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  • Mikey G's Training Log

    Hi Everyone!

    I've never written a training log before, so this will be completely new to me.

    I'll try and keep up to date with it as best I can.

    First, a bit about me:

    I am a 5'9 200 lb male, 36 years old

    I'm currently in my 7th week of my first go around with The Bridge 2.0.

    I have been lifting on and off since High School with no real goal, but I finally decided to get serious about strength and started Stronglifts in 2014.

    After some injuries and programming mistakes (including Madcow and 5/3/1), I finally officially finished my LP back in November 2017 (Starting Strength style) with the following lifts:
    Squat: 3x5 @ 370
    Bench: 3x5 @ 240
    Press: 3x5 @ 147.5
    Dead: 1x5 @ 465

    The week after that, I tested my 1RMs just for fun and a mental break. Here they are:
    Squat: 425
    Bench: 285
    Press: 170
    Dead: 525

    Thanks for reading!
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    1/15/2018 Training Log - The Bridge 2.0 Week 7 Day 1

    Competition Bench
    270 x 1 @ 9
    245 x 4 @ 8.5
    245 x 4 @ 9
    240 x 4 @ 8
    240 x 4 @ 9

    Competition Squat
    405 x 1 @ 8.5
    365 x 4 @ 8.5
    365 x 4 @ 9
    355 x 4 @ 7.5
    360 x 4 @ 9

    Today I felt pretty good, although I was hoping to hit my heavy Bench single at RPE 8

    I made a mistake by taking too much weight off the bar after my second set of 4 with Squats. In hindsight, I probably just should have rested a bit more and not taken any weight off the bar at all.

    I didn't have time to do Pause Deadlifts today so I'll have to go in tomorrow to get them done. This usually happens every week. It's hard for me to complete 2 Competition lifts and one Supplemental lift with the time I have.
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      1/16/2018 Training Log - The Bridge 2.0 Week 7 Day 2

      2ct Pause Deadlift

      285 x 3 @ 7
      305 x 3 @ 8
      325 x 3 @ 9
      325 x 3 @ 9
      325 x 3 @ 9

      For my first couple of warmup sets I used hook grip, which I've never done before. I wanted to see how it felt and get some practice doing it. Then I went to double overhand starting with my first work set of 285. I was able to use that for my set of 285 and my set of 305, but I had trouble with my left hand keeping grip during my first set of 325, so I switched to using straps for the rest of my sets.

      Pendlay Row
      155 x 8 @ 7
      165 x 8 @ 8
      165 x 8 @ 8
      165 x 8 @ 8

      These felt okay, but my Pendlay Row form isn't the best right now. I used to do these a lot during my early LP days, but I was only doing sets of 5 then. I do these with a pronated grip that's the same width as my bench press, and the bar right over my toes as opposed to mid foot. I feel it more in my upper back that way.

      Barbell Curls
      55 x 12 x 4 sets

      Not much to say about these except I definitely did NOT do them in the squat rack... Or did I?


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        1/17/2018 Training Log - The Bridge 2.0 Week 7 Day 3

        Competition Press
        165 x 1 @ 8.5
        145 x 4 @ 8
        145 x 4 @ 8.5
        145 x 4 @ 8
        145 x 4 @ 8.5

        This session was the first time in a while my press actually felt good. I was surprised I was able to get the 165 at almost an RPE 8. I was also able to get my work sets in at around RPE 8 as well. My 3rd set felt much better than my 2nd, probably due to better form and a bit more rest before the set. I feel like my Press form needs a lot of work. I could probably use more layback and keep my back tighter. I'll continue working on it. I'll post a video of my next Press session if I can remember.

        Pin Squat
        315 x 3 @ 7
        325 x 3 @ 8
        335 x 3 @ 9
        335 x 3 @ 9
        335 x 3 @ 9

        These were tougher than my last session. I really dialed it up. It's amazing how tough it can be to get 335 off of the pins out of the hole. My first set I felt it in my lower back too much. I probably relaxed it at the bottom instead of staying tight, so my back angle wasn't very good. I corrected that for the rest of the sets and felt much stronger.

        Normally, I would take Thursdays off as a true rest day, but since I am taking off of work on Friday to prepare some things in the house for my incoming newborn baby girl, I'm going to have to train tomorrow instead of Friday.