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    BBM Strength 1
    week 4

    DL w/belt - 475x1, 435x5, 390x5x3 sets
    bench w/chains - 185x5, 205x5, 225x5, 250x5x2
    tempo squat - 225x8, 245x8, 265x8

    -->so, DL was tricky tonight bc it was extra humid and the bar kept sticking to my quads. 435x5 would be a PR but im not gonna call it officially bc i had to hitch the 5th rep bad bc the bar was stuck to my skin. tried chalk, but basically i need my slick shorts or singlet underneath to let it slid up. training has been good, this week was tough, i hope i can keep rolling and try these pulls again next week only smoother. RPE was a little high so ill do a re-do.


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      BBM Strength 1
      week 5 - bodyweight 222

      squat w/belt - 435x1, 375x5, 350x5x3 sets
      TnG bench - 315x1, 285x4, 265x4x3
      2ct pause DL - 275x5, 315x5, 345x5x2

      -->tonight was hard. i did not feel fresh like usual for day 1. last week was fatiguing. i think i over did it, but thats ok bc tonight i adjusted for RPE after my top singles both felt like trash and was able to at least get some work in. had i stuck to % or LP or even tried to repeat last weeks day 1 session i would not have been able to finish a single set and the session would have been ineffective. RPE 1, LP 0. for real though i may have to scale back a bit this week, which i can kind of see a pattern now with trending up for 3-4 weeks followed by a decrease in performance. (self fulfilling prophecy???maybe, or just collecting data on myself long enough to realize the trends). anyways, got some stress in, now its time to recover and adapt for next session.
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        BBM Strength 1
        week 5

        comp bench - 325x1, 305x4, 290x4x4
        pause squat - 275x5, 305x5, 325x5, 305x5
        strict press - 95x8, 105x8, 125x8x3

        -->not sure how i keep messing up the formula but i went too heavy on backoffs for bench, was supposed to be 77-80% of E1RM and i went 83%. not sure how that happens as i have access to a calculator. geez. feeling a little fatigues this week, really trying to re assess my RPE meter, looking back last weeks top bench single was [email protected] (no way) just unrealistc as theres no way i could hit 2 more reps at that weight. somewhere along the way now ive resorted to an @8 being closer to a max effort. time to readjust. (how does this always happen???)


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          BBM strength 1
          week 5

          DL w/belt - 405x1, 365x5, 315x5x3
          2ct pause bench - 205x5, 235x5, 245x5, 225x5x2

          -->skipped tempo squats bc i was feeling horrible. hiked/traversed very steep terrain all day at work, actually fell pretty hard on my knee. plus general fatigue from last week.

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            BBM Strength 1
            week 6, bodyweight 220

            squat w/belt - 405x1, 370x5, 335x5x3sets
            TnG bench - 305x1, 285x4, 265x4x3
            2ct pause DL - 295x5, 305x5, 315x5

            --> just focusing on controlling the weight, having confidence, and executing the lifts. not tryin to PR. think i dug myself into a hole going too hard weeks 2-4.



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              BBM strength 1
              week 6

              comp pause bench - 315x1, 295x4, 265x4x4
              2ct pause squat - 295x5, 305x5, 315x5, 295x5x3
              strict press - 95x8, 115x8, 125x8x3

              --> felt nice today, son was sick so i stayed home with him and did this at noon. paused squats felt great, maybe a little light, but made working on technique better. moved bench grip out about half an inch - didnt feel stronger but i would like to get out to the rings. taking some weight off the bar lately due to fatigue but also trimming down time in between sets to 2-3 min instead of 4-5 so i can get these sessions done quicker. love full body sessions but would prefer to be done in an hour. i think 2 movements a day (1 lower, 1 bench) 4 days/wk is prob my best bet for long term compliance.


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              thanks mybeautifulparadoxiallife !

              BBM strength 1
              week 6

              DL w/belt - 425x1, 375x5, 340x5x3
              2ct pause bench - 245x5, 255x5, 265x5, 250x5x3
              squat (no belt no sleeves) - 225x8, 250x8, 275x8

              -->end of dev block, starting low stress next week thank god. DL not feeling great. tried getting real tight and pulling the "slack" out of the bar, but it always just seems so heavy that way. id rather just bend down, grip it and pick it up quick without thinking too much. its still hard that way, but not as. bench still working on slightly wider grip. squats with no belt or sleeves at the end of the session after DL is tough. good session in the books.
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                BBM strength 1
                week 7 low stress - bw=220

                squat w/belt - 415x1, 365x5 (should have been 4 oops who cares)
                TnG bench - 310x1, 275x5
                2ct pause DL - 305x4, 315x4, 325x4

                -->should have been really easy tonight but i had to concentrate really hard on not puking the whole time for some reason.


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                  BBM Strength 1
                  week 7 - low stress

                  comp pause bench - 325x1, 305x3
                  2ct pause squat - 370x1, 325x4
                  close grip floor press - 185x6x3 sets

                  -->1st time doing floor press, weird. feels like a high pin press. lots of tris. starting next week (next dev block) ill be more conservative with my RPE and really focus on hitting Rx as opposed to trying to push for PRs. maybe the second half of this program i wont blow my asshole out trying to be super man. (ie:1ct pause bench [email protected] is 325 which i hit today @ a real 8, making my E1RM 350, which is pretty accurate. no more [email protected] bullshit)
                  -->bodyweight this evening before lifting was 217 which is lowest its been pm in years. not trying to lose weight, maybe the longer sessions have me losing some chunk. its ok with me as long as i dont lose strength


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                    BBM Strength 1
                    week 7 low stress

                    DL w/belt - 425x1, 395x4
                    2ct pause bench - 305x1, 285x4
                    squat (no belt/no sleeves) - 265x6, 275x6, 285x6


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                      BBM Strength 1
                      week 8 - bw 219

                      squat w/belt - 405x1, 375x4, 350x4x2
                      TnG bench - 305x1, 245x5x4 sets
                      2ct pause DL - 315x4x3 sets



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                        BBM Strength 1
                        week 8

                        comp pause bench - 315x1, 305x3, 290x3x3
                        2ct pause squat - 360x1, 335x4, 315x4x2
                        wide grip bench - 175x6x3sets


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                          BBM Strength 1
                          week 8

                          DL w/belt - 405x1x3 sets, 375x4, 355x4x2
                          2ct pause bench - 300x1, 275x4, 265x4x2

                          -->so, instead of going up on DL top single, i ended up doing 3 singles on DL bc im really trying to find a style im comfortable with. one rep with chest up, got real tight, then pulled. i also pulled one rep with flats (which i always think is going to be a great idea and be my breakthrough, but never ends up feeling good) so heels really do work better for pulling for me anyway. then ran out of time since i screwed around so much with DL that i couldnt do my beltless squats. still took an hour.


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                            Bringing my log over here...RIP Exodus.

                            As you can see i made an attempt at BBM Strength 1 last year, got to week 9 before quitting like a pussy. now i just finished 6 weeks of LP to gain some strength back, and im gonna do 95%of the Bridge with a few of my own tweaks (not so smart i know, but i hate tempo squats and rack pulls and im my own coach)

                            here goes


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                              wk 1

                              squat - 315x5, 325x5, 335x5
                              cg bench - 245x4, 250x4, 255x4
                              SLDL - 275x7x3 sets

                              -->high rep pulls are no joke
                              -->need to work on pushing out the knees and sitting back to get my depth on squat instead of "buttwinking"

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