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  • Jakes training log

    Will be starting on Monday May 27th

    6' 199lbs

    Squat 500
    Bench 375 TNG 350 Paused
    Deadlift 635

    4x per week 3 lifts per day.

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    Monday May 27th

    Comp squat -

    455lbsx1 @ RPE 8
    365lbs 5x5

    Comp OHP -

    195lbsx1 @RPE 8
    165lbs 5x5

    Pendlay row -

    185x8, 205x8, 225x8, 205x8


    Hammer curls 30lbs 4x10

    First OHP single in months felt harder than expected but should increase quickly.


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      Tuesday May 28th

      Comp deadlift -

      600lbsx1 @ RPE 8.5
      440lbs 5x5

      Comp Bench -

      325lbsx1 @ RPE 8
      265lbs 5x5

      Beltless squat -

      315x4, 345x4, 365x4, 315x4

      Deadlift felt strong as hell today but squats were very difficult due to DOMS from yesterday. Deadlift also tired me out so couldn't quite get to the 345lb bench single I had planned.


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        Friday May 31st

        CG bench press -

        280x4, 290x4, 300x4, 285x4

        Tempo squat (2/0/2) -

        225x8, 245x8, 245x8, 245x8

        Lat pulldown -

        Skipped due to time constrains.


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          Saturday June 1st

          Rack pull -

          495x4, 515x4, 515x4, 475x4

          CG incline bench press -

          165x10, 180x10, 190x10, 175x10

          Leg Press -

          5 platesx10, 5 plates+25x10, 5 plates+25x10, 5 plates x10

          Accessories -

          Hammer curls 30lbs 4x10

          Felt weak the last two days, barely hit any of the weights I wanted to. Probably just stress from a busy work week.


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            Monday June 3rd- Friday June 7th

            MONDAY -

            Squat - 460lbsx1, 355lbs 5x5

            Pause bench - 335lbsx1, 265lbs 5x5

            Pendlay row - 185lbs 3x10

            TUESDAY -

            Comp deadlift - 570lbsx1, 425lbs 5x5

            Comp OHP - 200lbsx1, 165lbs 5x5

            Tempo squat (3/0/0)- 225lbsx8, 245lbsx8, 245lbsx8, 225lbsx8

            THURSDAY -

            Close grip bench - 295lbsx4, 305lbsx4, 315lbsx4(PR), 295lbsx4

            Beltless squat - 355lbsx4, 380lbsx4, 405lbsx4(PR), 370lbsx4

            Lat pulldown - skipped cause i'm useless

            FRIDAY -

            Rack pull - 495lbsx4, 515lbsx4, 515lbsx4, 475lbsx4, 475lbsx4

            Close grip incline bench - 175lbsx10, 185lbsx5, 195lbsx5, 185lbsx10, 175lbsx10

            Stiff leg deadlift - 275lbs 3x10