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Body transformation during 3 day hypertrophy program (with pics)

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  • Body transformation during 3 day hypertrophy program (with pics)

    I finished my 9 week cut about 3 weeks ago and have been reverse dieting back since then. I am almost back in a surplus for my bulk and am really enjoying the extra food! These are my stats:

    Height: 5' 7" (actually right under)
    Weight: 147.8 (started cut at 163.6)
    Deadlift: 370 for sets of 6 (RPE 9)
    Squat: 275 for sets of 6 (RPE 8.5)
    Bench: 185 for sets of 6 (RPE 9)
    Press: 135 for sets of 6 (RPE 9.5)

    Details of cut:
    1. Started at 1900 cals (started around 40c/40p/20f for macros)
    2. Did 3 100 cal reductions coming from carbs (25g)
    3. Lost 1-2 reps from my main lifts (I was shocked at this)
    4. I extended the Hypertrophy program to 12 weeks (since I started my cut a few weeks into the program) and upped my cardio to 3 days per week (MIIT)
    5. Introduced 2 refeed days (weekend) which helped with fat loss when I started getting very lean. Wish someone would have told me about this earlier.
    6. Tracked weight and calories daily using MyFitnessPal and used Strong to log/track workouts
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