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  • 3.7.21

    squat: 205 5/5/5
    bench: 180 5/5/5
    chins slant: 7/6/6

    182.3: body weight with clothes, no shoes

    squat felt pretty good. Bench was a bit of a grind. Body weight creeping up. Might need to start doing some HIIT to keep the weight in check.


    • 3.10.21

      deadlift: 255 5
      press: 116 5; 120 5; 116 4
      pull ups slant: 7/5/5

      180: body weight with clothes, no shoes

      deadlift was all DOH. Bar slipping out on last rep quite a bit. I need to ask Damon about that thumb grip adjustment. I forgot how to do that. Press might be a PR on 120 for one set. Body weight down a smidge.


      • 3.11.21

        rower X8

        First HIIT in awhile.
        felt like I was going to die right after each later interval. I would recover relatively quickly though.


        • 3.17.21

          Squat: 210 5
          Bench: 170 5/5/5
          Chins: 7/7

          179.5 bodyweight, clothes, no shoes

          Had my first vaccine shot on Friday. Put me down for the count on Saturday, but felt back to normal on Sunday. While doing squats, I was getting light-headed and not feeling awesome. So I backed off. Guess I'm not quite totally back to normal. I also hadn't eaten a ton, so it may have been a combination of both things.


          • 3.24.21

            squat: 210 5/5/5
            press: 116.5 5; 115.5 5; 115 3
            pull ups slant: 7/7/5

            181.7 body weight clothes no shoes

            everything felt pretty good. Slight neck tweak warming up for press.


            • 3.28.21

              Bench: 180 5/5/5
              Deadlift: 260 5
              Chins slant: 7/6/6

              182.2 bodyweight clothes on, no shoes

              I ended up benching first, which is not my typical routine. Bench was a grind. I experimented with a hook grip on some of my deadlift warm up sets. Work set was all DOH. My grip was weak before, so I'm trying to 'crush' the bar better. That's helping.


              • 3.29.21

                Went for a long run. Not sure how far it was. I tried to sort of map it out on google map as best I could (since I was going off of normal routes). My guess is at least 3 miles of running, plus some walking at the end.


                • 4.3.21

                  squat: 215 5/5/5
                  press: 115 5/5/5
                  pull ups slant: 7/7/6

                  181.7 body weight clothes on, no shoes

                  squat felt pretty good. Press was a grind.


                  • 4.5.21

                    short run. Not sure how far. Just around the gardens. Probably a couple miles.


                    • 4.8.21

                      deadlift: 265 5
                      bench: 185 5/5/5
                      chins slant: 7/7/5

                      181.7 body weight clothes on, no shoes

                      Deadlift was tough. I tried the hook grip some on warm ups. 4 DOH.

                      Bench felt pretty good. I thought I would have to microload, but was feeling so good on warm ups, went for 185.
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                      • 4.16.21

                        squat: 195 5/5/5
                        pull ups slant: 6/6

                        Had COVID vaccine shot a couple of days ago. That and been really busy.


                        • 4.22.21

                          Squat: 205 5; 215 5; 225 5
                          Press: 110 5/5/5

                          182.4 bodyweight, clothes, no shoes

                          I strained my fingers on both hands the other day pulling buckthorn out. So i didn't deadlift or do pull ups because of that. Squat felt great. Was going to do three sets of 205, but was feeling good, so kept it up and got to two plates. I am sure I can easily do 3 sets with two plates next time.


                          • 4.25.21

                            Went for a run around the gardens... probably a couple of miles a most. with some hills.


                            • 5.2.21

                              deadlift: 250 5
                              bench: 175 5/5/5
                              chins slant: 6/5/5

                              181.8 body weight clothes (shorts), no shoes

                              Felt pretty good considering I haven’t been lifting much. Deloaded a tiny bit.


                              • 5.11.21

                                squat: 195 5/5/5
                                press: 105 5; 107.5 5/5
                                pull ups straight bar (hammer grip): 6/5/5

                                184.8 bodyweight clothes no shoes!!