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  • 7.14.21

    Press: 115 5/5/5
    Chins slant: 7/7/6

    Rower x8

    Sit ups work, etc.

    184.0 bodyweight, no shoes, shorts

    Press is a tied PR I believe. Now with microplates, hope to keep that moving up.


    • 7.19.21

      Deadlift: 270 5
      Bench: 183 5/5/5
      pull ups curved bar: 6/6; slant bar: 6

      stomach work

      183.1 body weight no shoes, shorts

      Deadlift was tough. 3 DOH, 2 mixed grip. Bench felt pretty good, but also tough. No spotter.


      • 7.24.21

        Squat: 230 5/5/5
        press: 116.5: 5/4/3

        couple of quick Leg raises

        184.8 body weight no shoes, shorts

        squat was tough. I was a little hurried on press as gym was closing.


        • 7.27.21

          chins: 7/7/6
          stomach work
          Rower x8

          184.1 bodyweight


          • 8.1.21

            Deadlift: 275 5

            185.3 bodyweight, pants, extra shirt

            I tweaked my left side of my neck on bench warm ups. Not sure what happened there. Was probably tired from deadlifts and didn’t warm up slowly enough? I left the gym right away. Nothing major hopefully.


            • 8.6.21

              Squat: 235 5/5/5
              press: 115 5; 100 5

              some stomach work

              183.8 bodyweight

              squat was tough. I felt my neck getting ever so slightly tweaked on the press, and after my injury the other day, which was really quite painful for several days, I wanted to be cautious. So no pull ups either.


              • 8.15.21

                squat: 215 5/5/5
                pull ups slant: 5/5/5
                stomach work
                rower 3X

                184.4 bodyweight, no shoes, pants

                Still recovering from neck injury, but getting much better. Sprained my ankle a bit the other day tripping down the front steps. Those two out together, along with not lifting much, I took a little weight off the squat. I was so gassed on the rower, and the mask was not helping at all.


                • 8.19.21

                  Deadlift: 265 5
                  bench: 170 5; 165 5/5
                  chins: 5/5/5
                  stomach work

                  183.3 bodyweight no shoes, two shirts

                  Deadlift was mixed grip. In general, I was being cautious coming off this trap/neck strain. Took a little weight off the lifts. I could just feel ever so slightly that spot in my neck while benching, so took another 5lbs off. Seems fine a day later. Just being careful.


                  • 8.27.21

                    Squat: 215 5/5/5
                    Press: 105 5/5/5
                    pull ups slant: 6/5/5
                    stomach work

                    183.3 bodyweight pants no shoes

                    neck (more like trapezius) is pretty much fine, but I still feel a tiny something there. Being cautious, especially on the press.


                    • 9.1.21

                      run around gardens.


                      • 9.5.21

                        Deadlift: 270 5
                        Bench: 170 5/5/5
                        pull ups hammer grip: 6/6/5
                        stomach work

                        183.4 body weight

                        deadlift was mix grip. Was tough. Bench felt pretty good. Still feeling tiny something in that trap area on right side.
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                        • 9.7.21

                          run around gardens


                          • 9.8.21

                            Squat: 220 5/5/5
                            Press: 110 5/5/5
                            pull-ups hammer grip: 6/6/6
                            stomach work

                            185.1 body weight

                            everything was a grind today.


                            • 9.9.21

                              run around gardens


                              • 9.15.21

                                Deadlift: 275
                                Bench: 175 5/5/5
                                pull ups slant: 6/5/4
                                Leg lifts

                                183.1 bodyweight

                                All Mixed grip for pull. Bench was a grind