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    squat: 265 5/5/5
    bench: 170 5/5/5
    171.2 body weight

    I was very tired tonight. And didn’t really eat a whole lot today. Therefore, the squat was a real grind just to finish 3 sets.


    • Crockett
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      At least you got the 3x5 again. Next time, eat your potatoes.

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    Light-ish Squat: 225 5/5
    Press: 107: 5/5/5
    pull ups curved bar: 15lbs: 5; 10lbs: 5; bw: 5

    Can't remember exact body weight. My stomach was feeling a little queasy shortly before I went into the gym, and my lower back felt the tiniest of tweaks. Just wasn't feeling the greatest, so I didn't lift big on the squat. FINALLY got 3X5 with 107 on the press.


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      Squat: 270: 5/4
      pull ups body weight curved bar: 7

      The YMCA changed their hours and I had very little time to lift.
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        270, I assume, not 170

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      deadlift: 255 5
      bench: 175 5/5/5
      pullnups curved bar bw: 7


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        squat: 225 5/5
        press: 110 5/3; 107 5
        pull ups curved bar bw: 7/6

        my groin was feeling sufficiently tweaked that I laid off a heavy squat. Need to stretch more. Same groin tweak I had a month or two ago. Happy to get one set of 5 at 110 for press. That has been a slow grind. 107 on the last set was surprisingly easy.


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          Deadlift: 260 5
          bench: 180 4/4/3
          pull ups bw: 6/6/6

          I'm pretty sure that is a deadlift PR. I'd have to go back and check, but I don't remember getting beyond around 250. DOH for first 3 reps, then 2 MG. I had a spotter on the last two sets of bench. He helped me a tiny bit on the 5th rep of second set. My groin tweak is keeping me from squatting. Been bothering me. I thought I might do some light squat today, but it just wasn't feeling great.
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            Groin still bugging, so can't squat. Major bummer. It was a gorgeous day, so I decided to go for a little run. Did about three sets of stair HIIT's and jogged and walked some.


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              Light squat: 205 5/5
              press: 110 5/4/3
              pull ups curved bar: 10 5/5/6

              Didn't weigh myself today. Groin continues to aggravate. Really bummed that I can't squat. Afraid I'll lose. I decided I would work through the discomfort today. Just want to keep doing SOMETHING squat-wise, so I don't lose as much. It bothered me some while lifting. We'll see how it feels tomorrow and the next day. Almost got 5 reps on second set of press. I only got 3 last time on second set, so that's something.


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                Squat: 225 5/5/5
                Bench: 180 5/5/4.5
                pull ups straight bar: 12.5 5/5/5

                Groin has been sore since I did the light squat a couple days ago. I went in today, and in warm ups it didn't feel too bad, so I did what I did. 225 was not too difficult. I could feel the groin soreness after sets. We'll see. I'm just keeping real heavy weight off while I rehab the groin. Bench was an improvement. I had a spotter on the last set and he helped me on the last rep. I had the strength I think, but I was running out of gas. Should be able to do 180 next time.


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                  Light squat: 195 5/5
                  Deadlift: 265 5
                  Press: 110 5/5/5

                  Rehabbing groin, so went light on the squat. Want to keep the blood flowing to those muscles. Deadlift was first rep DOH, then mixed grip for the next 4 reps. Press was a long time coming.


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                    Squat: 230 5/5/5
                    Pull ups curved bar, bw: 8

                    Very short workout as the gym was closing soon. 230 felt surprisingly heavy. Groin was Ok, but still feeling the tweak some.


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                      Squat: 235 5/5/5
                      RDL: 125 10; 135 5/5
                      Bench: 180 5/5/5

                      Squat felt quite good. Still feeling the groin tweak a little. Bench was weird. I probably wasn't warmed up enough, because the last set was the easiest. I also had a spotter for the last set, so might have had a little extra adrenaline. Seem to be gaining a little bit of weight.


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                        Squat: 240 5/5/5
                        Press: 112 5/5/5
                        Pull ups straight bar: 15lbs: 5/5; 12.5lbs: 4.5

                        Squat felt pretty good. It's been a week since I squatted. Still felt the groin a little, but not as bad, so that's good. Press surprised me. It was tough, but didn't think going in that I'd get all three sets. Getting close to a PR with the press I think. Body weight continues to climb bit by bit.


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                          deadlift: 270 5
                          pull ups bw: 4

                          1 rep, DOH, 4 reps mixed grip. Gym was closing, so I had very little time. Also, closed for the fourth, so really had to sneak one in. I wonder if there is something wrong with their scale! I know I’ve been gaining, but haven’t been eating a particularly large amount of food. Positive that’s a PR on deadlift. I have to look back to see what it was, but I think I only got to around 250 previously.


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                            squat: 245 5
                            bench: 185 4/3/4

                            I had recently eaten and it was much earlier in the day than what I’m used to. So I was gassing. Groin felt a little tender on warm ups and then was bothering me a bit after the first set. So decided not to push it. It had been too long on the bench. I had a spotter on the last set.
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