of bumping my bench 1% a week. (4Xweek 4 way DUP)
                  All paused triples on heavy day have reached my limit at 223.5
                  Instead today i did three doubles there with crappy pauses, then shifted up to 225 and did three solid paused singles.

                  Top single has been progressing on its own schedule. I got 240 paused thursday, but failed it today, and then just did it T&G.

                  I think it is a combination of an off day, and simply reaching a limit on this exact scheme for heavy day.

                  Meet is April 6th.

                  My thoughts on heavy day now are 9 well paused singles instead of doubles or triples, which i'm not hitting well.

                  I'm sticking with 240 for the top single. I'll still try for the pause, and then do T&G if i fail.
                  I do the top single 4 times a week, so i should dial it in soon enough.



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                    Sunday February 10th 2019

                    225X1 ~ Paused
                    240X1 ~ Controlled T&G
                    188X6X6 ~ Controlled T&G

                    Moved grip back in to ring fingers on rings, so had to concentrate on tucking elbows since the bar was getting forward.
                    Fixed that by the later worksets.
                    I may start doing two weeks before bumping weight now, since this is week 12 of 1% weekly bumps.

                    Gun shy of a pause with 240 after failing the paused rep yesterday. Just going to work with it till the pause comes.



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                      Bench adjustment

                      , the state bench record for my class (93kg M2B) was just bumped 2.5kg, meaning i would have to hit 115kg/253lbs to break it.

                      That isn't feasable for this meet, so i am focused on making my 110kg/242.5lb a sure thing, working up to long pauses with that weight.
                      I've hit 240 paused once this cycle, and failed it once, with a further two controlled T&G reps so far. Top singles have been 4X week from the start of the cycle.

                      Starting tomorrow, i'm bumping to 242.5, and will just get used to handling that weight 4X week with work on extending the pauses (once i get it paused anyway). This gives me 6.5 weeks at 4X week to dial this in.
                      Perhaps longer than i need, but mentally i can feel the pressure eased since i've made the descision.

                      Plan being to get that a sure solid for my 2nd attempt, and go for 248 at the meet if i get the chance. I'm not going to worry about 248 in training unless things somehow get a lot better a lot faster than i think they will. 242.5 will be a 2.5kg meet PR

                      Secondly, i have taken my 4 day bench DUP up 1% a week for 10 weeks now, and the pauses are getting hard to do well for all reps all sets. I need to be doing really good paused work now.

                      The scheme started with a conservative training max of 235
                      3X3 @85% - now - 95%
                      6X6 @70% - now - 80% (doing these T&G)
                      4X4 @80% - now - 90% (this would be tomorrow)
                      5X5 @75% - now - 85%

                      I'm changing it to -
                      With the emphasis on quality pauses.
                      I plan on no weight bump for next week.
                      This and the single rep per set reduction from the modified rep scheme, will be sort of a minor deload i guess.
                      If it then feels like i can do 1% a week again, i will. Otherwise i'll do two weeks per 1% bump.
                      Increases in pause time will be another metric.

                      Lastly - I'm actually glad the other guy bumped the record up, as it has allowed me to re-focus in a more realistic way.

                      After the meet, i'm hitting the new Hanley bench plan hard, and seeing where that takes me.

                      Dude beat my 200kg DL by 2.5kg, but i already had 205kg as my goal for this meet.

                      I retain the squat record by a wide margin, and the total record by 5kg.

                      500kg/1,102 + total is the main goal for this meet.


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                        Dumpster fire...

                        Tuesday February 12th 2019 - Part 1 (squats later today)

                        225X1 ~ Well paused
                        242.5 ~ XFXF
                        235X1 ~ T&G very ugly. Moving on.
                        210X3X5 ~ All reps paused ~ These went well. Salvaged my mental state.

                        So 1rm capacity has collapsed. I'm going to try just 235 for my top single Thursday and see how that goes.
                        Evidently my near max single every session approach only works for so long.
                        I assumed a T&G 242.5 would be cake. Nope.

                        I'm actually going to switch to the bench portion of Hanley's 2 week MM plan.
                        I can run three cycles of that, and still have a week before meet week to tune up heavy singles.
                        What i'm doing has reached a point where it's not working for 1RM, so all i need is to not regress for this to be a safe bet.

                        I'm still on track for squat, deadlift and total goals for my meet.
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                          Thank Jebus for squats.

                          Tuesday February 12th 2019 - Part 2


                          345 X3X3
                          345 X2X2

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                            Thursday February 14th 2019

                            Bench ~ Start of Montana Method for bench.

                            225X1 ~ Paused ~ (i'm adding an easy single to H day)
                            167.5 X5X7 ~ All reps paused

                            DL- conv- hook
                            392.5 X1X8 ~ Emom

                            video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload

                            Back into the 400s next week
                            video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload



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                              Saturday February 16th 2019

                              Bench ~ Official start of MM 2 week template for bench.
                              225X1 ~ Paused (adding the easy single to H days)
                              167.5 X5X7 ~ All reps paused, 2min or less rest.


                              Second last day of the last LBBS meso before strengthening/peaking.

                              video, sharing, camera phone, video phone, free, upload

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                                February 19th 2019

                                Bench ~ MM 2 week template.
                                145 X3 ~ Paused
                                167.5 X2 ~ Paused
                                185 X1X2 ~ Paused
                                205 X1X3 ~ Paused
                                155 X8X3

                                LBBS ~ Last day of last meso, plus first day of 3 week strength block.
                                345 X3X5
                                365 X1X3

                                Felt a little puny today. Had a couple good morning-ish looking reps from leaning too far forward.
                                This was the best looking workset. Main thing is, all reps were deep, and i finished.

                                Best looking single, and that's not saying much.

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