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  • Oh yeah, I also rediscovered NSP and found a perfect warm-up routine. Starts at 40 seconds.


    • Monday, 19 August

      Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
      Comp Bench 309*[email protected]
      331*[email protected]
      347*[email protected]
      287*2*[email protected]
      Overhead Press 185*[email protected]
      190*[email protected]
      195*1*[email protected], 8.5, 7.5
      200*1*[email protected], 8.5, 7.5
      205*1*[email protected]

      Figured out that I don't have to choose between softening up my torso to let the bar sink a little and staying tight but keeping all the weight on my arms. I don't know why I was thinking that staying tight and sinking the bar a bit were mutually exclusive, but I put them together and man, the bar seemed to just fly off my chest.

      Also figured out some stuff on my overhead press regarding positioning and grip. I'll try it for more than one workout before proclaiming a breakthrough though.

      Wednesday, 21 August

      Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
      Comp Squat 353*1*3
      Comp Bench 276*2*3
      Comp Deadlift 375*1*3

      Couldn't really get into this workout for some reason, but it didn't really matter. I felt fine overall, and this wasn't supposed to be a taxing workout, so staying on the low side of arousal was fine.

      Friday, 23 August

      Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
      Comp Squat 287*1*3
      Comp Bench 243*1*3
      Comp Deadlift 331*1*3

      Feeling good! I've been hitting a lot more reps at near-max weights, so for the first time this year, I'm going into a meet relatively confident of where my maxes are and what my attempts should be.

      All packed for Regionals.


      • Sunday, 25 August - Southwest Regionals

        BW: 103.25 kg/227.6 lb

        Squat 227.5/502

        240/529 (miss)
        Bench Press 160/353

        Deadlift 265/585

        Totaled 687.5/1516 for a 605 IPF points/413 Wilks.

        Meet video on Instagram

        This was an exceptionally long meet, and my session was over 5 hours long, but aside from that it was quite well run. Good warm-up area, monitors to track progress, and of course Geno on the mic. I didn't quite get the goals I was hoping for, but I got the one that mattered. You can qualify for Raw Nationals either by hitting the qualifying total (715 for the 105s) or by being top 3 at Regionals, and I got the latter.

        Normally, I wouldn't bother going if I couldn't even hit the qualifying total, but I'm going to make an exception in this case. During June and July, I was doing exclusively weightlifting, so I've only been back to powerlifting for a month. Even with that, I got enough momentum going that I was able to put up my best meet by Wilks/IPF points, and I think I'll be able to keep progress going and put up a decent total Nationals. I've got twice as long to train for that as I did for this.


        • Monday, 26 August

          Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
          Squat 135*5*3
          Overhead Press 135*5*3

          Just getting some movement. I was sore after this, but not as sore as before. The meet beat me up pretty well.

          Tuesday, 27 August

          Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
          Overhead Press 185*3*[email protected]
          165*4*[email protected]

          Press is coming along nicely. Moved my hands in some, and that's helped.

          Thursday, 29 August

          Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
          Bench 276*5*[email protected]
          Overhead Press 190*[email protected]
          200*[email protected]
          210*1*[email protected]

          Friday, 30 August

          Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
          Conv Deadlift 463*1

          Bit tired today, but not sore anymore. That's good, considering I'll be doing USSF/BBL's online meet in three days.


          • Monday, 2 September

            Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
            Squat 463*1
            Overhead Press 225*1
            Conventional Deadlift 562*1

            Did the USSF/BBL meet today. Had a couple other guys over to test out their maxes too, which was cool. 507 was about as heavy as I was going to be able to squat today; there just wasn't much more there, and I've got a couple little tweaks that didn't help. 617 for deadlift had some left in the tank, but I didn't think the fatigue was worth it. I think I'm going to end up second behind Stanton, and going for another heavy deadlift wouldn't change that.

            Considering I competed nine days ago, I'm pretty happy with how this went. I'm pretty tired now, but not completely exhausted.

            Oh, and for anyone curious about video: no. Those deadlifts were so ugly that they will never see the light of day.


            • Turns out Stanton didn't count himself, so I won the online meet. (At least if we don't count the guy in the masters class who outdid me in every lift.)

              Wednesday, 4 September

              Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
              Bench 281*4*[email protected]
              Snatch-grip RDL 230*8*3

              I don't think I've done SGRDL before, but I think I like these. Or maybe they just felt good because they were light. Who knows?

              Friday, 6 September

              Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
              Bench 120*5*[email protected]

              I was supposed to do squats, but I've got a bit of a groin tweak, and it felt worse as the weights went up. Tried using the SSB to let me adjust my stance in a different way, but that unfortunately didn't help. I'm sure it'll be fine pretty soon though. Just overdid it a little with those two meets.

              Monday, 9 September

              Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
              202 Tempo Squat 154*5
              Bench 309*3*[email protected]
              309*2*[email protected]
              Snatch-grip RDL 245*8*[email protected]

              I don't usually post warm-up work, but I suppose this is rehab? My groin has been bugging me for about a week. It's not generally too bad, but it's rather interfering with normal or even adjusted squatting. I was supposed to do ~290 for 4*4, but the lighter weights felt tolerable but not great, and the last couple weights were pushing it more than I was comfortable with at this point.

              Bench went quite well though. Met/exceeded my previous speed PR (0.42 m/s) for 140 kg on several reps.


              • Wednesday, 11 September

                Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                Bike 5 min - 1.71 mi
                Bench 270*5*[email protected]
                270*4*[email protected]
                270*[email protected]
                Push-up BW - 12 min
                w/Fat Grip DB Hammer Curl 30s - 12 min

                No idea how many push-ups and curls I did. I lost track right away and the camera stopped recording half-way through because I forgot to change it from 4k 60 fps, which has a 5 min time limit. I do know that while cardio was not the intent, it was certainly the outcome.

                Friday, 13 September

                Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                Squat w/Wraps 397*2*5
                Bench 320*[email protected]
                283*4*[email protected]
                Snatch-Grip RDL 245*3*3

                Sunday, 15 September

                Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                Bench 276*5*[email protected]
                Block Pull 485*3*[email protected]
                Push-up BW*90 - 12 min
                w/Fat Grip DB Hammer Curl 30s*69 - 12 min
                Bike 10 min - 3.22 mi

                Remembered to change the camera this time.


                • Monday, 16 September

                  Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                  Bench 254*6*[email protected]
                  Squat 353*3*3
                  1-Arm DB Row 60*12ea*[email protected]

                  Starting to get back to normal on squats. Still a bit to go.

                  Thursday, 19 September

                  Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                  Bench 292*3*[email protected]
                  Deadlift 529*[email protected]
                  496*[email protected]
                  DB OHP 35s*15*3

                  I have some kind of mental block with deadlifts that pops up from time to time and is rather frustrating. Rather than just quitting, I figured I'd at least drop the weight and try to work back up. Got most of the way there.

                  Friday, 20 September

                  Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                  Bench 265*6*[email protected]
                  Squat w/Wraps 441*1*5
                  Echo Bike Sprints 8/60 sec*3

                  24 seconds doesn't seem like a lot of work, but I'm convinced [mention]Hanley[/mention] was trying to kill me. Between being relatively good at short bursts of power and being completely awful at cardio, this was too much. My chest was hurting for hours afterward.

                  I continue to suspect that most people actually give 90-95% effort when they do these, rather than truly going all-out. I know someone posted a video somewhere on this forum of a woman doing true tabata bike sprints. If you don't look about as miserable as she did at the end, I doubt you're giving 100%. Though I'm not convinced that's a bad strategy.

                  Sunday, 22 September

                  Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                  Squat 474*1*[email protected]~9
                  Bench 287*5*[email protected]
                  287*4*[email protected], 7
                  Block Pull 505*1*[email protected]

                  No real issues with the groin today, so I'm calling it 100%. I seem to still be off of my normal form though, which I'm guessing is mostly due to how I altered it to avoid the pain. I feel like I'm getting back to it though. Just need more practice, so it's a good thing I've still got ~four weeks. If I can pull that together, I'll be on track to hit my goal of a PR.


                  • And today.

                    Monday, 23 September

                    Exercise Weight*Reps*[email protected]
                    Bench 259*6*[email protected]
                    259*5*[email protected]
                    Squat 375*2*6
                    1-Arm DB Row Left: 30*20, 25, 30
                    Right: 75*12*3

                    Oof. Left elbow was killing me. Got better as I progressed through bench, but then worse during squats. But now it's been a couple hours, and it feels completely fine. I'm getting pretty good at the mental side of chronic pain. Still need a lot of work on the acute side.


                    • Well, I'm finally caught up on my log, just not here. This forum doesn't seem to have much interaction on the logs, so I think I'm going to downsize back to just keeping it in one place. I'll still be logging on Exodus Strength.