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    Rower 5X

    30 seconds on, 90 seconds off.


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      Press: 115 5/5/4 PR?
      Light squat: 195 5/5
      Pull ups curved bar: 15lbs: 5; 12.5lbs: 5; 10lbs: 5

      Press is closing in a PR. I'd have to check, but I think I got to either 110 or 115 last time. I was very happy with today's result on press. Should be able to get 115 for 3X5 next time. My right knee has been quite tight the last couple of days and I'm not sure what it's from. It could be the squat the other day (which is unlikely, because squat never bothers my knees) OR it could be from the rower. That would make more sense, since I never do the rower. It was a new movement and of course you go balls to the walls, so I probably just over-exerted it. I wasn't sure I'd be able to squat today due to the knee. Body weight seems to have plateaued a little. Might have been carrying some extra water weight last time, or the one rower session did something, haha.


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        Squat: 245 5/5/5
        Bench: 185 5/3/4
        RDL: 125 5/5/5

        Felt well-rested today. Groin and knee still bugging a little. Bench was without a spotter on all three sets. I wussed out on the second set.


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          Rower x8.
          chin ups: 5/5

          Still getting used to the rower. I didn't row between the :20 high intensity splits. I forgot that. But I did row between the last 3 sets. Splits were around 1:35, so I may need to bump the resistance down a bit. I decided to do some chin ups right afterwards. I have not done chin ups in ages. Plus, my arms were gassed from the rower (which I forgot about). Might start trying to work in some chin ups with the pull ups, so that I'm doing both.


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            Squat: 250 5/5/5
            Press: 115: 4/3; 110: 4

            Didn't weigh myself. Squat felt pretty good. Felt very heavy, but manageable. Groin wasn't tweaking nearly as much. Mostly gone, so hopefully I can keep it that way. Press sucked. And I realize now that the difference is that I started with the press the last time I pressed 115. May have to start starting with the press. Need to deadlift tomorrow or next day at absolute latest.


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              Deadlift: 275 5 PR
              Bench: 185 5/5/5

              No weigh-in. Deadlift felt good. Bench too. Weird because I lifted yesterday. Different enough movements, I suppose. Bench is at or approaching a PR. Not sure, because I can't seem to find my dailymile recordss.


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                Rower: 8X


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                  press: 115 5/4/4
                  squat: 255 5/5/5
                  chins: 8

                  No weigh-in. Y health center is closed for cleaning so I haven’t been able to access the scale I normally use. Press was a bit disappointing. Thought starting with it would help. Squat was a grind. I had also eaten somewhat recently. That always makes lifting harder. Need to really eat a lot of protein the next couple of days to recover from what was a big week of workouts.


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                    Light squat: 205 5/5/5
                    Bench: 190 4/4/3
                    pull ups curved bar: 12.5 5/5; 10: 5

                    No spotter on bench. Knee still bugging a tiny bit and groin also a smidge. Feeling the upper body work a couple of days later as I log this. Good to get back to some pull ups.


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                      Squat: 260 5/5/5

                      Squat and leave. Was a grind. I had eaten pretty recently, and it was earlier in the day than I would have liked. I'm kind of between belt holes now, so figuring that out, too, with wearing two shirts, etc.
                      No weigh in.
                      Knee and groin continue to bug a little, but not majorly. Seem to bother me more on warm ups than the actual work sets.


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                        Press: 115 5/5/4
                        Deadlift: 280 5

                        I wasn't happy with the deadlift. My form was kind of sucking on the work set. I don't want to injure myself. I might do a little deload and try to deadlift more often. I don't think once every 2 weeks is enough.


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                          squat: 245 5/5
                          bench: 190 3; 185 4; 175 4
                          chin ups slant bw: 8/6

                          i haven’t been as consistent with lifting lately. Feel like I haven’t really been eating enough, either. BW surprised me a bit. I decided to do a sort of mid-range squat. Didn’t want to do a true light squat; wanted some real weight, but didn’t want to go heavy. I had very little time as the Y was closing. Rushed through entire workout. That’s probably some of the reason the bench sucked so bad.


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                            Squat: 265 5/5/5 TIED PR
                            Press: 115 4; 110 5/4
                            pull ups slant bw: 6/6/6
                            sit ups, No. 6: 15/15

                            Squat was a real grind. Matched my previous PR from a month or two ago. Press sucked. Squat took a lot out of me, so that probably had something to do with it. Pull ups felt easy without added weight.


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                              Rower 8X
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                                deadlift: 285 5
                                bench: 185 5; 190 5/4
                                chin ups slant bw: 8

                                Deadlift mixed grip: felt pretty good warming up. Form a little better this time, but feel I need to strengthen some upper back some more before I keep adding weight. Maybe some barbell rows would help. Bench was without spotter on first set, and with a spotter on last two.